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  1. Yep will do thanks for your help..Phe
  2. Hmmm yes he is a big fish and the others we bought at the same time are only a quarter of his size people do a double take when they see him and ask me if he is a goldfish or a pond fish LOL..Rayman the pleco looks a bit lost on his own but if its best for the other fish then he can have the tank to himself..funny thing is he never went for the other fish just Mokey the biggest one..the plant had been used and I did give it a good wash before putting it in our tank but I guess a lesson learnt the hard way..Pleco has shrimp pellets and spirulina pellets and algea wafers. Nothing else new Sandy just the plant, when we removed it,it stunk bad I cant describe the smell but it wasnt just tanky it was awfull..I feel really bad as we wanted to make their tank a nice place for them to live in..we have just done all the water tests and all are in the normal range but the fish still look like they are suffering so we are doing a water change again. We dont have any aquarium salt but we can get some if it would help..how much do we use and how often..thank you for taking the time to help us we have had these fish 2 years and we love them to bits and dont want to loose them..Phe
  3. PS Erika my good friend I missed you too and thank you for the birthday greetings hope your snails are ok we still have several thousands of them and loving them all..LOL..Phe PPS I only have a couple more post then I can join you LOL
  4. Thanks for the replys 1st of all I didnt think we were overstocked as we allowed 10gl per fish I thought that was the rules?..has it changed?..we have the juwel filter and a fluval 4 running as we felt the filter that came with the tank was not so good..and yes we vac once a week. The plec is a sailfin but yes we have him in a 40gl on his own bless him we have had them all together for two years without probs..we bought the plant off ebay and the guy who sold it us said it was for ok for tanks but I realy dont think it was so I have thrown it away it cost about 15 quid so it wasnt a cheap thing..yep we will keep up the water changes and the melafix as this seems to be the only cure. Yes they are still flashing so tonight we are going to do another change and vac. The tank has been running since december so it is well established we just wondered if anyone had any other ideas how we could get everything running as it should be..many thanks for your help...Phe
  5. We have had a Pleco in with one commet and four fancys for two years now and all have lived in harmony, we have a large 60 gl tank a juwel vision 260 and a it needs a lot of decor we spent loads on real plants and the daft things just used them as another food source and scoffed the lot so not liking the look of a bare tank we bought a huge artificial plant off ebay and after a few weeks it's caused the water params to whack out I feel there was something in the base not right to mix with water but thats just my gut feeling. We noticed the fish flashing and the commet Mokey began to get some damage to his scales due to rubbing himself on the substrate, at that point we noticed the pleco making a bee line for him and trying to suck onto him..Mokey is now not looking so well his fins are laid back to his body. We have put a couple of drops of melafix in the juwel tank and whipped the Pleco out and he is now in a spare 4 foot tank on his own..my question is..is this going to be the start of the plec going bad or did he just use the oppertunity to pick on a ill fish and can anyone else think of anything else we can do to bring the tank back to optimum conditions, nitrate reading is still 50 after two big water changes friday he did a 50% yesterday he did 60%..and my patrner is about to do a 30% today we dont want the tank recycling as we are going on our hols next sat and the person watching the fish does not want to be doing water changes..should we keep the pleco on his own or even take him back to the shop he is around 8inch's and the commet around 10inch's both are around 2 years old...hope someone can advice...Phe
  6. Thank you Donya..hi Emma I have been a member here for over a year now..and post when I get time..hope you follow what Donya suggests its good advice and the only way to save them..fingers crossed..Linda
  7. Devs if you get hold of Amy online before me can you try to help her..I have a hair appointment tonight and I wont be in till late..I have been trying to get hold of her and was logged in till 1am this morning on our site www.snails2die4.com but I must have just missed her posting about this..could you nip on there read my answer to her post on there which is identical to this and advise her as a fellow experianced snailer..I would be so greatful...I need to ask her how she is sure they are dead..apart from the smell..think you get my drift I dont want her 1st experiance with snails to be a bad one and would like to help her through this..thanks Linda
  8. I am so sorry to hear that Selena ..thats what I was afraid of mentioning to you , I have observed a definate colour change when they are reaching the end of their lifes..he had a good life with you and thats the main thing..Linda
  9. Hi Selena Could I just ask is this a old snail?..its just that I have noticed that my older snails go lighter in colour as they get older ..I am going to ask on applesnail too because I have seen this on every old snail I have kept..Linda
  10. I dont know much about other tank buddys but I think you and your little friend would get a lot of pleasure out of a couple more snails they are great to watch interacting with each other...and if they do what comes natural then scrape and flush the eggs..Linda
  11. ..LOL they cant realy argue with that can they!!
  12. Just a idea for those in Austrailia wanting the coloured snails..dont try to get snails in get someone to ship you newly laid brig eggs..you have around 2 weeks before they start to hatch..it worked for me{Us to UK} we only had the gold here in the UK now I have purple , ivory, blue jade and many different chocolate coloured ones..mine managed to reach me coming through as aquatic orniments and they sure do like nice in my tank..Linda
  13. Awsome natural looking tank and what a lovely healthy snaily pal you have there..Linda
  14. Lepperchan..its a misconception a lot of us have made when we were new to snails..the only snails that eat algae are tiny hatchlings..they do not clean your tank they are messy pooping troffing machines that will need more cleaning than your fish not to mention a steady ph and calcium level and a varied diet to keep them in tip top health , if you are still interested slime on over to applesnail and read all you can then ask the nice guys over there to send you some there are a few people in your area that breed awsome snails best of luck snails are hard work but rewarding...wish you were near me I have spares at the moment...good luck hun...Linda
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