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  1. I have 5 fancy gold fish in my 55 tank, I do huge water changes everweek. I remove almost 90 percent of the water at a time. I also have a huge canster filter that it made for a 110 gallon tank. I tryed hang on filters they did not work for 3 gold fish let along 5. The tank one filters for 2 empor 400.
  2. Sorry It has taken me a while to check up date. I lost my labtop it was fryed. My light where only out for about 12 hours everthing in my tank may it tho with no harm. Well I think my tele mess up her fins has blood on them and her eye has blood inside it. I think she ran into the drift wood I have in the tank
  3. Good new it is not going to get to a cat 2 it is going to stay 1
  4. Tank is Clean. I hope I dont lose them
  5. Thanks. I can only hope for the best and hope the lights dont stay out long.
  6. Do you have any battery powered air pumps? A back up generator? No I dont.I do have some live plants in the tank.
  7. Ok it looks like Hurricane Isaac is comming for Louisiana. If what lights go for a few day will my fish die. I am going to do a huge water today, but what else do I need to do.
  8. This is mine. It is not the best pic
  9. Ok for one thing bettas need higher temps in a tank. In the wild they are found in rice pattys in China. So they are also use to low O2 also. They are tropica fish not cold water fish.
  10. I kniw some one that used it in one of there old tank. you jiust have to rinces it well and get it dry.
  11. Try CLR http://www.jelmar.com/CLRbasic.htm just have to rinse it out really good. then let it dry for a few days they use for hardwater stains.
  12. I loved this for my plants http://www.aquariumplants.com/Freshwater_Aquarium_Plant_Substrate_p/ss.htm
  13. When you get your Progold food the ingredients. I have not seen a color change in my fish I have put in there gel food I make. I just cant find my pro gold bag right this min. Your black fish may change from what I understand black is very unstable. my black more is almost all white now. She is the one on my profile pic
  14. If you really want to get read of hard water stains us CLR but you will have to rinse rinse rinse it out.
  15. That is why test water and do water changes to remove the Nitrates. My tank is 55 and I have 5 goldfish in it and a placo so it is not to bad I would need like 10 gallons more right?
  16. or this is the wet dry fitler http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=18367&ref=NA&subref=NA&cmpid=PPC-B-NA
  17. PICS PICS!!!! Are a most now!!!!
  18. I tell you one that little placo has clean up all my brown alge that I had on my tank.
  19. I found this on ebay what yall think? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Odyssea-CFS-500-GPH-Canister-Filter-External-Aquarium-Freshwater-Marine-75-100-g-/110823524774?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19cd98c9a6
  20. I have one emper 400 with there filters in and exter filter flos. I had 2 filter one it but one when out.
  21. I had them befor. My fish used to eat them. not my goldfish
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