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  1. Whoops, wanted to ad it is best to contact me by e-mail as I'm not on here very often anymore. allison.klein91@gmail.com
  2. Hi all, sadly it seems that I will be moving out of province as of April 2013. I have no idea how I would manage to move a 90 gallon during a drive that takes 28 hours, or the fish. I'm already moving two cats, a rabbit, and a horse. I figured I would start looking for homes for these guys now and thought it best to turn to Koko's. I am also entering into my final year of university and waterchanges may become few and far between. I don't want these guys neglected. Pictures available upon request. FANCIES 1 6-7" orange and white ryukin male. 1 4-5" calico ryukin cross, I believe female. 1 3-4" orange and white wakin, unsexed 1 2" formerly calico, now mostly orange and white pearlscale, female. COMMONS 1 7" white female. 4 3-5" red and white unsexed surprises. They're 3 years old this year. OTHERS Fancy guppies, unknown how many, but I have both males and females. I think I still have a few RCS kicking around in there as well. PLANTS Java fern Java moss Rotala Indica Dwarf chain sword FOR SALE (after fancies rehomed or with fish) standard 90 gallon. 7 years old, never moved. Running 2 aquaclear 110. Strip light, glass top. Stand included. Driftwood, gravel, live plants, etc. Package deal, can throw in all other fishy things and fish as well. Looking for $600, make an offer. 10 gallon heavily planted (after occupants sold or with fish) Ecocomplete and Flourite bottom, 3". Houses guppies and shrimp. Comes with light, can toss in heater and other fishy things as well Looking for $100, including fish, etc. I don't want to part this one out if at all possible. Lovely little tank, I can find room for this in the moving truck I am located in southern Ontario, and am willing to drive and meetup. I am not comfortable shipping fish, so please do not ask. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, my concern is that most of the plants I have already are root feeders. They NEED at least 2" to grow in. I will just have to be vigilant with my syphon to get as much poop as possible. The mulm I'd want to keep though. I'm not planning on buying a whole bunch of plants, I'd have more than enough clippings from my ten in the next 2-3 months to transplant into the 90 and fill it. I already toss at least a handful of cuttings every week simply because I don't have enough buyers and I have no more tanks in which to plant them. I already have moss, ferns, and anubias on my driftwood. I'm not in love with the look, but it is pretty easy to maintain. My plant list is basically set, except for a lily (maybe). I might try vals again, and let them establish while the fancies spend the summer outside. Your suggestion about the sand makes a lot of sense. I think I might do 3 bags of Flourite sand as the cap layer, and 2 bags of Eco-Complete as the base. Root tabs as needed. From MOPS, this will cost me $119 and change. I'm also thinking of pulling the driftwood I've had in there for years. It's really starting to fall apart in the last year or so, but it's been in there for 6 years now, tank up and running for 7 years at the end of the month. I think I'm entitled for a revamp after this long! My real concern is the lighting, the tank is (I think) 18" tall, and getting enough wattage down to the bottom of the tank is going to be my biggest challenge.
  4. Hey all, I am strongly considering turning my 90 gallon goldfish tank into a planted one (still keeping the goldies mind you!). I am no longer happy with the look of the tank and the gravel bottom is starting to become a real pain. I LOVE my planted tanks and they require the least upkeep out of every style of tank I've ever had. I also find the fish act more "normal" when they're darting around in a green forest instead of a glass box. I have already experimented with this lot of goldies and they're not big on eating plants. They haven't touched java moss, ferns, rotala indica (well, they mowed down the first bunch, but no longer eat it after I started tossing clippings from my heavily planted 10 gallon in there, lost the taste for it I guess), a no-name crypt I have, a large sword, anubias. I think they're going to leave things alone. I'd like to get some kind of lily. Vals were also a no-go, they were too tasty. I have had great success with Eco-Complete and Flourite mixes in my ten and six gallons. I dose occasionally with Flourish Excel and have some generic root tabs that I use. I'd plan on doing the same in the 90. However, I had some questions. The substraits I love need 3" depth, and I tend to bank it up even a bit more at the back. Is this going to be a problem for goldfish and their poop? Also, this is a 90 gallon tank. I like working in the 3 watt per gallon range, I get the best growth with the least algea, and I can manage red plants at this level. Any suggestions for a light fixture that will give me the growth I need? I'm looking to spend under $200 on lights, so maybe shop lights from Home Depot or something? Are goldfish able to live with tankmates like shrimp? I assume it would have to be something larger, like bamboo shrimp? My RCS will be staying in the ten with the guppies, but I'd like to get some kind of clean up crew going in there if possible. I plan on putting the fancies out in the rain barrel for a month or two while setting up this tank. I think that will give the plants enough time to establish and root before the gang come around nosing and being goldfish. I'd like to put them out sometime in July or August. They can easily stay out until October in my area.
