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  1. My sword is growing crazy fast. I think its from the dying anacharis, but still. It has a lot of new leaves pushing in from the base. Is that good?
  2. To be honest, I may just be paranoid. I'm guessing it's bits of the Anacharis that disintegrated... BTW how did I kill anacharis? Isn't it supposed to be super easy to grow?
  3. My phone broke (taking a video of my aquarium actually). I don't know that they'd show up anyway. They're all over the leaves, but not to the point that you can see them from a few feet away.
  4. Hey, I'm cycling a planted tank, brand new. It's been about 2 weeks since I added the Sword. It has tiny little tufts just kind of stuck to it. They look like cotton strands, about .5 mm in length and maybe .01 mm wide. They're very small, but there are a lot of them. My anacharis died (I think I over bleached it, whoops) and just kind of melted, so I vacuumed most of it out, but there are still bits of it in the tank (I left them in to decay to generate a bit of ammonia and fertilizer for the other plant). Should I be worried? No fish in here, just the one plant. I haven't tested the water recently so I don't know any relevant levels...
  5. ... this bacteria needs to step it up... <goes back to staring at an empty tank>
  6. My wife got me the Johnson/Hess book as an early birthday present! I put ammonia in the tank and i can get some fertilizer, but they seem to be doing well enough. So far I just have some Anacharis and a sword. I'm waiting on the LFS to get in a madagascar lace and maybe some java moss... Here's a bad picture of my tank before I added gravel and plants... my phone broke and wiped my SD card so I don't have a better picture...
  7. OK! I have my stand mostly built (need to put the cabinet doors on and the light they sent me was wrong, but I'll fix that later), I'm setting it up TONIGHT! I've got my ammonia ready, my tank and filters rinsed out, and I'm going to be running it without plants or fish until I have nitrates and 0/0 ammonia and nitrites. Questions: Should I add fish or plants first? Some sites say fish first, but imply it is for cycling (which I'm doing without fish). I'd like to have the tank conditions 100% ideal before stressing out my new fish. Here's the (mostly finished) stand I built: It's two separate parts, the hood covers the unsightly power cables and tubes and is where the air flow is. The back is open. There are two 220 MM fans for air circulation around the wet/dry filter.
  8. Ok, so my equipment is on its way. I'm pretty sure I over-corrected... I got a wet/dry filter w/ overflow for up to 100 gallons, an aquaclear HOB for 70 gallons (in case the return pump fails on the wet/dry), a UV sterilizer, 2 LED aquarium grow lamps, and I built a DIY tank stand. I'll put up pictures this weekend!
  9. http://www.amazon.co...36921477&sr=8-6 I have a 37 gallon tank that I'm getting ready to set up, building a hood/canopy and I need to find adequate lighting for amazon swords, wisteria, moss, etc; but I don't want to blind my fish... That's a White 225 LED 13.8 watt grow light. It's 12x12, which is perfect for my 12" wide tank. Tank is 30" L x 12" W x 22" H. I can fit 2 over the tank, with room between for a moon light. Is one too little/much? Would two be overkill? Is it in the correct spectrum for plants?
  10. Well, it doesn't fully exist yet, but I was wanting to put a back on it to prevent any sort of moisture damage to my wall...But I can put air holes with fans. I have 2 extra computer fans that I got to circulate air in the tank, but never used them because I bought the wrong ones they have always-on LED lights, but it wouldn't matter in the inside of my tank stand. I have a friend who is an electrical engineer and he's going to help me build it...
  11. Hey all, I'm in the design phase of a tank stand. I've decided to go with a wet/dry filter and overflow for a 37-gallon tank, so I'm building this stand with room under it for the sump and room behind it for the overflow and an aquaclear HOB for redundancy. I'm also putting a hood over the whole thing to keep my cats from swimming in it. But with the first design I'm noticing that I have about 0 airflow through the cabinet (though it is pretty open within the whole. With moderate/heavy planting, a wet/dry filter, and a HOB, how much actual air exchange needs to be happening? No part of the cabinet is remotely air tight, it would just get slightly stale. But with three-times-per day feeding and bi-weekly water changes it isn't like it would be closed up all day. I'm probably overthinking it...
