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  1. He's back to mnormal, but he's being very aggressive towards my dragoneyed calico... he seems to want to eat her eyes?
  2. He's getting around pretty good now. Should I do anything other than watch him? 30% less gravel. 50% less suspended organics (waterchanged). Scrubbed the rocks and algae. Removed the mason jars (plant holders). Pulled out most of the floated cabomba and some sword leaves they tore off today. Rinsed 2/3rds of the filters I have in there; everything except the HOB. Powered on my UV sterilizer.
  3. I clean the bigger rocks about twice a month. I read that green algae wasn't a problem and they like to eat it. The plant jars I clean once per month. I was testing the jars out, I think I'll remove them. I clean the gravel every week.
  4. This is a replacement hose, they start off clear and turn black/spotty. It isn't algae, there isn't any light. The FLS didn't have a clue and I can't find anything on it anywhere. I asked here before...
  5. I suspect it may be a bacterial problem as well... but I don't know what to do about it. I have lots of gravel. About 2 inches. Plants. Green Algae. The hoses get these weird spots on them, I've replaced them multiple times.
  6. Back on bottom. The reddish marks have gotten slightly worse, or the lighting makes them look so...
  7. Should I also do the other two, even though they are acting fine?
  8. He did not seem to enjoy that... He's in the QT now. Seems to be swimming around fine. Isn't listing or sideways or anything...
  9. Well, I was getting a QT tank ready after I added the Redoxlclean. He is swimming around normally now. Should I still dip him? I have the holding tank set up...
  10. !!!! I have a very sad lionhead. He's sitting at the bottom. He'll move if I come up to the tank and swims quite nicely, but if I'm not there he just sits in one spot... the other two in the tank with him are fine (I think). He's got red blotchiness under his skin that is barely visible in these pictures, but I don't think he had it before. He was active and fine until today. I've had him for about 4-6 months. Tank: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 PH 7.8 KH 7 Tap: ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 , Nitrate0, pH 7.8, kH 6-9 Additives Seachem plant safe alkaline buffer Redoxlclean by Brightwell (just added, 24 drops; the store said it was PP, but I can't back that up. It just says it's a blend of Manganese salts) HOB Aquaclear 70 Sump Eshopps Wet/dry 100CS 72 degrees Last waterchange was almost a week ago, I do them on Saturdays. About 40-60% 40 Gallons 3 fish pictured below, the sick one is the largest at approximately 3 inches. I feed them a small amount of Omega flakes and omega sinking pellets 2 times daily. The flakes are for the telescope who can't catch the food any other way, I know they aren't ideal. I added a plant about 2-3 weeks ago. Bleached it first. I salted and prazi'd before I got this plant. Haven't since... Here's a video I took. He's being MORE active in the video than normal. I can't get close enough to film him without him responding.
  11. She will often travel the length and depth of the tank, just most of the time she stays at the top right where the food is/was. Gravel bottom with live plants and green algae on the rocks for them to peck at. She'll eat at the algae sometimes. I'll try to get a video... the camera gives me fits. The other two spend time all over and come up to eat when I get home, but she's usually already there.
  12. Is it bad for a goldfish to constantly bite/eat at bubbles at the surface? I have a fish who is absolutely terrible at finding food. She's a dragon-eye in a tank with a pearlscale and a lionhead. Any time I use sinking pellets, she blindly snaps at the pellets; but misses 99% of the time (I've only seen her catch one, ever). The other two just eat all the food. It got so bad that one of them out grew her. She hasn't grown much since I got her about 10 weeks ago (I'm really bad with time estimates), but the pearl scale has gone from about half her size to about 50% bigger. So I've determined that I need to hand feed her. To do this I just hold a pellet between my fingers and try to drop it in her mouth. But now she spends almost all of her time in the corner I feed her in... It makes me a little sad, but is it dangerous for her to gulp at bubbles on the surface? The other two have regular swimming patterns, but she spends more than half her time in the corner begging for noms...