  5. I just sent you an e-mail! But here's a repeat! I am so sorry, I lost sight of that thread! Koko just e-mailed me, forgive me! I didn't know we weren't able to PM. I would be able to get to Big Al's on Tuesday afternoon after school to pick you up a bottle. I think it's $10? I take the GO train and subway to get to class, so I wouldn't be able to drive anywhere to meet up. Union station might be a good place to meet up, or somewhere along the university-spadina line subway. Not sure where abouts you are located, hopefully near the area, or you might be able at least to get there. I could also potentially mail it to you? That might take awhile though, I think 3 days. I could send it in a ziplock baggie and padded envelope. I have half of a bottle left if you want that, or if Big Al's is out of it I will try to get it you way. Let me know what you want to do. I actually live in Stoney Creek, near Hamilton. If you're closer to that neck of the woods, I'll happily drive it over. Again, sorry for the delay!
  6. Sorry for the double post, but I am strongly considering going bare bottom on this tank now. I have about a 1/2" thick gravel bottom and given that that is where things tent to grow, I guess I will remove it.
  7. I am not certain if Freckles is female. However, my confirmed male Ryukin gets breeding stars on his gill plates and has the thicker pectoral fins. His breeding stars are itty bitty. This is only on one fin, with red veins, and no stars on the gill plates. I am not really concerned about the sex, but I am 99% certain this isn't breeding stars on Freckles. I'm pretty sure I had the salt at 0.3 the whole time. Which I just read reduces the effectiveness of PraziPro. So, I will keep the salt at 0.1 and redose the PraziPro. I am also going to try to pick up some kind of QT tank, however, I want to redose the whole tank with Prazi because Mr. Ryukin was bottom sitting again yesterday beside Freckles. Again, makes me think its not breeding stars, but something in the tank. The last picture shows the texture the best on the lump. I will try to get some kind of video before work. Edit: I just took a video, however, my computer is not reading it off the card, so I can't upload it. They were all dancing and wiggling for food anyway, like I said, Freckles is still pretty active, just has the lumpy fin and bottom sits sometimes.
  8. I picked up the Jungle anti-parasite food from Big Al's in Hamilton. I know there are lots of these scattered around the GTA. If need be, I am in Toronto 4 days a week and we could arrange a meet up and I can deliver you some. PM me if you like.
  9. Ok, I managed to get some pics. I also poked Freckles a bit. The lump a solid, firm mass that seems to be built with other masses. Hopefully the picture will show the texture. Slightly rough feeling in comparison with the rest of the fish. Belly is firm. Two red veins on the fin that has the lump. Otherwise normal healthy fish. Also, I think Freckles might be male. Concave vent, not convex. However, this doesn't explain my confirmed male's obsession with Freckles' vent?
  10. Other Required Info: Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level 0ppm * Nitrite Level 0ppm * Nitrate level 5ppm * Ph Level, Tank 7.5 * Ph Level, Tap 7.5 API Master Test Kit, a few months old. 70F 90 gallons, 7 years Two Aquaclear 110 80-90% waterchanges every 7-14 days, as allowed by work and school. My levels never get into bad areas (I consider any ammonia, nitrite, and more than 15ppm nitrate bad) so I do stretch out my changes. We are also on a sistern, so water gets a bit pricey. Last water change was Sunday, 50% 4 fish. 5" Ryukin male. 3" Ryukin Calico. 2" Pearlscale. 3" Wakin No water additives or conditioners. Fed once daily, switched to Hikari Wheat Germ on Sunday (June 3). About 2 feedings a week, I feed the garlic gel food I made. I fast one day a week (Sundays). No new fish since... March I believe, maybe late February? Currently no meds in the tank. April 23rd started tank on garlic gel food I made. Salted tank to 0.3 on May 2 or 3. I believe all salt was removed by May 19th if I remember correctly. Did three rounds of PraziPro starting May 2. I fed Deworm Bits from goldfish connection twice daily for a week starting the second week of May. Freckles seems to have an odd growth on a pectoral fin. I noticed this on May 2. It seemed to shrink some with salt, but it is still there. Freckles, 3" Calico has adopted bottom sitting since treating for flukes on May 2. Hi all. After treating with Prazi, the yawning has stopped, along with the occasional flashing I was seeing. However, Freckles spends about half her time on the bottom now. Whenever food is involved, she's wiggling around like nothing is wrong, but it takes a tap on the glass to get her up. Just seeing the bringer of food doesn't do anything for her. This behaviour has been going on for about 2-3 weeks. Freckles also has a growth (not fungus, actually seems to have a rougher texture to it, more like a callus) on one of her pectoral fins. Doesn't seem to effect her swimming, no redness around it, it's actually stark white. I noticed this before the bottom sitting started, so it doesn't seem to be a result of her new home on the ground. Mr. Ryukin has his breeding stars on, and has been following her around with his face burried in her butt whenever she's up and about. I'm wonding if he might be tiring her out? Mr. Ryukin has been spotted once bottom sitting beside her, however as soon as I came in the room, he was up. Looked more like resting as opposed to illness. The other two are active, eating, and nosing about as ususal. I will try to get pictures tonight of the lump on the fin. I am thinking I should up the salt to 0.3 again and maybe dip her if things don't perk up in a week or so?
