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  1. These what I call giant goldfish
  2. So good to see so many people same as me like bubble eye. I keep bubble eye in tub just like TVR for viewing pleasure. I love the bubble eye bouncing when they swim, they are alway my prelove....... Koko, Cute & nice bubble eye you have.......... Anyone keep or own bubble eye now/before? Please don't be shy to show here !!!!!
  3. At least I know I'm not the only person who love this blue pearlie...... Cheeers
  4. Any bubble eye lover here? Have you ever own a bubble eye before?
  5. This is rare, not often you can see in your pet shop or fish farm. If you own one of these consider yourself lucky. The price of this pearlie is not cheap. Good thing don't come cheap, cheap thing don't come good
  6. Yes, people should boycott these fish shop/fish farmer that making profit out of consumers . If there is no demand, there will be no supply from the seller. Definitely is cruelty, let mother nature take it cause...........
  7. These are giant ryukin specially selected. How big I don't know but definitely can grow but not more than 40cm......
  8. I like the calico ranchu, difficult to find one. 4 & 6 also not bad. Ranchu & Oranda not cost more than $100 each...........
  9. Why would people (Seller) want to dye goldfish? Do you view it as cruelty? Why don't they(Human) leave mother nature as it is !!! Do you think they will survive?
  10. Can this Ryukin still able to grow big? How big can it grew?
  11. Which one you like? How much are you willing to pay for these goldfish? 1 2 3 4 5 6
  12. CheaseaM, thanks for the enlightment
  13. I don't know what their actually name been call. Can anyone enlighten? Are they popular in your area where you stay?
  14. Young ranchu. 1 month old, 3cm. Is he a runt??
  15. 2nd Month Is he cute? A robust young chap...
  16. I will try to update when I got the time next week
  17. koko, thank for the support..........
  18. I love Oscar too. They can really grow big but the video you people see are short body oscar. Maybe is a hybid cross, I wonder???
  19. It good to feed them veg. They love it....
  20. They are very young fry. I feed fry liquid for the 1st few day follow by brine shrimp..........
  21. ChelseaM, Arctic Mama, Happt that you people enjoy the video
  22. Happy that people like it........
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