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  1. yeah i tried and they were sticking to the bottom. it's been a day so ill give it another shot. gotta run to get a turkey baster! theres probably 250 fry in my tank right now.
  2. i really dont post here at all. mostly just read up on everyone's experiences and advice. one thing i haven't been able to find is WHEN should i remove the unfertilized eggs or egg shells from the tank. also, what would be the best method? i dont want to disturb the fry. should i get a turky baster and suck them up one by one? there are A LOOOOTTTT of eggs down there. i have a bare bottom tank. they are easy to see. im estimating i have probably about 300 baby goldfish in my tank. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. ive got a small corner spot on the back end of my house. a set up like this would look great! good job.
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