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  1. I'm salting my tank to help this poor guy's tail rot (recovering) and within the past 24 hours this growth popped up. He had a red spot for weeks but it wasn't raised. Now it sticks out like crazy. Any ideas?
  2. Hey all, I bought a bundle of plants from an ebay seller and I did my bleach dip (2 minutes, 1 : 20 bleach). Everything is fine except the anacharis has turned ghostly. Should I just pull it out or give it a chance to recover? This isn't the first time I've had trouble sanitizing anacharis...
  3. I've had bubbling before on ornaments too. . . maybe its something in my water?
  4. So... I painted mine in a few stages over a few days and let it cure for a week. (per instructions on the can) It's been in the tank for about a week and its bubbling up. They're not all bubbling at the same rate, so I suspect it's some combination of not enough sanding or too many/too few coats or too little cure time. I had it in a garage with a heater, it was at about 75 degrees with 0 humidity for a week... Some of it is in the plumbing, so I can't really replace it easily. I'm sure the paint is not toxic at this point, but it doesn't look great and I assume that after the bubbling will come cracking.
  5. Yeah, the krylon fusion really turned out to be the right color after it dried. Its been submerged for about a week now and it's doing fine. I sanded it reallly good and let it dry for about 7 days before getting it wet.
  6. Just wanted to bask in the glow before it gets destroyed by my babies! Aquascaping is a bit tricky since it's open to both sides; also some of these are just in here to see if they survive being left in the wintery cold all day without insulation. I might do it with a two-sided approach, shorter plants in the middle and longer plants on the sides. Not sure yet. I kind of like it like this, but not sure what's going to grow in and whats going to die and whats absolutely not going to survive 5 fish tugging on them all day...
  7. How about these? Their 48" are half off! http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+3733+10704+29014&pcatid=29014&r=1550
  8. I'm setting up my 75 gallon tank, I just ordered this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Live-Aquarium-Plants-12-Kinds-Anubias-Amazon-Sword-Vallisneria-n-more-/121549760334 So I'll have 50ish plants soon and I want to start fishless-cycling this weekend. Which light should I get? Should I get one light for each "side" or just one big light that covers the whole tank? Or should I get 2 lights each going from the edge to the center support? I could have them running on different timers, so the right side of the tank is on during the day and left during the night. No need for a refugium! Insane, sleep-deprived fish! I was looking at this 48" monster: http://www.amazon.com/Finnex-Aquarium-Actinic-Light-24-Inch/dp/B008460C6E/ref=sr_1_4?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1422388036&sr=1-4&keywords=plant+light But I don't know the PAR value and I think it's a bit too "cool-blue" for goldfish coloration. Money isn't a huge problem thanks to tax return and my ability to ignore soul-crushing debt while buying aquarium supplies.
  9. Hmm... well the pump is on order for 3 days so that works out really well... And that's what they had at Walmart. I can always test it for flaking and bubbling in a bucket.
  10. I actually found Green PVC, but unfortunately they don't make fittings, just the pipes themselves. It's $15 for 5 feet of the stuff in the size I need. I might do it with green and white, which is almost good enough. I'm still going to look for paint though because I want my bubblers to be Mario Pipes too... For now I'm just doing white for the overflow and I'll plant some tall plants to hid it.
  11. I read about Krylon all the time, but it is almost always for black paint; I want green (specifically the green of pipes in super mario bros); is that safe? I could only find an olive shade of green, which isn't ideal. Are there any other paints that work?
