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  1. we live about 2 hours away from Dr. Foster and Smith retail store so was lucky to buy the frozen bloodworms and spirula brine shrimp which the goldies and angel fish love..went and ordered the med gold so will have if anything comes up in the future with the goldfish. I do have a red cap in quarantine now he just looks hazy his tail fin look like a bacterial thing going on ..but eating ok..
  2. I have a red and white male Oranda that I bought online with 2 black Moors, ,one moors had a anchor worm on his dorsal fin with abit of flesh and fin missing ,my husband pulled it off with tweezers and we did a salt bath to prevent infection.. hisf in healed and he is doing fine.. anyways, back to the Oranda.. he is metallic and almost perfect... except he has a tiny nub pelvic fin it has grown abit, I bought him in March. He is a great swimmer chases all the girls, is a pest at times I have 3 girls and hes always after them he has the stars on his gills ..has grown and his colors just sparkle,big bright eyes and nice fins..wen is starting to develop..
  3. hmm been reading thru this post and being a newbie on this I never did any quarantine as bought all my fish from same 2 online dealers and just assumed they treat their fish before selling..silly me duh...a sometimes my fish have those stringy poos.. and then they have poos that are green or brown depending on what they ate.. I do add aquarium salt.. I measure out the coarse salt in a plastic cup add warm water and let sit for about 20 minutes then pour in the liquid but not the crystals into the tank sometimes along with Prime when I do my water changes.. So should I buy some Prazi and treat the whole tank or do a treatment for each fish in a smaller containment? I guess the whole tank as it would be contaminated now..dang..who said this was easy?? Anyways, I have live plants and gravel and use well water as we live in the country..
  4. hello,zucchini and seaweed sheets seem to be my goldfish's favorite, carrots not at all..peas yep..green beans ans orange slice..brocoli sometimes they eats others just some nibble at..crazy for frozen bloodworms and the spirulina brine shrimp..hikari pellets in purple bag..I have the freeze dried bloodworms and they don't seem too intersted in them the only thing I have had to scoop out of tank along with the cooked carrot.
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