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  1. Yay! More people to share with! I’m certainly taking a lot of time In setting up this tank. Ill take photos eventually and share them with everyone!
  2. I don’t remember having that problem before with my canister. Hopefully it won’t happen with my sump!
  3. Yay! A reply! I used to feed gel to my fancies and didn’t mind it. Maybe I will now, lol. I made super small batches and fed once a day and then supplemented with dry pellets. It was a lot easier then making homemade gel food by hand…I cant believe my parents let me do that…gross. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll look them up!
  4. Hey! I have been out of the goldfish hobby for about five years or so. I have purchased a used 90 gallon tall with sump and stand/ canopy. I’m currently working on resealing the tank. Today I just received five Bristol shubunkins from Gary Hater. I’m super excited to get going with the hobby again. Looking into some interesting filtration and generally trying to remember everything. I was wondering if anyone had any good tips to share and if there are any new products/ old products that you find make life easier. Open for suggestions and questions! Also, what is everyone feeding these days.? Looking to eventually feed repashy super gold as I’ve read about it and feel it’s a good food. However I like to feed a variety. Thanks!
  5. Good luck! I think its something that may be able to be achieved. I somewhat achieved it, but i took lots of time and work. You need a big tank, lots of aquatic plants and lots of terrestrial tanks and very few fish. And by few i mean like two...maybe three....depending on the species you are wanting to go with.
  6. Id probably get a commercial one. Then you could use one pump for all your tanks in that general area. You would just need a lot of airline tubing =]
  7. I love love bristols! When i get my 100g tank someday that is one i am considering getting. They looks so graceful!
  8. I think the denser planted tank you have the higher survival rate. In the current tank i have going now i might actually have a higher survival rate on their own. My tank is pretty dense and the crypts seem to be slowly dominating the tank. In your tank right now id say it would be slim but strange things happen. Pics of my tank...its always dirty looking and the glass is terrible =/ LOL. Ill tank a few pics soon just for you!!
  9. Most of the time if goldfish breed in tank they end up eating most of the eggs....then if some hatch then they have to compete with filters, parents and water conditions. Im my experience unless you save the eggs nothing really comes about. Mine spawned multiple times and i only dealt with fry once....when i pulled the eggs out and attempted to have fry.
  10. Im very interested!!! I have wanted one for a long while but dont have a good place for one.
  11. I use food safe lubricant on my seals. I once had the same problem but my seal ring was just fine. I havent had the problem since.
  12. Is that a koi betta in that tank??
  13. My fish ate a little bit of everything, even anubias. I feel that in addition to planting heavy what you feed is also important. Try to feed them small meals often. Feed them a balanced diet too. Offering them a couple kinds of food/ types of food is good. I feed repashy, hikari, kens pellets and fresh kale. Having fresh veggies in the tank, they are more likely to want to eat those than bitter plants.
  14. Thats a reasonable answer. However the kind of snail that im guessing you have probably don't eat plants. The chances of you getting away without having snails in a planted aquarium are rare. You will need to disinfect all of your plants. Uprooting and messing with them will probably hurt them even more, but you wont get the eggsacks without removing and disinfecting. Anytime you get new plants you will need to disinfect and probably QT them to make sure you got all the creatures. If you think the snails are eating your plants maybe your plants are not doing well to begin with...they eat decaying plants. I have ramshorn, pond snails and MTS in my tank and my live, doing well plants dont get eaten. You might be able to ROAK them to other people who do want them. For some reason i have a hard time keeping a decent population of ramshorn and pond snails. I think my MTS out compete them. Good luck!
  15. I second finnex stingrays. I bought my first finnex fixture for my 40B, a planted + 24/7 and i love it. The stingrays get great reviews on TPT and i would choose that for my next tank.
  16. Whats wrong with snails? Snails are a vital part of an ecosystem, which is essentially what you are trying to create. They do more good than harm. Keep them in mind, they eat dead/ decaying plant matter for you and left over food.
  17. Younger fish need more protein....other than that i have never really fed mine that. I would say every other day or so probably...Someone way smarter that i will chime in im sure!
  18. My goldfish prefer kale. Though they dont go right for it it has to sit in the tank for a bit before they start tearing it up. Mine kinda makes a mess, they get little pieces everywhere! But the snails help with it!
  19. Its nice to see you here!!!! Good luck on the goldfish! Im a fan of the repashy, i also feed new life spectrum goldfish pellets, kens veggie sticks and hikari purple bag. He mostly gets the repashy though. They will get better, mine were skittish at times, even after years and years because they were in my bedroom away from traffic, plus i was never home alot. Now my guy is in the kitchen and is so much better since i moved. When he/she is hungry they will come looking. Leaving food in the tank isnt a bad thing either, they are scavengers and will find it eventually and learn to like it!
  20. I have bought hundreds of dollars from him. Im am always usually positive with my experiences with him.
  21. If i decided to go with a minimum approach i would probably buy some attractive pieces of drift wood, many large stones and attach a large amount of java fern, most likely the thin variety. Along with some of the larger species of anubias. No substrate needed and i find that i looks very clean and elegant if done right. I would have to have some sand in mine though. Just cuz i love the look. Basically what dan in aus said above me.....lol.
  22. Sure, I will try tomorrow. No promises though. I work weekends, 12hr shifts and I live an hour from work. Hopefully I'll have enough time after work tomorrow. She is still doing good. Both of their appetites are better tonight though. Started eating the repashy as soon as it sunk to the bottom. Doing my water change for the day now.
  23. Doing well today, redness is about the same. They did eat some today, a little repashy and some pellets. And otherwise they are acting normal. I might have seen the female flash but that was it. Nothing consistent. I got the silver today too.
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