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  1. Yup....my uncle is a wood turner, and for a big project he had to melt rubbermaid tubs together (what I'm talking about) and completely fill them with wood so humidity wouldn't ruin it. But you're right, I'd have to be careful. That would be horrible if all that money and work went to the pond spilling.
  2. I'm just wondering... Rubbermaid tubs that are make to hold Christmas trees for storage seem like really nice indoor goldfish ponds I can't find any online at the moment, but they're quite large... I love the sound of it. Anyway, my plans are to take slab-shaped stones and make a kind of stepping-stone arrangement around the edges of the bin to cover up the sides. On the stones there will be some missing bits here and there so I can put some attractive, small potted plants there. Would this work? I would love to have that one day Or as soon as possible xD It just sounds like a really nice addition. Also you could buy multiple bins, melt off the smaller ends on opposite sides, and melt them to connect together, forming one really large pond that might stretch across a room if you'd like. I don't know if that would work though... Opinions?
  3. I have glass marbles and pebbles that I bought at Dollar Tree. They're surprisingly pretty and they match my room perfectly: see-through glass that comes in shades of blue, green, and clear/white. I have as single layer of these. Actually, there are some spaces that show through to the gravel, and the reflection from the bottom of the glass makes it look like there is much more gravel than there actually is. It's really easy to clean the tank....just push around the marbles with a siphon, and all of the junk that was trapped floats up. There isn't enough gravel to have a major build-up of junk like yours had (and the old 10 gallon tank where the goldies were for a bit) but it's enough to trap goldfish flakes and pellets, so when they root around they can get a snack. It clearly isn't enough to anchor down live plants, so I take pretty clear glass dishes and jars, fill them with attractive gravel, and anchor my Anacharis in that. The goldfish seemingly love it
  4. In the 2nd picture.....what are the plants that are on the bottom right? I bought one from Petsmart but it slowly died and I never figured out what it was. It just WOULDN'T GROW!! Even when I had the lights on 13 hours a day..... Gorgeous tank anyways
  5. Honestly I love them to death and they're just AMAZING. When someone asks if they should get a shrimp, I always exclaim about how amazing they are and how much I love them! Hehehehehe my British Bombay cat Simon just crawled onto my lap. He's kneading, purring, and rolling. BTW Bombays are the best CATS you can get... for future reference ;D
  6. Hehehe! Now I'm considering something....hear me out.... My neighbor has a vacant house that he rents out to people. The last renters left a 29 gallon fish tank, so he decided to give it to ME (Praise the Lord! lol).....It came with 2 heaters, tons of pebbles, rocks, a background, and a nice hood with a light. Now, maybe I can pop in some tropical fish and have a whole colony of RCS in there and put in little Ash with them. However, I know NOTHING about tropicals so maybe it wouldn't work! But now I have a 29 gallon tank to work with....as well as 2 budgies, 2 starlings, 2 cats, 1 dog, 2 goldfish, a betta, and a horse xD I think I'm a bit overloaded ^____^ But I DO want to adopt out my 2 little starlings to some people on StarlingTalk forum....one woman says she will drive the 3.5 hours to my house to pick up Jack....but nobody wants Jill. Which I'm kind of happy about, because I am owned by Jill, and Jill will let NOBODY touch me when she's out of her cage. When someone will try to hand me something, she'll flutter down and peck the hell out of them....good attack bird to chain up in front of my house I love all of my pets but honestly I just won't have the time for 2 starlings.....I'm starting high school this year, and I'll be getting home at 6:30-7:00 each day. I'll have homework usually till midnight or later, and some nights I won't get any sleep.....Which means that while I do homework I can let the budgies fly, I can clean the fish tanks, my dad will hang out with the dog and cats during the day.... Well I've figured it all out, but I just can't keep those darling starlings!! I'd have to bring them down to the exercise room and give them undivided attention for 2-3 hours a day...time I only have in the summer. As for now, I cherish my little birdies, but I am really scheming to set up something magnificent in the new tank. Possibly involving Ash....
  7. So in my betta tank, in February I got 3 ghost shrimp to keep my Om company.....he was tailbiting and all of the shrimp chaos seemed to calm him down and interest him in hunting rather than eating his own flesh. I gave one shrimp (Brock) away to my friend, Misty was eaten by Om, and every other day there is a new way for Ash to be brutally murdered..... One day Omelette had a super-swelled-up belly and was just sitting at the bottom of the tank. I did a water change. No shrimp to be found. That's what happened when Om ate Misty, so, slightly saddened, I went away. Ash disappears every 2 days, and even when I do EXTREMELY thorough water changes/water swirls, I cannot SEE him. Even when I take my brine shrimp net and go nuts picking up any little junk floating around. For the billionth time I thought Ash had died a week ago. Someone mentioned that if the water temp gets above 80, the shrimp will cook. Well the house has been around 90 degrees (well mainly my room) and the betta tank's temp rose to 87. It stayed that way for 6 days. Knowing Ash was gone, and not having seen him for those 6 days, I thought he was dead. Just yesterday I woke up only to find little Ash toodling around with a pellet in his claws. I hadn't been supplying any extra pellets for like a week. Go figure. I'm considering starting up a nice little 1-gallon refuge for this shrimp....he's like a miracle shrimp. I cannot believe how many times he has passed by death. He's insane. He deserves a nice retirement home. I mean, honestly, if he was eaten or died now, I might actually cry. I got attached to a SHRIMP.