  12. Anyone know the exact distance an aquaclear juts over the tank? I'm designing my tank stand and would like to know the dimensions. The only dimensions I could find are for the box everything comes in for shipping. The picture looks like it is about 1-2 inches.
  13. Well... I don't want to call anyone out, but the other site I was using for help before told me that my fish would be safe if I just took my filter and bubbles out and replaced them with a pond pump and started a cycle with my fish in the tank. They told me to do 20% water changes daily and treat with amquel until the cycle finished. I'm pretty sure that these instructions led to the death of my fish, but just wanted a second opinion. I took their word for it because they have a gold fish specific site and they have several fish over 10 years old, but the more I think about it the more I think their advice was bad. Assuming I had done a cycle to begin with (I hadn't, I didn't even know what they were), Is one 400 GPH pond pump in the bottom of the tank with a prefilter enough to keep a 37 gallon tank safe for goldfish? Their line of reasoning is the pond pump brings water from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank and creates surface action for oxygen exchange (sounds good to me). It looked horrible (a nasty pump at the bottom of my tank) and I've never seen a tank set up this way anywhere I've been since. For most of the time, my fish looked fine, but then they just died after looking healthy and happy 4-8 hours prior. The water levels never got too bad, and they were detoxified with Amquel Plus. They died separately over 48 hours after 5 weeks with just the pond pump, so I'm pretty sure it was an infection (my vet friend agrees). The local store has a bad rep too. They also said bubble wands are bad for fish, causing swim-bladder problems and other issues when they eat the bubbles (they had pictures). They also told me to dump garlic water in my tank. This whole situation has led me to be very confused, but this forum seems much more active and the advice seems better. Is there a book I can buy?
  14. Thanks everyone, I think I'm mentally ready. Got about 6 weeks before I'm going to start. Getting lumber for the stand in 2 weeks. Building stand over the following 2 weekends (giving time for paint and shellac to dry). Finishing another project for 2 weeks. Then setting up the tank to get cycling around my birthday. Should be ready for fish about 3-4 months from now... I'm going to get at least one pearl scale, one oranda or ryukin or veil, and maybe a black moor. My wife doesn't like the telescopic eyes, but are there any black goldfish without telescoping eyes? With 3 fancy, I should have around 40 gallons, but I only have 37, is it possible to make up the 3 extra gallons with extra filtration and/or a sump? I can go with just 2 if it's a major issue. I'm going to plant, so 1 inch of gravel. Going with wisteria, anubias, and maybe some java moss. Depending on the filter set up I may try to hide some PVC tubing with some compact/amazon swords. My biggest concern, once the Nitrogen cycle is dealt with, is oxygen levels; especially overnight, while the plants aren't photosynthesizing. With a heavy planted tank, is it a problem when they switch to using oxygen at night? How many plants should I use in a 37 gallon tank with lots of filtration and two or three goldies?
  15. I saw that! I'm in Alcoa.I thought about peeing in it, but then remembered... that's gross. I found ammonia at Ace hardware today, bought some, went to an aquarium store. (called The Aquarium). They didn't talk to me, which was odd, but they seemed legit. So, I'm prepped to get prepped to get prepped. Now I wait. For birthday gifts of aquarium stuff.
  16. I used the 6 weeks of what I had on my garden. It was great. My dwarf apple tree has about 5 times the apples it had last year (probably not just from the water, but it helps).I'm not sure about zoonotic diseases though, so I wouldn't use it with anything you put the water directly on (tubers, low-lying squashes) without being careful.
