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  1. Aaaw, lucky goldies. <3 I was so glad to see that Tui is doing okay after his accident. What do you have Yuki in?
  2. Drowsy

    Ryder is gone.

    I am so sorry. ;; that must be so hard. But he was very loved, I'm sure. and lived a good life.
  3. My LFS owner told me that right now goldfish are actually what he calls 'out of season'. xD He said fall is the bigger time for goldfish.
  4. omg tree frogs! Excellent. I love them so. <3 They're fascinating to watch. If you get them you'll have to post tons of pictures.
  5. Tank requirements you're a-ok on. A 40gal breeder is very nice. But bearded dragons are very hard, very time consuming pets. Trust me I know! I've had mine for seven years now. I love him, but he is VERY difficult.
  6. You won't be keeping a chameleon in a tank, I hope! Rule of thumb is chameleons are mesh cage lizards. They need lots of air flow. It's why they're so difficult, they need air flow and misting regularly. They are a HIGH difficulty reptile! xD I don't know your experience level, but if you're just getting into it I highly suggest a leopard gecko. They are really a pleasure to own. I have mine in a 40gal. c:
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