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  1. Wow those are big and beautiful!!
  2. I wanted to wish you luck and mention that ick on plecos can be treated with just heat. My barn managers son had plecos and would slowly raise the heat to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with large water changes same temp when he ran into ick issue. please note only for the plecos not the goldies. Just wanted to mention that
  3. Thank you everyone I love that ryukin too still deciding on names but should have something soon lol I really like the names being suggested thank you all!!
  4. I would only feed them peas once a week max. Goldies really shouldn't have them as a staple diet beans would be a great substitute or maybe zuccini, kale, spinach,or cucumber Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  5. They look gorgeous!!!! I love those chubby faces
  6. Hello I am sorry your fish isn't well could you give us a video of his behavior? The meds you have ordered will be just fine do you know when they should arrive? To salt the tank to .1% it will be 18tbsp for your 60 gallon. Also I would recommend doing just slightly larger weekly water changes to 60% to 80% since you are fully stocked
  7. So I finally decked out their tank to fit halloween coming up but I am silly and forgot to get a tank shot >_< I am really enjoying these lovelys and they still need names Thanks for looking
  8. I am so sorry for your loss R.I.P mosely Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Wow they are so cute !!!! Can't wait to see them inside you have a very nice pond Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Kai is just stunning she is growing so nicely and I love the tank set up Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  11. Eeeek I am sorry this happened I hope this gets all figured out, I know when I had my AC over stuffed they would leak o.O I ask glad you can keep little mango ..... That 10gallin really makes it look like he had a growth spurt lol
  12. I would get Prime water conditioner it will detoxify ammonia up to 1ppm for 24 hours A lot of members here use it and love it! Could you please got a above shot so? Also what is your PH out of tap?
  13. Yes Walmart should have a 10 gallon sterlitle container Also I have resealed a few of my tanks so I can tell you a cheap alternative It isn't that bad really
  14. I love the simple black backgrounds but I also don't have any black fish so it makes all of my cuties pop
  15. Your tank set up looks lovely but maybe with only 1 to 2 goldfish. I love aquaponics since my sister is starting her system next summer for a pond filled with perch. Your tank however is way to overstocked and the plants cannot handle the bio load of those fish. Aquaponics is supposed to be like creating a sustainable environment. Your tank is not sustainable You never see in the wild a pond or lake that is overstocked because the bio load will kill them off to something it can handle. Since your set up is in your tank you still need to be doing weekly water changes since you can't always see or test what is actually in your water and overstocked tanks can harbor more things in the water that could harm your fish that your system cannot remove but with a water change. If you want a sustainable tank with minimum maintenance do a pond with aquaponics and have it highly understocked. Your koi do need to be re homed since koi need 300gallons per fish since they get so massive or maybe try the aquaponics for a 1000 gallon pond for the 2 of them
  16. I am sorry Oj isn't doing well When you get home maybe some above pics might be good How was her behavior? She looked mighty speedy in the pics
  17. I too would love to see a bigger pic your tank looks stunning!!! Also have you tested your tap water for nitrates?
  18. Awww what gorgeous fish and I love tbe 1st pic of the family
  19. Omg where are my manners!!!! Una please forgive me for not saying congrats on your gorgeous fish what a cutie and lovr the color
  20. I agree with alex. If you would like though my offer still stands and can send some prazi pro if you have no luck I sent some to thatfancygoldfish without a problem
  21. I am so sorry things are not going as planned I recommend checking your local craigslist to see if there are any deals there too Resealing a tank isn't that bad actually I resealed my 55 gallon, it is cheap and super effective and doesn't take that long I used 100% silicone #1 from GE clear
  22. Una I have sent prazi over the border if you would like me to try to send some to you
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