  17. Um. Wow. Most responses I've gotten from any forum. Thank you all so much! Ok, let's see, in order (bolding my followup questions for easier dissection from my insane ramblings, not emphasis): Would a Eheim Cannister and HOB aquaclear be enough oxygenation in the tank if it didn't have a very open top? I have cats, its going to be at jumping level. The tank is tall, so I'm worried about CO2 sitting at the bottom of the tank, should the HOB have it's tube all the way to the substrate (the HOB it came with doesn't reach)? I'm making a canopy that should have room for airflow with fans, it isn't airtight. I'm going to try to build a stand made to look like a mini TARDIS. That's probably the only way to get my wife interested in fish again. We're both pretty devastated right now... As far as evilness goes, I am pretty evil . It's mostly just a play on the fact that a lot of people here in the bible belt of East Tennessee view vegans with distrust or suspicion and take offense at their existence. I'm also terrible at being vegan. For example, I have pet cats. They eat lots of meat. And I don't avoid places that serve meat, so I still promote the culture of meat, but it's hard not to. That and I'm not necessarily against the concepts of animal husbandry and predation (they got us where we are today), I just feel we have outgrown them as a society. I like hunters more than store-buying meat-eaters; they're often more honest about it (even if I still think it's primitive). Nothing wrong with being occasionally primitive though. Primitive things are fun and easy. I'll check ACE if I can locate one for the ammonia. They were on my list of places left to check. Surfactants are sudsing right? I found unscented ammonia with 2 ingredients: (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Value-Ammonia-64-oz/13023511), but when I shook the bottle it looked sudsy. I am planning on getting a second tank much later (if I get 3-4 goldies and they get near/over 5 inches or so, a 37 gallon tank won't do). I currently have a 37 gallon, a 10-20 gallon (haven't measured it). Gonna use the smaller for a quarantine tank. Do I need to cycle it? Or rather what I'm asking, is if I get another sick fish, should I just always have a 20 gallon tank ready for fish, or is it possible to set up a hospital tank in an emergency? New section: Planting I have a moderately greenish thumb for growing food-plants, but not sure about water plants. I get why I add those near the end of the fishless cycle once nitrates get going. I need some sort of aquarium soil? How does that work with the gravel vacuum? Do I still use gravel? Is it 3 layers of soil/mud/gravel? Can I eat them? One of those questions was a joke.
  18. I just lost my first fish. I'm quite upset. I had some bad info from multiple sources, none of it matched up, and they died from my lack of knowledge. Took about 6 weeks, they died very suddenly in 5 hours. A vet student friend of mine said it looked like a preexisting bacterial/viral infection. Anyway, long sad story. Thinking of starting over. Just had some questions, I am asking multiple forums for input. I know about and understand the fishless-cycle, I've read about it 50 times, just too late. Where do I get ammonia? I’ve checked Walmart, Target, Kroger, Pet Stores, and Home Depot. I’ve found plenty of ammonia-based cleaning products, lemon-scented or ammonia with surfactants. I can’t find 100% pure ammonia. Filtration / Aeration For a 37 gallon tank, with 2-3 fancy goldfish, preferably with living plants, what is the recommended filter system? How do you get air into the tank? It's a tall tank (12x33x22), so it's hard to get good water down to the bottom. I like the concept of overflow + wet/dry sump and possible refugium, it seems like an elegant way to aerate and biologically filter without cluttering the tank. The other forum recommended simply using a single pond pump with a pre-filter for circulation and aeration. It seemed insufficient. It was also extremely ugly. The pump would still work in a sump system though. How useful are UV filters? Canisters? Refugiums? I have a timed power strip and can set up a refugium on an opposite solar rotation. How are these (wet/dry filter): http://www.petsolutions.com/C/Wet-Dry-Aquarium-Filters/I/Eshopps-Wet-Dry-Sump-Filters.aspx What about these (Gravel vacuum): http://www.amazon.com/Automatic-Gravel-Cleaner-Sludge-Extractor/dp/B003C5U2SU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1336073287&sr=8-3EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor Any other advice before I get restarted? I'm not even going to make up my mind for a few weeks, after I'm done mourning. When I start, I want to be ready.
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