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  1. OK, thanks very much, i'll get on the crushed coral and the new filter and monitor the levels, then nip up the road for a buffer if it doesn't improve. Thanks for all your help
  2. Is that the same KH as in my first post?If so KH=70 in the tank and KH=180 from the tap. Having read your link am I right in thinking that it is all used up because the tank is essentially overstocked? and the improved filter I should be getting tomorrow along with the more frequent water changes should increase the pH to a more acceptable level, have I read that right? If I do have to put something in there i would prefer something such as coral or shells that would mean I don't have to put a lot of chemicals in. I'm certainly learning a lot!
  3. The white doesn't look watery no how come? just looks like it's on the surface? I don't really know about pH buffers to be honest? Can you explain a bit more? The fish and plants are all doing well so i don't want to do something that isn't necessarily needed.
  4. OK Thanks for being so helpful! I'll get on with it!
  5. OK, but the nitrate level is OK? I recently got some plants in there and they are all rooting well and growing so i'm hoping they are doing well. I'll look at some new filters tomorrow, double up in one tank and get a new one for the other tank. Would you recommend keeping the current filter in whilst introducing the new one for a week for example? The Tap pH is the same as the tank pH, is it a big problem do you think? It seems unusual as a quick google is telling me that most people have a pH of 7-7.8 in my area which seems unusual. Something in the pipes do you think?
  6. Thanks very much for the advice, It's good to hear that he's well and likely just healing and growing. I know that I need to improve upon the tank size, unfortunately being a student I move around quite a lot and obviously the bigger the tank the more awkward this is. What kind of timescale do you suggest? And would improving filtration help to slow the need for upgrading? Or is it really just a case up upping the water changes? I really just need until the end of summer as I will have moved house by then. After that I shouldn't be moving for a few years so I can more easily upgrade. And obviously time to save up for a tank! Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey sorry for not getting these up initially. I have some pictures from when we first got them below: http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x139/blackstarlincs/DSCF1614.jpg and http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x139/blackstarlincs/DSCF1613.jpg And then, as he's moving so much I have some videos on youtube of how the eyes are now, I hope you can get something from them: I'm afraid my camera is a bit rubbish! Sorry for the number of links but I'm not sure how to get photos in the post otherwise. Cheers
  8. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and I have a black moor that has developed some eye problem of some kind. The eyes have both got some dark patches the colour of their skin on the “bubble” of the eye. One has now nearly spread over the whole thing and this eye is also swollen considerably over the size of the other eye. The other eye has some whitish clouding with the darker patch. From what I can see the eye itself is bloodshot also. In terms of abnormal behaviour the fish is eating fine and is behaving the same as ever. There is some surface gulping, that again has always happened. Has been caught once or twice swimming quickly at the corner of the tank. The tank has two amazon swords, two other plants with small easily detached leaves that the fish don't like eating and a bunch of “pond weed” all anchored in the gravel. There is an eygyptian themed ornament which I though he may have hurt himself on but that hasn't been a problem before. I have another fish in the tank with no problems whatsoever and it shows non of the behavioural characteristics as above. And I have a second tank with another pair of fancies, black moor and fantail. These are both fine and have an identical set up but with some hornwort and other plants. Test Strips API: Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0.2 Nitrate=50 ph=6.6 KH=70 GH=70 tap: GH:140 KH:180 tank temp is 20C Difficult to read so I'm not sure if these are spot on! Tank is 15 Gallons and running since the 13th December last year. The filter is a stingray filter 15 300LPH Change the water once a week removing just over 30% of the water Changed 30% on Sunday There are 2 fish in the tank, one black moor and one golden fan tail. They are currently around 3 inches long. Use Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe to condition the water every week. Feed the fish standard flakes which are briefly soaked before I put it in. A generous pinch, twice a day, around three times a week I feed them diced peas instead of the second dosage of flake. No new fish as is already pushed for space, luckily not too big yet. Added some general tonic soon after the problem first showed on sat the 28th after a water change. The woman in the fish shop advised it as it appeared to be just the one eye that was swollen. But that eye is now nearly completely cover in black stuff a similar colour to it body around the eye. HELP? Sorry for the massive post but i wanted to give as much info as possible! Thanks!
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