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  1. They love fruit, but the sugar is bad for them. I just give them a small amount of orange or grapefruit now and then as a treat, and to give them a little vitamin C.
  2. Ahh, no problem there. I can't even go outside without my hair doubling in volume.
  3. Really? That's a bummer. Well, worst case scenario it'll be a great little houseplant for a few years. I'd love for it to fruit though; it's an Ataulfo, so it'll grow true from seed, and that fruit was delicious!
  4. That's true, I wasn't thinking of keeping it in for very long anyway, but it would be best to keep it in the light, and my tank is in shade... well, the pond filter is outside, but it's shaded as well. I'll pot it instead. Haha, I'll do a suite of pics some time later, since I moved a bunch of fish around to new places.
  5. Just as an amusing little side project, I husked a seedpod from a mango (They're HUGE!) and sprouted the seed into a little baby mango tree! It's nearly time to pot it, but I was wondering about putting it into my HOB filter along with the pothos, think it would do any good?
  6. I'm really not either, at all! But a DIY filter is not a difficult project for me at all, since the most complicated part, the pump, is already assembled for me. After that, the filter is just a tube running into a little PVC swirler stuck in a bucket with a hole in it and a tube stuck in the hole.
  7. People say it smells bad, but it just smells sort of vegetative and swampy to me; it's not offensive at all.
  8. I've cut down feeding my boys quite a lot since I put them out in the pond, and yet they're growing way faster than they ever did in their tank. There's so much carpet algae growing on every surface in my pond that they can gorge themselves on it and still have plenty left. I didn't feed them for three days this week because the temperature dipped a little low, and when I went out to check on them I found the ryukin still trailing a six inch long bright green poop, looking happy as a pig in mud.
  9. My poor fish are having problems with this; I honestly have no idea what to do. I think the actual tank might be cursed.
  10. What about using a tank as a plant nursery outside?
  11. I thaw mine in a shallow cup of tank water, then parcel them out with a toothpick. This way I know everyone has gotten at least some and they don't get to eat more than their fill. Then I dump the rest into the big boy's tank because over-eating is not a problem with half a cube left and much bigger fish.
  12. Diatoms are a little unsightly, but they aren't unhealthy. My water turns horribly cloudy after water changes, but leaving the lights on a little longer seems to clear it right up.
  13. Fourthing the black moor; I've got one in my "Pond" tank with my big oranda Ozzie the VIIIth
  14. It's really just a matter of jumping in, only to find the water both warmer and shallower than you expected. I've done just one pond, and pretty much the moment I set it up I stopped worrying about it. ... and you don't build the pumps, unless you're really hardcore.
  15. Having had both tanks and a pond, the pond is far and away the less demanding option. The filter was a really simple build, and after that it runs just like a tank with smaller water changes and free lighting.
  16. Evening

    Soy beans

    I wouldn't say that introducing phytoestrogens to a non-phyto-creature is "Natural", but take that with a grain of salt.
  17. I've actually looked into that! It's only a few percentage points of price away from actually being worth it.
  18. There's no theoretical reason why a solar powered pump couldn't work, it's just that nobody has ever bothered to make one. Probably because you'd need a set of panels bigger than the pond itself, and batteries you could run a car on.
  19. I think all goldfish are pretty cute, but it's rarely the kind of cute I want to give a big hug; but I think if that little piggy were big enough I'd want to give it one. It's like a plush goldfish but real.
  20. If I had that fish, it's name would be Droopy Dog.
  21. I don't think I would notice it in the main tank but I put mine into a little paper cup and add a tiny amount of water, the water turns brown within minutes. The NLS doesn't swell too much, not like the saki hikari which easily doubles. Ah well, when I soak pellets I typically fill up the cup.
  22. Interesting; the NLS small fish formula that I feed neither swells nor leaches anything.
  23. Daww. I wanna pinch those cheeks.
  24. Hmm. I'll work out relative costs and see what I can find. In the mean time my bucket filter is adequate, so I'm not in a rush.
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