  12. Got a new 75 gallon! Yay! It's a standard 48Lx18Wx21H. I have 3, two year old fancy (lionhead, butterfly tail, and pearlscale) fish that are going in it. I might get 2 more (I want a white/calico ryukin and a blackmoor). Leveling: My house is rarely level in any direction, but my tank placement is actually pretty close to level. I don't want to damage my floors with shims, so I was going to use 2 x 1/16" corkboard sheets to protect the floor and level; are there any materials that are better than corkboard? Substrate: How much Tahitian sand do I need to cover the tank deep enough for low light plants (anubias, swords, crypts, ferns, etc). Some calculators say 60 some say 90. Would 80 lbs (4 bags) do? Should I mix it with anything else for plant nutrition? I wasn't wanting to go much deeper than an inch. Plumbing: For 75 gallons, that's minimum 750 GPH, and I'm going to build a sump (I have one on the 37 gallon and it's very nice). From floor to top of tank is about 50 inches, so I will lose some pressure from that, and the tank isn't drilled so I need an overflow box (so insufficient GPH will cause air to build up in the u-tube), What's the ideal pump? I'm thinking a 1200 GPH pump should do it, maybe more? Would 1800 be way too much? Those pumps have 3/4" fittings, can 3/4" PVC withstand that much pressure or should I use PEX? Should I make the return lines 1" or 3/4" (I'm planning on plumbing in a water-changing feature, so I can drain 20-80% of the tank with a few ball joints and a hand pump to get the siphon going). Plants: Does anyone have any luck making java moss carpeting? Anyone ever used an alternating light for a refugium to keep CO2 in equilibrium (daytime plants absorb the CO2 from the night-time plants and vice versa)? Did I ask enough questions?
  13. What about Marineland? Can get a stand and led and tank for a decent price...
  14. http://www.petsmart.com/fish/aquariums/top-fin-75-gallon-hooded-aquarium-zid36-17609/cat-36-catid-300065 Only bad review said they had a greenish tint. It's going to be heavily planted so I don't mind green.
  15. Exactly. I'm returning it. I trust that it holds water, and would last a few years at least, but on principle alone this is shady. I think he honestly didn't know; he has literally dozens of tanks in a garage just stacked up. He's selling a 15 x 29gal breeder wall, a 110 gallon reef tank, ~20 55 gallon tanks, and he had the two 135 gallons.
  16. Yeah this is eating at my brain. I should probably just return it. The wife will probably make me return it when she finds out anyway. I knew it was too good to be true...
  17. Well I swept away more of the gravel residue and found a 2-foot crack under the panels in the corner. It looks like a great patch job but still a little disappointing... Oh well, I'll still test it out. From what I'm reading it should be fine. I might put a bit of styrofoam under it.
  18. He offered to refund me and said it was like that when he got it from the prior owner who owned a fish store. Its probably fine. I'll find out soon!
  19. It's definitely housed fish recently, it has spots where the filters were and calcium deposits, etc. The guy ran a breeding facility, he had about 30 other aquariums full of aquarium stuff. I texted him for clarification.
  20. The tank is 72 x 18, the panels only go about 60" of the way across... which is even weirder than having panels in the first place. He left the gravel in it when he sold it to me, I suppose it was to hide this messy looking garbage. :/ Oh well, if it holds water and doesn't break it was worth it. I'm definitely not planning on filling it to full at first.
  21. They're sealed down with silicone... They've been in there a while from the looks of it. He said it was his display tank until recently. The way they're sealed down makes me think they're just for reinforcement, they're not sealed in a uniform fashion, just glued down really. If it was for a leak I'd expect a real thorough and even coat of silicone...
  22. Just bought a tank from Craigslist. It's 135 gallons and it has 6 extra sheets of 18x12 glass on the bottom. Am I looking at a DIY patch or is this just someone being cautious? I don't see any obvious cracks and the guy seemed legit. He was Canadian even.
  23. What's the thoughts on quarantine or bleaching plants for a new tank setup that I'm going to be cycling for about 30 days? The fishless cycling seems like it would be good enough for quarantine time. I only buy from one source as well. It's a local fish store that's been around for decades. Do parasites handle ammonia? Probably do... those little jerks.
  24. Alright followup question. I have 3 anubias currently in my 37 gal. Next week I'm setting up a 135 gallon and starting the fishless cycle. The anubias should be able to handle the ammonia. What other plants can I throw in the tank? I want to add some Amazon swordss, duckweed and hyacinth and water lettuce floating, and maybe some tasty anacharis; can those all handle high ammonia and nitrite levels? Does anyone have suggestions on what to do to get water moving through the whole tank so I don't have dead zones? I've never dealt with a tank this size. I'm going to get an 1800 GPH pump for the wet/dry return and I think with my calculations it should do 1300 GPH with the plumbing and height difference.
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