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  1. I was worried I'd have to do that... I have plants in there... Oh well... I'll set up the QT for the plants and treat the main tank since it's cycled (or should be)?
  2. Great! Side note: 2 of my fish are just kind of sitting in the same places. One is in a hidey hole. Only comes out to eat (but eats more than the others, he's smallest, and figured out where the food is). One just kind of hangs out by a plant. The other one goes everywhere. Their fins are up and they do come out occasionally, but more than 50% of the time they're just chillin. The fat one had his/her dorsal fin flat against his body when I got him (he was active and had really interesting patterns, so I overlooked the fin), but over the last 48 hours he's started keeping it raised most of the time. That's a good thing right?
  3. K! I'll check it again in a few hours and then again in the morning. If it gets to .25 should I do a WC to get it under .1?
  4. OK, its day 3, I have trace amounts of ammonia. ?! KH 8.5 pH 7.8 Temp 77.6 Ammonia barely noticeable (had to compare it to tap to make sure it was green) 0.1 maybe Nitrites 0 Should I do a WC or just add bacterial supplement or water conditioner?
  5. My wife and I are vegan and we both love cooking. These fishies will have greens, oh yes, they will have them. I found this http://forgetthebowl.tumblr.com/post/30375676600/creating-a-balanced-diet-for-your-goldfish so I think I'm pretty set. The pellets I have are Omega One sinking pellets. I have some dark romaine I can try to get them to eat tomorrow. The lion head is about 2 inches, the pearl scale is about 1 inch, the other one is about 1.5 inches. Just guessing. They won't hold still by my ruler.
  6. OK, my next question. Are there any videos of people feeding fish successfully? I know to feed them "as much as they can consume in 5 minutes", which doesn't mean anything to me, because I don't know how to get them to eat the food. Also, I have some sort of hard sinking pellet. It just goes right into the substrate, these poor guys are too small to find it and I'm not sure they could eat it if they did find it. So what do I feed these guys and how do I do it? I saw an "expert" village video that said to feed them 30 seconds worth of food once per day skipping once per week... And that is pretty much in line with what I expect from the people who make "Expert" Village videos. Also, my tank is very current-y. Is that going to be a big problem? I was thinking that as part of the "feeding time" schedule I could turn off the pumps. That's what Dustin does in one of his vids, and it makes sense. Easier to feed them, easier to retrieve uneaten food.
  7. K! How soon should I feed them and when should I check the levels and when can I stop doing daily monitoring of every single parameter and when should I end this sentence?
  8. The video actually has the benefit of showing the fish. They keep moving and my shutter speed is about 20 seconds, so it's always a blank picture of an empty tank...
  9. Oh, if I had four+ I was going to be moving them to a bigger tank later... it was part of an elaborate plot to guilt my wife into letting me spend even more money on aquarium equipment. . . But I'm going to bed now, are we sure that the bacteria will be okay if it takes me 12-14 hours (from now) to get to the pet store and back without adding any ammonia to feed em?
  10. I'm getting them in about 12 hours... how much should I add? Also, 40 gallon tank, should I get 3 or 4? They're about an inch long.
  11. ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did my 98% WC (couldn't figure out a way to get all the water out from the sump/under the gravel). Filled it back up. Added 1.5 mL of ammonia. 12 hours later I now have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and 10 nitrates. TIME FOR FISHIES FISHIES FISHIES! *fishy dance*
  12. So lets say that ammonia and nitrites drop to 0 in the next two days, then I put in more ammonia and it drops back to 0, what do I do at that point? I would have massive nitrates, so need to empty the water. 100% WC? Then add ammonia and test again?
  13. Well I want them for my wife's birthday, but also for the many days that come after that... It's the difference between 5 buckets and 2.5 buckets; but this tank is well on it's way to being safe. I'd like to know for sure I'm not reducing their life expectancy at all, so hopefully the cycle finishes up this weekend...
  14. The other thing is that I am getting 3 fish from the same place, same water, and same breeder (I think). Their tanks are separated, but use the same water and filters for the whole gold fish section and the guys in the video just came in and went through a week of quarantine at the fish store (the Xs on their tank by their price means the quarantine is still in effect). I don't have any existing fish and these guys will already be used to each other's pathogens, so would I just be quarantining them to give my existing tank time to finish cycling, or is there another reason?
  15. It's really difficult to say, each cycle is different and for some getting the nitrites to drop to 0 can be the longest part of the whole process You do always have the option of getting fish and just doing the heavy water changes they will need while cycling. I forget what size tank you have, but you might even consider picking up a 10-20 gallon (which can then be your QT tank), putting the fish in there and doing a daily water change, while you continue the fishless cycle in your main tank. Daily water changes are recommended during the QT period (3-4 weeks) anyway, so this might be a way to 'have your cake and eat it too' As long as you have the time provide adequate water changes to keep the params safe for your fish you will be okay The one I'm working with now is 37 gallons with a wet/dry sump that holds about 3-4 gallons, so I just say it's 40. I also have a 20 gal tank, but that method is kind of what killed my last two guys, and I was pretty much devastated... I was doing daily 20% changes with them, but the pH crashed and killed them. I have all the stuff I need to do it and I think I'm better prepared for keeping track of params this time, but still a little leery. I was thinking of using the 20 gal to practice dirted/heavy planted tanks if this one gets going... One question about water changes while doing quarantines, should I be treating the entire tank size with amquel plus? That's what the previous site told me to do, it seemed like a huge amount of overkill treat 100% of the water every day when changing 20% of the water out...
  16. So, if I can get the ammonia back to 1-2 ppm, that should keep it from stalling again? I think last time I let it drop to 0. Any possibility that this will be done in the next 48 hours with the cycle starter that I'm adding? My wife's birthday is Monday and she's been wanting fish since June.
  17. Yeah, this place is fantastic. They're really knowledgeable and they all are avid fish keepers.
  18. If I can get this done this week I can pick up one of these babies... (turn your speakers down, the audio is out of whack) Planning (tentatively) to get a pearl scale (first fishes), a calico butterfly tail (second fishes), and maybe a ranchu. If they have any bristlewhisker plecos I might get one too. They're goldfish safe right?
  19. Yeah, that's what I thought too, but how much for a 40 us gal system at 9% ammonia?
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