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  1. Also, some sites are saying that mold outbreaks comes from overfeeding from food left over. I would collect the left-over food after a couple minutes if there was any, but there never is. . . Is it possible to overfeed the fish even if they eat it all within about 60 seconds or less? I don't see why the mold would differentiate between food and feces...
  2. I have a 37 gallon tank but I also have a with a wet/dry sump thingy and a HOB. I'm pretty sure the wet/dry has at least 4+ gallons in it at all times and the HOB holds some. Minus displacement for solids from the substrate, pumps, filters, overflow box, rocks, and fish. I think 40 is right... but, I don't remember how many buckets I used to fill it up. From what I'm seeing in the J&H book, they can stand up to .9% before stress hits. 40 Tablespoons is 2.5 cups, which makes it easy to measure and it doesn't look like it will stress the fish. I was gonna add it in 12 hour intervals. I should remember to read my fancy book before I bug you all... But yes, I need a kitchen scale.
  3. Johnson/Hess book says to do 1 Tablespoon per gallon?! I have a 40 gallon system, so 40 tablespoons? This sounds ridiculously high, but that's because I'm used to measuring out things at 1 mL per 10-20 gallons...
  4. I guess more importantly why is it growing there as opposed to not growing there? If I have mold now, replacing/bleaching the hose will just mean I have mold later. Is it a symptom of a different problem, what should I do to address that problem?
  5. How much of a threat is it? Do i need to replace anything else besides the hose? How soon should i address it? Should i do anythings special? Where could it have come from?
  6. Side question, If it's mold, the salt should get it without bleaching, right?
  7. I'd rather just replace it than bleach it. If that's necessary. Is 0.3% the recommended level for the preventative bath for new fish?
  8. 1) Where is a good salt calculator? 2) I was looking at my return pump hose, it looks like it is full of black and blue polkadots from different groups of growing things. Should that concern me? How do I clean that hose without dismantling the whole system?
  9. Ohh and a second question about gravity filtration. I was trying to design a bottom drain that fed into the same section as the surface skimmer. So the tube you see on the side is 4" PVC that runs to the bottom filter and connects with the down spout of the skimmer about .5" below the level of the skimmer, on a down angle so dirty water shouldn't be flowing back into the pond. My thought was that debris would go out the bottom drain and be pushed up by water pressure, then caught by the filter, but if I don't do it right or put the exit spout too low, the water level wouldn't be sufficient for the skimmer or the GPH through the bottom drain would be too slow/fast and it either wouldn't push debris up or push it up so fast that it breaks up and isn't caught by the mesh I have in mind. Has anybody done something similar with gravity filters?
  10. Hey guys, How safe is pressure-treated lumber around/over (but not directly in) ponds? What can I treat it with or paint it with or cover it with or seal it with? I'm plotting out some back yard renovations. I'm planning on putting in a pergola over an existing patio. I'm working on designs right now, but the "best" I can imagine is a kind of raised and tiered water garden overlapping the patio, but under the pergola. My preliminary sketchup looks like this (but I plan on redoing the bench): As you may be able to tell, there is a pergola support beam in the middle of the water pond (it is going to be surrounded by pond liner. In this picture you can't see it because I was being fancy and put a water texture over it, but there is a 12" shelf around that beam for possible bog plants, then there is a 24" section on either side, then behind the patio it is 24" x 48" at it's max depth, with a slope heading towards the bottom drain. I don't have the other tier rendered in this picture, but it would be opposite the skimmer and about 12" higher. Probably 36"x36". The pond will be partially under the pergola by about 2 feet. When it rains, water will drip off the pergola into the pond. Water will splash onto it and may drip back in. I'm super paranoid about toxins.
  11. I've been watching params pretty close and adding conditioner if I had any results on the ammonia. I may have missed a day or something, from what I understand those appear after healing starts, so it would've been last week or before... weekly 50% changes for 5 weeks. I think he's fine, just cautious cause they're new. Prazipro came in the mail just now!