  8. I'm wearing a Tractor Supply Co hot pink shirt with a picture of an American flag-striped barn that bears the name "Tractor Supply Co" Weird that the one day I wear it people are talking about it xD
  9. I wonder if... You know those plastic kiddy pools? The ones that you used to play in when you were 3, supervised by your parents? You couldn't swim in them, only sit up to your waist? Well....I wonder if I could get a really BIG one.....like maybe 10' diameter, and put it in my house....of course not now, there's no room and my parents would kill me. But to take away from the decorations printed on the sides of the pool, you could pile rock slabs and put small potted plants on the "steps" that you form. I had that idea once, except I would turn an entire room into a habitat for Eastern Newts.....Yes I'm crazy.....
  10. Ah. D: How can you tell? My last pearlie wasn't neeaarly this fat. So maybe they're just like he was? Pearlscales have Pearl scales. ????? Hehe those "pearlscales" they were talking about may have just been fat fish....aka no pearl scales! But I don't know how long it takes them to develop the pearls... But yeah my female is fat, but not mega-golf-ball fat like those up there are.
  11. SUCH WOBBLY TUBBOS! Gosh, if I lost my baby Pearl, I'd be crying all day ;_____; I love her to bits (even though she's slightly on the ugly side) even more than my Moor, who is just a giant roly-poly thing xD Congrats on your new babies ;D
  12. Hmmm..... Try Lestoyl. My mom swears by it. You put it on stains on clothing, throw it inn the wash, and it comes out perfectly unharmed, stain gone. We use it to get stains off of literally ANYTHING. I also have hard water stains on my tank (ewwwww) and tonight we're going to try a bit of Lestoyl on it to see if it comes off. If Lestoyl doesn't work, NOTHING will.....hehe....
  13. AWWW! What breeding stars. You're making him think you're gonna send these pics to www.goldfishsingles.com lol.....get him a GIRL! He's so cute! And did you use the flash setting? Last time I used flash in my fishtank, the 2 went berserk and I think I temporarilty blinded them "Oh my GOD please don't be blind! Please don't be hurt!!!"
  14. Those fat, red Orandas....OH MY GAWSHES. I nearly died watching this video! I love your fish! Your tank! Everything!
  15. Hey, it's natural to be curious. In the beginning, I went nuts when any tiny little thing went wrong... [EDITED BY mod team] Anyway, if not, keep those questions coming! *warms up typing fingers* Also.....if your betta doesn't use his hammock, don't worry. Some fish just don't feel comfortable with that sort of thing. Fish are completely unique, just like people....my Omelette has more personality than some people I know xD But I have a tea mug in his tank as a little hidey-hole. He NEVER uses it during the daytime (only the shrimp does), but if I turn on the light unexpectedly at night, I can see him all nestled up in it. Maybe your fish only feels comfortable using it when you're not looking. And another thing! Don't sweat the water changes. I didn't read how big your tank is, but no matter what, never do a 50% water change for a betta. It's too much of a change for the fish. Use the thermometer just to match up the water temps with each other. Also....when you change the water, putting the fish in a paper cup is a bit of a bad idea, because the water in the cup will fluctuate in temperature while you're busy emptying/filling the tank. I have a special 1 gallon tank that I put Om in while I change the water. I just take a few cup fulls of old tank water, and put him in with that. He's happy for 20 minutes while I scoop out all the junk, take out water, and fill up the tank.
  16. Awwwwwhhhe......what nice colors! It's a beautiful fish, with a nice name xD
  17. Poor baby! Kind thing for you to do....I'd be doing things like that left and right, but my parents always say "You can't help it, it's gonna die, why not spend your money on an animal that isn't dying before our eyes?"
  18. You made me laugh!!! My Moor Houston is always trying to mate with miss Pearl the Pearlscale....but she wants none of that (for now).....also, I wouldn't mind if they ate the eggs, because Moor/Pearl crosses are really really weird looking xD http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&biw=1241&bih=606&tbm=isch&tbnid=iEJVzR1RRqSHeM:&imgrefurl=http://goldfishkeepers.com/forum/showthread.php%3Ft%3D1197&docid=Uood_gYCBElMPM&imgurl=http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m153/the_jive_turkey/goldfish/IMG_6051.jpg&w=399&h=342&ei=tlHOT5T8HJHk6QG12sGRDA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=960&vpy=139&dur=3775&hovh=208&hovw=243&tx=70&ty=228&sig=105998371407221324084&page=1&tbnh=128&tbnw=163&start=0&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0,i:82 That is a picture of the cross for you....
