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  1. sorry i am having troubles with my Photobucket account i will try to post my video tommorrow
  2. he is doing a little better now his fins are starting to grow back. i'm glad morris is getting over his fin rot. his case was very mild sorry my computer acted up and posted three times . ill get the video up in a second
  3. thank you for the identification . i'm glad they are only in a bucket and never got i my tank
  4. \] what snails are these they came with fish and plants from the petstore
  5. i agree with koko i forgot to add that in i have had very aggressive bettas so i wouldn't recommend it just cause it worked out for me doesn't mean that it will work out for everybody the chances of it working out are one out of a hundred. bettas are very agressive dont try it
  6. I like the look of the sideways plants it ads character to the tank
  7. Nice tank I feel Sorry for the bettas in their little dirty cups at the stores
  8. Its funny how planted tanks can be slow to start then turn into lush jungles
  9. Awesome , very nicely set up
  10. Thanks for the step by step on planting the tank. Very clever hiding the dirt. Tory good information
  11. Peanut must like all the plants my telescopes love their plants a lot they where very timid till they got they plants now they are not as nervous anymore . Hope the plants grow well
  12. Like the rocks I have medium rocks in my aquarium I like the look of nothing but big rocks in an aquarium with goldfish
  13. Thanks for the post I got one moor and one telescope almost a month and half ago. And the were very small so I was wondering how fast they would grow helped solve my question
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