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  1. 5:30 am feed fish 6:00 watch/ clean tanks 12:00 feed small amount of food 4:00 wc's 5-6 trying to do homework/chores whilst watching fish 6:00 feed pellett or veggie
  2. i like it If I had one It wouldn't be in the tank at all times though just for an hour or so once a day
  3. That fish has a beautiful coloring congrats
  4. they are cute never seen this variety before
  5. It's gorgeous, Gustave. I love all the natural colors. Where's Caspian? he's on the left side in the video
  6. http://youtu.be/N0qEFYsnp-Q I lost his existing filter and could only get a internal so I redid his tank to hide the filter and his heater
  7. hope all goes well sounds like a great idea
  8. sorry about the pompom crab The tank looks good and the file fish are cute
  9. The tank looks great. it really makes the fish stand out
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