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  1. i change 15% water 2 times a week. last time was yesterday tank been running for 6 months use api test kits (the drop ones) formeasuring everything filter is aqueon power filter 50-75 gallons i use api ph down, aqueon ammonia neutralizer, and aqueon tap water conditioner i am currently fasting my fish because they both have floating issues. (i plan to feed them peas.) ANY OTHER HEALTHY FOODS I CAN FEED THEM TO KEEP THEM SUPER HEALTHY?? My fish doesnt sit at the bottom or float ontop of the water he just stays in the same spot and doesnt go anywhere. like hes sleeping. yawning alot. flashing and scratching. opens mouth really wide and really fast to breathe
  2. I have my fantail. he is about 1 1/2 years old. he is in a 55 gallon tank with my other goldfish. the ph is high and i believe thats how he got FIN ROT!! the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are all 0. I know to do water changes and all that. my real problem is that i have the medication API PRO SERIES FUNGUS CURE but i used it before on my oranda who had eye cloud and she ended up dying. that being said... IS THE API MEDICATION I HAVE NOW THE RIGHT ONE TO USE OR ARE THERE ANY OTHERS THAT U KNOW OF THAT WILL HELP HIM??? Please hes my best friend. I DONT (CANT) LOSE HIM! also i just put in API aquarium salt.
  3. oh and the current is really fast. i have a 55 gallon tank (Aqueon) what filter would be better for my Bubbles and Rasin?
  4. i feed them peas. i also feed them flaked food and soak it 1 minute before giving it to them. i have an aqueon power filter for 55. How can i help rasin's floating problem?
  5. I'm new to this site and literally have no clue what I'm doing so I really hope this works... I have my 2 goldfish in a 55 gallon tank. One of them, I'm pretty sure is a fantail and the other remains a mystery. Anyway, I have had both of them for a little over 1 year. The past couple of months they have had their dorsal fins down and don't seem to swim as much. The fantail sometimes does this "flapping" thing with his fins. Basically, he moves it up and down rapidly. It looks like he's trying to fly. My other fish occasionally does this too. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO? WATER CHEMISTRY: pH- 7.0 Ammonia- 0 Nitrites- 0 Nitrates- about 5-ish
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