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  1. I got really bored tonight and started to make a sculpture of my new Betta superman. Don't expect anything professional, I made it out of paper, tape and colored pencils. Took me about half an hour and here is the result! by the way, I've seen some of the sculptures some people have been making of goldfish and they are amazing!
  2. Getting a bigger tank is fun! Your goldfish would love a larger home! I started out really overstocked so your not alone.
  3. I know! they are so much more happy and energetic when they have that much room!!
  4. Thanks, superman was the name that came to mind when I first saw him I am going to plant the tank much more, I just ordered a lot of java moss to make a nice carpet at the bottom. Soon I will put a couple of snails and shrimp in the tank, maybe even an african dwarf frog, I haven't tested his temperament yet, I hope he's a nice little betta!
  5. Just got him at petsmart he's loving his 10 gallon all to himself! Here's a live webcam of him www.ustream.tv/channel/aakane47
  6. Was he showing off his fins like that at petsmart? He's amazing!
  7. He's BEAUTIFUL! I'm thinking about getting a betta soon, where did you buy him?
  8. sorry i had to take it down. will repost when its up
  9. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aakane47 all of my mollies and guppies are out and happy in my 40 gallon, including lots of fry! take a look! These live webcams are really cool! Also I think that my female molly, the white one is pregnant again.
  10. So neat seeing all the babies!
  11. The vase was cycled and It was a 20 gallon planted tanks but I don't have a camera since it broke for the second time I only use the drop kits because in my area I cant find the strips but I will never use them How was the vase cycled? You said earlier that you put the in a vase to let the tank cycle, so it obviously wasn't cycled.
  12. How long would that take? Thanks for the info!
  13. I do have another tank I've had for about a year, how would I seed it?
  14. Can you explain how you would do a fish less cycle?
  15. Well the site says to cycle with a fish inside, a hardy one like a Danio
  16. Can a Betta be the fish on the cycle like the danio?
  17. I have a ten gallon tank that I got from Craigslist and I'm confused on how I cycle it. Can you cycle a tank with fish in it? I'm planning on making it very densely planted for a Betta. I need help!
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