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  1. Thanks! And an early happy new year to you and everyone else lol
  2. Hey thanks, I've already made an appointment with my GP on the 4th of Jan, I will see if he can prescribe me some flagyl or even better some plain metro tablet, if not ill pm you to buy the med off you. For now I still have enough metro for about 2 weeks
  3. Oh... I think ive seen that seachem metro med on the website before. Why can't Aus allow imports of the fish metro med here for the poor fishes suffering from dropsy
  4. Just wondering, is metro med prescription drug in uk or us aswell?
  5. Thanks for offering to help! But I'm not sure if its legal to receive prescription meds here in Aus(in case they found out) as the customs here is quite strict... I'll go and ask my GP first to see if he can prescript them to me. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the help. I'll go and ask my GP this week And hope ur two fishes makes it! Fins crossed!
  7. Thanks for the reply I've been treating them for about 20 days, the fish has had dropsy i think about a month now when they first shown visible sign of dropsy. now both side belly had gone from fully bloated with scale sticking out to one side down to normal with the other side scales still slightly sticking out. But I'd say the bloating has gone down so much and fish are very active and eating well(they were bottom sitting before treatment). There isn't any deformities and I will try and feel the belly on the next wc. Yeah I know the GP pretty well. So there isn't any other form of metro tablet that GP can prescribe without the sugar coat? Did you get yours from GP prescription or from the vet?
  8. So I just go to my GP with the tablet and ask him to prescribe some? Will they normally prescribe them even if I do not have any illness? Also do they just called metronidazole or is there a medical name for the tablet?
  9. I'm still currently treating my two goldfish for dropsy with metro tablet sent from Stakos. But I'm just wondering where can I get some more here in Australia, since the tablets i have left is running low. Will I be able to get some from my GP? Or do I need to go get them from a vet?
  10. Thanks for all the reply. I use a mix of hot and cold water to get the water to approx 24degree Celsius(which I do everytime during wc but never had a prob). But I had let the water run for almost 5 minutes and I also re-change the water after I found it to be so cloudy, but that didnt work. So I wait for about 15 minutes then tried refilling again which didn't work aswell. So I decide to just use that with double dose of prime. Hopefully the water will be normal today or I'll check with my council. Thanks for the help!
  11. I'm treating my fish for dropsy in a plastic tub with heater and air pump, but no filter. I'm doing 100% wc daily and adding prime and Epsom salt. Today while doing the wc, I found the water from the tap is really cloudy, I don't know why but it never happened before. So I tested the tap water and results are 0 nitrite but 0.25ppm ammonia(usually its 0 ammonia) But because I don't have filter for the plastic tub, there isn't any bacteria to balance out the ammonia, so I'm wondering if I should double dose prime. We also don't have any other water source...
  12. Can anyone tell me what's the amount of metro I need to feed them?
  13. I've got the tub! The weight of the oranda is 41g and the other one is 33g. Sorry for the late reply!
  14. Masters also doesn't have the starmaid 115L. So I did some online research and found a site that sells it. It takes 1-3 days to deliver and I've just purchased it. Just wondering, anything else I can do while waiting for the tub to arrive? Is there a chance that the dropsy can be contagious to my other healthy fish in the tank? Do I need to treat the tank with anything?
  15. The search for the tub is not very good, the stores I went to today didn't have any starmaids 115L tub, there's a 115L one in bunnings, but isn't from starmaid and isn't BPA free...and there's a really strong plastic smell... I'll check Masters tomorrow, although its a bit far from my place but they have many diff ranges of tubs in stock and I hope they will have it... Fins crossed!
  16. I probably will only be able to get the tub tomorrow as the shop will be closed after I finish my exam today. I'll let your guys know about the weight and tub by tomorrow. But just wondering, what do you think might cause two of my fish to get dropsy together? Is it because of the moving?
  17. I manage to take some clearer pic this morning without taking them out. http://tinypic.com/r/14b1113/6 http://tinypic.com/r/2gy1vkp/6 http://tinypic.com/r/14y4bys/6 They both have scales raised mainly on one side of the body (left side)
  18. Alright will see how the photos goes tomorrow, lets hope it's not actually dropsy...
  19. Ya I think storemate have a 115L tub for sale... But do I need an external filter for it? Or just do 100% WC daily for the tub?
  20. Ok thanks But if needed I could buy a bigger tube, because I'm afraid taking the healthy fish to a tub can cause stress which can lead to some other diseases or complications...
  21. Ok sure will take them out tomorrow night as I have an exam tomorrow afternoon. I think I still have like 6 tablets left. Yeah still have that 30L tube. I have another healthy fancy in the tank who previously had a big ulcers back in my old house, but it's now completely cured. It doesn't show any sign of dropsy. Yeah I know how to weight the fishes now
  22. Yeah the photos aren't very clear, I might consider taking them out tomorrow and take a closer look picture. The two fishes looks bloated from face to belly, the scales are raised at both side, but one side is more raised than the other. It's mainly raised between the gills and belly and it's not raised completely vertical, so probably the photos can't really show.
  23. No that fish passed away like 3 months ago after a month of metro treatment. I think I can locate the previous threat, but just wondering do I need to isolate them two with the healthy fish in the tank? I only have the plastic tube that I use to quarantine my previous dropsy fish, do I need to add Epsom salt and increase water temp? I'm still not quite sure what's the main cause for this... If its caused by stress during the move, will the metro works?
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