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  1. Hi everyone I'm very new so please be kind! I was recently advised on and sold a 14L tank by pets at home (uk) which came with two free fish. I have two baby black moors both about 1 1/2 inch at present. I was disgusted to find out i had been given poor advice re tank size. I requested a refund but was told i should have read up myself first! Admittedly they were right! I have now purchased a fluvel Roma 125 uk litres with U2 filter. The tank is second hand, but in great condition. Ive set it all up, but its only been set up a few days, so isnt cycled. I have a testing kit. I am currently keeping the 14litre tank levels safe with daily 50% water changes. Ive had the fish 6weeks and so far they are doing great. My question is, is it safer to leave them where they are until the big tank is cycled, or should i move them into their new home now because of the risk to them in the small tank?! And how long will they be able to live in the 125 litre tank before i need an upgrade? They are lovely fish, herbie and louie, and louie is already eating from my fingers! I want to get it right for them Many thanks for any advice Kat
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