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  1. It should live! c: Just make sure the rubberbands are not too tight, as it will make the plant melt.
  2. I was going to offer water hyacinth, but I see someone beat me to it! I have some very small little water lettuce plants I could send if you are interested.
  3. Una? You folks know how to make a guy jealous. Makes me jealous, too! xD
  4. It's gooorgeous. xD I wish he would keep it, but I bet he will lose it. so I'm just enjoying it while it lasts.
  5. So one of my pond goldfish is the comet I rescued fromt he turtle tank at petco. He was the typical brown/bronze when I put him int he pond, but now he has turned... green? He shines irridescent green in the sunlight, now. It's really strange! I've never had a goldfish do this before. It's even brighter in person.
  6. I was unfortunate enough to loase all of my goldfish at once, only a couple months ago. It's rally, very difficult. But I find going through the process of burying them very cathartic. I find a nice spot, and carefully bury them before I put a little rock or a plant there to mark the space. It helps me. I'm not sure why. I feel like I did better by them, that way, unlike people who flush or throw them away.
  7. Lucky mistake for me, and them! The lady told me they were coming in too big to be fed to anything, so everyone was buying them for pond fish. C:
  8. I got a few more pictures! uwu I also named them. this is the one true calico of the group, who my friend named Marmalade. Here is Pepper. Apricot. and some pictures of the two little extras. uwu One of the tiny comets ended up dying overnight the first day, sadly. But the other two have done well! Here is Gumbo. Who looks like he has a beard right now. and Pistachio. I also wanted to tack on a couple of pictures of Pecan, because he lost all his black! xD Befoe, with the others: now I can hardly tell him from Mango.
  9. The people at my local petco are very understanding. xD It was the same girl that stood there to pick out my feeders last time. She knew the minute I was looking at them what I was up to. And I am not sure! I told them they should net out the big ones and sell them for normal goldfish price.
  10. These feeders were $0.29 each. uwu The girl said they were so big no one was buying them to feed to anything. She said their last shipment was even BIGGER for some reason.
  11. So when I went to petco and saw that their feeder tank was full of long bodied double tailed goldies I couldn't help but snag a couple. I came away with two calicos and a red and black with some white. Currently they haven't been named. I tend to wait a few days and make sure they are doing okay before I give names. A couple of lovely little comets tagged along with them, and I decided that was okay since I will be getting a stock tank soon anyways. they are currently in a fifty gallon pond so I can dose them with prazi and keep a close eye on them.
  12. Woah, java fern is expensive there! Go you gettign babies. c: My java fern just will not prosper for me unfortunately.
  13. If you can't keep her you know me and inverts since you've seen my tumblr! I would be happy to take her off your hands. she is just so precious. but really, I hope that you can keep her. She has such a grea thome with you and I would hat to see you have to give her up. :c
  14. I've been debating using acrylics on my tank, as well! I might just do that, now. Especially if I end up with indoor goldfish again.
  15. Thanks that means a lot to me. I'll definitely keep you in mind. Nova is such a strange fish. I think he is part shubunkin or something, he has such a long body! I think that is why I like him so much! It's weird I actually had a weird dream about a singletail with a wen last week. lmao
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