  12. Hey, I have a lionhead that has two dark lines on his tail that I can't say were there before. He's white with orange/metallic spots, but on his tail are some 4-5 millimeter lines. They look kind of black with a redish outline. They aren't circular, just rounded at the tips of the lines. They are about a millimeter wide, 5 millimeters long. Two of them, near each other only on the one side of his rear fin. I tried getting a picture, but he won't hold still. He's a jerk like that. I did a 50ish % water change on Friday. Tank params: ammonia, less than .1 ppm. 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, 4 KH, 7.8 pH 76 degrees. I added a bit more KH buffer after testing. I don't like it below 6 really. Plants in tank: Anubias and a sword. the sword is stumpy, the anubias has a brownish tinge. I don't think my lighting is sufficient... The stumpiness is from the blue LED grow lights I think. Blue light is high intensity and they don't grow as tall. I'm taking the plants out after I treat with a round of Prazi and then I'm salting. Just want to make sure I don't need to isolate him from my other two fish. They were bought from the same tank/store at the same time. He's active and healthy. I'm about to feed them their peas.
  13. The tank has been cycled for about a month now, maybe longer. It had stalled earlier before I figured out pH and KH balancing, but the whole system was set up back in June. The cycle didn't finish until last month (due to pH crash). The levels I've been measuring have been pretty stable, but I can hold off. I haven't gotten any prazi yet (ordering it now), so I was a bit worried about parasites.
  14. Everything seems to be going fine. I was gonna turn my UV filter on. Should it matter where I put the UV filter? Right now I have it in my Wet/Dry filter next to my return pump. Does it need to be in the tank proper, or can it be in the filter? Are there any support groups for people who are addicted to buying fish? I want more...
  15. Do they like hams? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc-v6DPwG_8
  16. By the way, I was way off. Did a 50% water change, measured the nitrates the next day and they were in the 20s. So... yeah. It might have been as high as 40, but not 80-100. So far so good. I'm going to a cabin for 3 days... should I do anything to prep them for the time alone? :/
  17. I'll be honest, I suck at color shade recognition. It could be 40. It could be 160. It's red. I'll just try to do more water changes. It's percentage based right? so if it's 160, and I do a 50% WC that brings it to 80?
  18. Update! Fish are good! Nitrates are higher than expected with plants (80-100 between 20-50% water changes), but no algae bloom or anything. Haven't prazi'd yet, but everyone is acting very good and eating pretty well. The dragon-eye has trouble catching food, but she's persistent at bottom pecking, so I'm pretty sure she's eating. So far I've been getting them to eat 4 medium pellets and about 10 small pellets per feeding. It's about a teaspoon of food per day (three feedings at roughly 1/3rd a teaspoon each) randomly split between 3 fishies, and it makes me feel like I'm starving them...
  19. I spoke too soon, the fan came on outside, the AC did not. Nothing is coming out of my vents and my house is sweltering (tank is at 80). Luckily the outside temp is very nice, I'm just having difficulty getting that air in here. Side note, I just went to another pet store (PetCo), they had a beautiful 3" ryukin fantail for sale for $3.49... Petsmart sells 2" fantails for $34.99. I'm worried that some kid is gonna buy the little guy and dump him in a 5 gallon bowl. They also had 55 Gallon tanks for $55.
  20. I got it back on. Clogged airflow/breaker thingy I don't know. Its doing something now. Still not cooling, but I put a cold water bag thing in their tank, so its fine. I think. Anyway, I forgot to mention I figured out a way to get them all to eat. Two of them will eat out of a glass bowl, I can drop pellets into it, they eat what they want, I take it out with any food they don't eat after a minute or two. The third one will actually eat out of my hand and let me grab her, so that helps. She can also eat the medium sized pellets that the littlest one can't. Also, they're all swimming all over now. I couldn't find PraziPro at Petsmart, so I have to go to the aquarium store tomorrow to get it...
  21. It's pretty enclosed, bright lights, two filters (wet/dry and HOB). I have air circulation, but not enough. I need to put a fan on it, I know where, but I have to get some more parts from home depot to mount it. The lights are white/blue LEDs they don't put out very much heat at all, but it just isn't going anywhere. That's my theory. It could also be the 700 GPH return pump. I added a few teaspoons of Seachem to get the KH back up to 9.
  22. Going to pick up Prazipro now and salt. Did a 50% WC today. Ammonia still sitting at .1ish Nitrites at 0. Nitrates got up to 60-80 this week. KH had dropped to 5 from 8 in the past 2 days pH steady at 7.8 Temp is 8 degrees above room temp, 78 degrees now. I don't like it being this high, any suggestions? I was gonna put refrigerated, treated ziploc water bags in the sump. I can't figure out an easy place to effectively put a fan in my setup...
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