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  1. Getting a bigger tank is fun! Your goldfish would love a larger home! I started out really overstocked so your not alone.
  2. My single tails are in another tank of mine. I was thinking about getting like one ranchu and an oranda.
  3. How many goldfish would you recommend for a 38 gallon? I was thinking two, but I want to know what your opinions are. How often would I have to do water changes with 2 goldfish in a 38 gallon?
  4. I would love if you drew dragon my youngster, your pics are amazing
  5. Would anybody be kind enough to ship me a portion of their moss, or is anybody selling it? They don't sell moss at my local pet stores and I was thinking about adding it to my guppy/Molly tank for the fry to hide in. Thanks!
  6. How do you know it's pregnant?
  7. Oh lol. How long did it take for the first guppies to breed?
  8. Some of them are 15 years old! That's crazy! Did they multiply quickly? This makes me interested in getting a guppy tank.
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