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  1. Hey there Prepared some gel food for the first time yesterday. The gel food is firm enough to enter the water intact but integrates and clouds the water when the goldies bite at it. What tips do you have to prevent this? More gelatin, less water? Blend the food more or less? cheers Tim
  2. Hey there, I was wondering it is harmful to feed peas too frequently. The goldies love it and I don't mind feeding it more often if it is not harmful. How often is too much? cheers Tim
  3. Thanks for the confirmations
  4. Hey there, We recently bought some fancy goldfish and this morning, we noticed some eggs falling from our floating plants and the Ryukin chasing the Ranchu. Could you help confirm that the Ryukin is male? It is still rather small - body size, excl tail, is approx 2 inches. Please refer to pics - are those tubercles on the pectorial fin? cheers Tim
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