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  1. sorry i am having troubles with my Photobucket account i will try to post my video tommorrow
  2. he is doing a little better now his fins are starting to grow back. i'm glad morris is getting over his fin rot. his case was very mild sorry my computer acted up and posted three times . ill get the video up in a second
  3. thank you for the identification . i'm glad they are only in a bucket and never got i my tank
  4. \] what snails are these they came with fish and plants from the petstore
  5. I like the look of the sideways plants it ads character to the tank
  6. Nice tank I feel Sorry for the bettas in their little dirty cups at the stores
  7. Its funny how planted tanks can be slow to start then turn into lush jungles
  8. Awesome , very nicely set up
  9. Thanks for the step by step on planting the tank. Very clever hiding the dirt. Tory good information
  10. Peanut must like all the plants my telescopes love their plants a lot they where very timid till they got they plants now they are not as nervous anymore . Hope the plants grow well
  11. Like the rocks I have medium rocks in my aquarium I like the look of nothing but big rocks in an aquarium with goldfish
  12. Thanks for the post I got one moor and one telescope almost a month and half ago. And the were very small so I was wondering how fast they would grow helped solve my question
  13. my local petco has some nice banana plants those are the only healthy plants besides moss that the carry there is it true that banana plants don't last very long ive heard people say the grow fast but die after the produce surface leaves
  14. nice tank I planted my tank and i like the look of real plants better than silk plants
  15. i have a hood just to be safe i had a goldfish once that jump out of the aquarium through the filter hole. poor fish but he was a comet. and swam fast my telescopes dont swim as fast as he did . i also have a twenty nine gallon now instead of a ten gallon. i felt sorry because at the time i was unaware of proper tank size.i haD GOT HIM FROM A FAIR AND HES WAS QUITE BIG so i learned comets need large swimming space. give them that and they will be fine.
  16. My fish had a similar problem but he's doing better now .Keep the water parameters good and he be fine
  17. no someone at my local pet shop said do not by them the blocks dont disolve they just cloud your water up immediately and make a big mess. have youre food rationd out for your sitter to feed them.
  18. after twenty four hours of using disolveing fin rot tabletts and salting the water in in the quarantine tank he has been recovering well. within four days his fins have grown back. I'm going to get the master kit as soon as i can. my calico and my betta are perfecctly healthy in the main 29 gallon
  19. I added my betta three weeks ago but I already had him for three months before putting him in the 29 gallon. in time i will move my betta to a communit tank or get a biggger goldfiish tank for the trio. in the quarantine tank i put disolveing fin rot/ fungus tablets they have caused his fins to grow back la little . but I have only used the meds for four days though. I also salted the tank to 1 % and I wil keep the tank salted and medicated until he looks normal than i will obesrve him for A week than put back in his tank. /he has been acting normal but he had white on the tips of his fins and they were frayed. i have been watching the betta but the beta doesnt np at his fins I will have a picture up by tommorrow. sorry for the late feed back. was about to post yesterday but halfway thru my post my internet closed on me. I just remembered as i was going to bed . so i figuired i would just post it now. i will also put up a vieo of my fish tommorow
  20. my amonia is zero i need to test for the rest though. I use mardel constant amonia monitor. I wll so get an api drop test kit. the water temprreture is 74 to 75 degrees, the quarrantine tank tempreture is 76-77 degrees to help kll the rot. the tank size is 29 gallons its been runniing for about a little over two and a half months. i got both of my telescope and my moor the day afteri got the tank running. my parents suprised me with the fish. Knowing about cycleing I did water changes every other day for a month. My parents got me the fish as an. Easter gift.i was afraid of toxi amonia levels so thus the constant water changes. I have two aqua-tech 40 gallon filters. I do a fifty % water change every five days. my last water change was three days ago before i put the black moor in the quarantine tank and it waas fifty%. two days ag i did a twenty fivve % water cnge on my quarantine tank i have to do my water changees evry five days due to the medicines directtions. I have one two inch black moor and one two inch calicoo telescope i also have one small male betta which isnt that agressive problably becaue ave silk and real plants and piece of drift wood that is hollow on its bottom so it makes a good cave for him. I use api water conditioner. feed my fish two small amounts a day of tetra fin plus goldfish flakes. betta eats top fin betta food. i feed them frze dried boood worms as treat on acasion.
  21. My black moor has just recently cam down with fin rot hes is currently in a medicated quarantine tank with water changes once a week due to the medicines usage requirements . the case is very mild just a little white on the tip of his fin and very little jaggedness to his fins is there any thing else I should do for Morris . thnx for the help
  22. I have one calico telescope that's that exact same size for a month now her name is Callie and she shares a 29 gallon tank with a black moor named Morris they love big tanks found them both together at pet smart. just had to quarantine my black moor for fin rot. but my calico is perfectly healthy
  23. sorry i ment for not smfor and be sure to get not gesture
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