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  1. New videos for all goldfish lover.... More coming up, please check my youtube channel
  2. Long time never post. If you like goldfish video, please come in. Don't forget to give a thumb if you like the video.
  3. Grand Champion http://gfscorner.blogspot.sg/2015/09/2015-china-goldfish-competition-2015.html
  4. Self-breed babies ranchu......
  5. Very nice, cute and beautiful bubble eye you have. Yes, never be afraid, you never try you never know of owning one.
  6. My personal view, whether the fish itself dye or genetic alter, the fish should stay original as it is. It almost like the question of cloning human. What I wanna say is that goldfish itself have alot of variety color so no need to change their color to customize human need which break down to cents & dollars.
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