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  1. I think that this is definitely a possibility. DP, you are too funny! Brian, I think 4 in a 35 is already too many, so I would definitely not get more. The 35 should really only house 2 adult goldfish max, in most circumstances. wow 2 fish I didn't expect that, I thought at least 4 fish the tank is so big... but I guess as they get larger it's just not enough room
  2. Right now I have 4 fish and the tank is 35 gallons. I may buy some more trees and stuff to give them more space to hide.
  3. it's a little too late I have separated the two old fish from the two new ones! Pretty much chasing them around when they stop moving they nip at the belly and the tail. If the old fish stop to hover or float they are at them again. It's just sad to see Gold fish are hard to keep for a long time we don't need silly stuff like this stressing them out and killing them.
  4. Yes they are all gold fish, but last night I found my so MUCH LOVED Jub Jube dead they must had stressed her out I'm so sad! And I had to quarantine my other oldie sweetie because she's stressed out to...
  5. hmm I don't really know, I purchased it from a fish guy I'm sure it's just blue color.
  6. I'm having a little issue in regards to finding the right fish to add to my tank. I got two new fish the other day, I find they are really aggressive always picking at my old gold fish bellies and tails. Is there a specific way I should pick my fish, if I have older fish do I need to purchase older fish so they aren’t so hyper and freaking out my old friends?
  7. oh my goodness they are so amazing, the black one what is that kind? He is so beautiful
  8. Hi everyone thank you for your kind words and comments on my fish and tank. My plants aren't doing so well, if the fist don't eat them they are always pulling them out LOL. But I don't mind it's their home they can do as they wish. the blue rocks and blue light really make the tank come together nice it’s really awesome. I’ve seen some really great ideas from other members since I’ve been here so I’m pretty excited to go to the pet store tomorrow
  9. ok great so buy some corel from the pet store thanks guys!
  10. Yeah this tank is just beautiful. I've never seen one that was seperated like this.
  11. I love your tank but wow it must be hard to miantain you seem to have a lot going on here.
  12. haha the pirate fish is so great i love it.
  13. I have four fish, Blacky, Oogly, Big Red and JuJuBee We love our fish they are like our family You will see I still have some fake plant it's just very costly as many of you know so I will soon replace it all with live plant when I have more fish budget. I have two lights, blue and white, the rocks are pretty thick I’ve been told I even have to much so I will eventually remove some. I plan on replacing the filter with an above tank one to be more efficient, normally I have the hose pushing bubbles in this filter is just off temportaly. The tank is 35 Gallons which is such a nice size it's big enough to provide value of life for this fish but still small enough for it to be portable. Thank you for the great forum and support with my fish Big Red he is doing a lot better, ph is still low I have to find how to use baking soda to increase it. This is a side picture This is a while ago you can see JuJuBee has grown so much and since then we have lost spoty he is missed.
  14. bbrian017


    oh interesting so the ones in this tank will eventually die that's sad... With that said this tank is really beautiful
  15. oh they are really beautiful
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