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  1. I'm glad you've got it, now don't run out again :-)
  2. Just let me know when you receive it please black
  3. Just a quick pic of your old fish
  4. If you need some black, I will try and find a contaner to post in (not sure what), and post tomorrow
  5. Is anyone kind enough from USA to help buy and ship to the uk please
  6. Even if some one would buy them for me and ship to me in the uk!! I would pay via PayPal upfront :-) Even if some one would buy them for me and ship to me in the uk!! I would pay via PayPal upfront :-)
  7. Not at the moment, but I think my friend is going to need some more, and I don't like being without them. Up to now I've been able to help two people with the ones Black gave me. I'm willing to pay someone if they have any spare
  8. Hi all, Has any uk members got any Metromeds spare I can buy of them? The few I had I gave away to a friend that had a fish with dropsy.
  9. As long as I do go, of course I will. It seems its the only place I can find that has Thai Black orandas in stock
  10. FANCY GOLDFISH OF EXCELLENCE SALE OF FANCY GOLDFISH First Sale Day This Season on Sunday 20th October 2013 from 10.00-3.00. Free parking available. Fantastic selection of quality Fancy Goldfish from all round the world will be on offer. From small size to Jumbo,Rare Breeds,Rare colours, and featuring a collection of Japanese Ranchu, and Ranchu bred by Andrew James. I think I am going to this one, so hopefully I will get some pics
  11. Well I've done a quick sketch of one half of the tank I will price it up over the next few days
  12. I will see what funds i have spare this month and see, ill keep you all posted
  13. I could make the second one myself out of upvc pipe and seal with silicon. I think it would be cheaper too
  14. Not sure which type would work best, I'm guesting that the panel would be better
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