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  1. Okay thanks Koko. This weekend I'l resume Jessica's "procedure".
  2. Sorry about the triple post, but as soon as I put him in there, he started floating, so he was only in there for ~15 secs. He's now back in the regular tank and is normal.
  3. I don't know if anyone is following this thread, but I decided to do the salt dip today.
  4. Hey guys. Something came up last Sunday, and there wasn't enough time for me to do the salt dip. So now I do have time, so how should I change the medication plan to account for the extra 5 days?
  5. ...are you my math teacher? lol anyway, I'll start the bath thing tomorrow. Out of curiosity, will this hurt him?
  6. wait...I was talking about the dip (bath) thing....isn't that at 3%?
  7. ...3% salt in 8 qts. of water for the salt dip (that's tmrw., today I'm going to do the 50+% WC.) How many grams of salt for the dip? (Sorry if it makes it seem like I'm asking you guys to do all the calculating, but I really don't trust myself with this.)
  8. Hey Guys, Ryu is doing fine. I should test the params soon. I haven't had much time because of tests, etc going on at school. Now it's the weekend, and I know I have to do the "bath" thing that Jessica wrote about on the last page. Can someone reiterate this? Is this also really necessary (seems like a lot of stress for the fish)? Thanks guys!
  9. I just added 4tsp of prazi to the tank, which is 2x the recommended dose. I'll add 1/4 of the solution into the tank too. Just did. Finally getting started on something that should have been done months ago. I'll still need your help and I'll keep updating for sure.
  10. Okay so I'm adding the salt to the 2g bucket now. I'll remove the carbon from the filter before adding the prazi and salt.
  11. Alright, so I just measured 433g, and it is a LOT OF SALT. A LOT. https://picasaweb.go...498782207322194 Is this alright? The right amount?
  12. Okay. Got it except for one thing. The salt is still concerning me. So the size of the bucket I mix it up in doesn't matter? so if I have this straight: all salt needed in bucket dissolve it (2g for what I'm using) add water from tank add 1/4 of the water from bucket in tank every 12 hrs add prazi.
  13. Alright, after thinking this through, I'll do the WC, measure out 114g now, and use a tsp to measure out the appropriate amount per gallon and add it to the "fish" buckets I have to dissolve it. Then I'll add the Prazi at 2x the dose on the bottle. Do I need to remove the fish for prazi treatment and then reacclimatize him?
  14. This is going in Grams, so if you could tell me how to do this based on grams, that would be helpful.
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