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  1. There are times when i see my angel fish attack my calico oranda. Is it still possible even if they are already in a 55g?
  2. Awesome fishie. Sooooooo cute!!!!! Gratz
  3. Since i got my Chee-to, a calico oranda goldfish, it seems like he is always hungry. I could say this because he is always so eager to eat, that he acts like he is eating food on the suface of the water and gulps air even though there is no food at all. I feed him 2 times a day, and sometimes if he acts that way i give him some treat. Aside from that weird behavior everything else is good. is it just some behavioral problem? how do i get rid of that bahavior?
  4. ohmy! this just doubled my liking for goldfish! amazing! amazING! this totally doubled my liking for goldfish! amazing! amazing! this really doubled my liking for goldfish! amazing!
  5. those pictures are fantastic!, amazing! =)
  6. wow amazinG fishies!. I really like pearl, waffle and Gustav. all names really fit each of them perfectly! amazing!
  7. Awesome! My Chee-to too please =) Thank you! =) http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r610/k0zu/DSC_53672.jpg
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