  13. Gave it a try, lets see how they hold up over time. Giant pic anyone?
  14. Forgot to update this. Might not be able to do this now, but I still want to do it in the next few years. Yes Koi. I live in Tennessee, Knoxville area. Climate is kind of crazy, but temperate and mild (if somewhat unpredictable). I figured out that the load bearing of the posts and pergola should be sufficient to support it without center beams. Just had to increase the outer posts dimensions a bit. Great idea on extending the pergola over the pond. The image doesn't show it, but there is a fence and a property line immediately behind the raised pond, so I would have plenty of things to attach a shade cloth too, and the pond is long on the North South access, so it will only get about 1-2 hours of direct sunlight per day. I was having trouble with sketchup trying to design the settling chamber/filter/return. I was going to get a 100 Gallon water/feed bucket from our local co-op. It's shape is conducive to having three separate chambers with different media/purposes, and it is allegedly non-toxic (people use them as mini ponds around here, but was gonna double-check). I was going to do a settling chamber coming directly from the skimmer/bottom drain, then a thing of those bio things that get pushed around with an air stone (fluidized filter?) then the last chamber would have the return pump. Would look like this \_/__\_/. I'd be attaching cleaning drains to this for cleaning, and it would be contained within a sub-ground structure I was going to build when I dug out the pond, just next to it. The different depths are from the fact that the pond overlaps an existing concrete patio that I don't want to destroy. I won't be doing it super fancy now that the support beam is out, so it will just be a 2' section and a 4' section. If I find time to redraw it I will, but I have to put in an new closet to make room for the new NURSERY (). So yeah... kind of need to focus on that for now.
  15. They're very small mason jars I got at a wedding. They hold about 2-cups of liquid, maybe less. They would stick up over the existing substrate about 1-2 inches. so kind of like this: __--___--__ The roots would go down in them, the plants bases would be level with the top of the jar. The tank is a deeper shape, its 12x20x30. 20" deep, but only 37 gallons.
  16. Hey y'all (being more southern because of mason jars), Would it be possible to use a mason jar as a container for anubias/sword plants? I was thinking of using a bit of organic dirt and substrate, but I dont' want to have a fully dirted tank. Just contained in a mason jar. Would there be any danger to my fishies? Anaerobic bacteria pockets? Leaking fertilizer? Looking too classy?
  17. I bought two 2-bulb t5 aqueon lights. 28 watts, easy to find bulbs. One 6500K bulb, one roseate bulb. Twice (though the second one had two 6500 bulbs in it for some reason). So 56 Watts. They're about 4 inches above the surface of the water. I don't have plants in it right now, but it is freaking bright. I have one set over my QT with my plants, one over the fishies getting salty. Looks much better, though now I can see all the brown algae (which seems to be expanding a bit)... I think this is good, but won't know for about a month when I put my poor plants back in. They were looking so pitiful, I hope they recover in the QT.
  18. Yeah. No nitrites or ammonia, higher than normal nitrates without the plants, but still under 40. kH steady at 8.5, pH at 7.8. I was just slightly worried about oxygen levels without plants and about salt's long-term effects. Also, I did two rounds of prazi, do I need to do more? I read not to do .3% salt combined with Prazi since it makes the prazi less viable.
  19. Ok, so they seem to be doing good, but they're spending more time in the upper 30% of the tank, where as the before they spent most of their time in the bottom 60%... Should that worry me? I replaced the overflow tube and the return. And cleaned the siphon tube because it had some brown gunk in it.
  20. Hey all, What is the needed Lumens (and whatever other info I may need) on a 20" (after substrate) depth planted tank? I have a good friend who just happens to be a lighting-focused electrical engineer and he's going to help me get a good light or build one for me. My LED lamps have been disappointing (but they aren't "Aquarium" lights). They were really good at first, but they've gotten exceptionally dim in the past 3 months. Still too bright to look at, but the plants are doing terrible. My tank is 12.5 x 22 x 30. 37 gallons. Kind of deep. I have an anubias and a sword. I want some anacharis and whatever else I can get in there. Maybe some java moss. I can't find the page I found on here before with all the information on lights and plants and stuff. He was wanting this information to tell me what I need to get without making my hood burst into flame, boiling my fish, or just generally failing at life...
  21. Yes on the three parts. What's a good time frame to give them this sort of bath? I was thinking 4 weeks.
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