  19. Well I have a white Pearlscale goldfish, and a Black Moor. When I got my Pearlscale, she was only a baby. She was adorably fat, rolypoly, shiny, and of course she had pearl scales. I named her Pearl because she not only looked like them, but she was a sweet fish, kinda expensive (well, I was used to buying 15 cent fish) at $8....and she's my Pearl xD The Black Moor....let's see. I saw him, all beat up, in the overstocked fish tank at the store. He was one of the same Moors that had been in the tank with Pearl 3 months ago. All of the Pearlscales were gone, but this guy was superskinny (like FREAKY skinny) and his fins were a bit beat up (probably from the Ryukins, they were nipping)....I bought him as a pity purchase. When I got home my dad was watching a movie about astronauts, and the Moor was chasing Pearl around the tank. I thought they were fighting...that was a problem. Then I heard from the living room, "Houston, we have a problem"....I've always loved the name Houston, so I named my fishy Houston. Also because his bubble eyes remind me of astronaut helmets xD To each his own I guess. My blue veiltail betta named Omelette was named that just because it was the first word that popped into my mind. Nothing major. Jean was one of my common goldfish.....my mom bought it for me and we didn't know the gender, so we picked a gender-neutral name. Ummm Lightly-Bright was my sister's fish....she was a shiny orange but eventually turned white.....Maybe lightly-bright was because she was light and bright? hehe Let's see.....Prize was my 10-inch Comet I won at the county fair....he was my PRIZE so hence Prize. My mom's Oranda was named Buttercup, my Common goldfish was Bubbles (she was white), and I think we had another comet named Blossom. Powerpuff girls was the whole theme!
  20. You just wait.... When I'm a genetic engineer, I will develop purple, pink, blue, green, and neon yellow goldfish. Those things will sell like hotcakes
  21. My toast burned while I was looking at the pictures! Oh well, I guess the mourning doves outside get a treat... But those are some neat pictures. I'd never actually seen those fish before....how bizarre but in a way they're beautiful! And Shawnee your fish are ADORABLE!
  22. Thanks, guys :3 I always thought these fish did not actually exist... and interesting picture, tithra.....it is sad to see fish like that, but it is very interesting.
  23. The goldfish book "Your Happy Healthy Pet Goldfish 2nd Edition" says that Egg fish are " short, rounded, egg-shaped....lacks a dorsal fin but has a large fantail and short pectoral and pelvic fins....fell out of favor and is difficult to find" Meteor: "...Most strange and exotic of all goldfish because it lacks something that all other goldfish have: an tail...round shape body...high erect dorsal fin...large anal fin, both of which make up for the missing caudal fin...Meteors are very rare....growing interest will bring them more...availability: Google does not give me ANY images of either fish. They're just random pictures. Nor does Flickr. Even Wikipedia hasn't supplied any pictures. Are these fish just rumors??
  24. I just had a crazy idea on how to keep cats out of ponds.... Well, basically just take a light styrofoam board and float it at the very edge of the pond. Stow some flat rocks under it so when the cat climbs onto the styrofoam for a better view, it won't drown when it falls in. But also the styrofoam needs some weighing down so maybe the first half should be greatly supported so the animal feels safe, then the other half is unsupported (kinda like a see-saw) so the cat will fall in. Hehe. Aren't I mean?
  25. Ok, this was before I knew ANYTHING about goldfish! Just be warned! I would never do this again (just to be safe guys, don't freak out, it's too late) About 9 years ago I had 3 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. I couldn't possibly post water parameters or anything because it's so long after. They were all common goldfish (the most carp-like) and one metallic orange fish developed cataracts. Nobody worried because it didn't impair her swimming, eating, or anything else. Then the other eye....dissolved? It was still an eyeball, but everything within it disappeared. If you shined a flashlight at it, it would illuminate the inside of her head, all red, and far back near the middle there was a small black dot and some tissue. Eventually my cousin gave her the name Brainfish because he thought it was her brain you could see (I doubt it). Now, we did twice weekly water changes, but still, there were 3 fish so the fish obviously could have been hurt by the high amounts of ammonia. She lived for 6 years. The other 2 goldfish I gave to my aunt and they're around 9 1/2 inches now (she doesn't measure them much, they're in a pond). But I'm really a newbie to illnesses and diseases (I can quickly spot an illness, but I won't know what it's called until I look it up) so I'd just like to know what was going on with the poor fish. Any pointers are appreciated.
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