  11. teh_Kibbster

    Upgrade :D

    Upgrades are always nice. Pretty tank, but I have some suggestions. I used to breed bettas. Something that might be contributing to the fin shredding is stress. It is almost always the cause. Looking at that tank, it is very open for a betta habitat. I would fill it up, try to break potential sight-lines where he might see his reflection. More plants, driftwood, rocks, etc. I don't know about your filter, but it might be creating a heavy current for this guy. From the picture, he looks like he may be a halfmoon or delta (would need a closer pic in full flare...). Sometimes these varieties will self-multilate their fins because they find them too heavy for their habitat. Also, in the picture, he seems to be hiding behind his rock, which may be deflecting the filter current for him. It might feel light enough, but bettas aren't goldies who like agitation. You're asking your male to patrol a large area that is open. He can't because of his finnage, which is acting like a sail in the filter current. So he removes the weight problem and you have an 'ugly' fish who is just trying to do his job. I found with my heavier finned guys, heavily planted tanks stopped their fin eating. Also, smaller tanks, with either no filter, or a filter baffle. When their territory is managable in size to patrol, it is less stressful for them. When heavily planted, you also don't need to worry about the water quality. No, I am not suggesting those death-trap betta bowls, or no water changes, but I hope you get my point. I currently have a former fin eater in a 6 gallon, heavily planted tank. When I had him in a tenner so densely planted you couldn't see the back wall, he attacked his heavy halfmoon fins. It was just too big for him to look after. I halved the size and he looks beautiful now because he can circle his tank in half the time. It also depends on their personality. There are arguments that red bettas are simply angrier than other colours. Apparently the worst is a red crowntail... Guess who has one of those right now? xD Moi. I hope that helps. More plants please and check the filter. Also if you can get some driftwood or something that he can sit on to provide a resting place near the top, that would be ideal. I see your rotala (I think) could provide this, however, it's directly in the path of the filter current. Probably still a little too rough for your guy. Maybe swap it to the other side for him? Many bettas will sleep near the surface so they can gulp air without much effort. I'd help him out and create a bed.
  12. She's a redhead. I know as a natural red I'm pretty pasty. The only other colour I become is lobster red when I am sunburnt. I then blister, peel, and am ghostly white again. I don't tan. I may gain a few freckles, but that's it for pigment for me! Also, I don't think this is a real dress. Looks a little too heavily photoshopped for me to believe this is actually worn by the model. Edit to add: Anyone familiar with photoshop will note that those legs aren't real. They're drawn. Now I'm 99% sure this isn't a real dress.
  13. That was a disturbing amount of salt. It basically worked out to a cereal bowl full. I did a water change, about 90%. Removed the carbon from the filters. Added salt and Prazi. I will add more Prazi tomorrow and continue from there. Thanks for the help guys, I just needed to clarify.
  14. Beautiful fish, I can see you're quite the Bleach fan. I got out of that anime after all those silly filler episodes a year or so back. It started off so freaking amazing though! Let me know if its worth watching again or not, I left off when Ichigo had to go save Orihime from Captain Aizen. And I believe perhaps you watch Naruto too...? One name rang a bell, but I haven't been a devoted follower of that one since filler ruined it. Once they had the 3 year gap it got better again, but I may have lost the taste for it. Also, without Sasuke I wasn't interested Oh yes, Sasuke-kun fangirl here! Aha, your post a few up said both Naruto and Bleach. Darn, here I was trying to be all geeky with name knowings...
  15. Okay, thanks guys. I just wanted to confirm before I went messing around with the tank again. I will do the largest WC possible tomorrow (as per the instructions on the bottle) and will add 4.5 tsp of PraziPro to the tank. I will also add 90 tsp to the tank of sea salt. I am a bit confused, do redose the Prazi on day 2 or not (that would be May 3)? That would enable me to keep the 0.1 salt a lot easier if I didn't have to mess with it after a 50% WC... Also, the Prazi will not harm live plants correct? There is no warning on the bottle, but I do have Java Moss, an unknown crypt, and Rotala Indica growing in there... I didn't think I should add the QuICK Cure, but just wanted another opinion. I LOVE that medication, and fortunately my stuff expired before I had even used 1/4 bottle. I like to have it on hand, and my new bottle expires 2016. Thanks for confirming. The deworming food I bought because I suspected the fantail who died on Friday had passed a worm that ripped out her anus, and the secondary infection to this gaping wound caused her death. I want to worm the tank just for my own peace of mind after that experience. I have never wormed these fish, however I started them on a garlic gel food on April 23rd as a home-made wormer type thing. I'm not concerned with creating a "superbug" system in there, but really want to do so as a precaution after Taiyou's death. I will probably deworm them after the PraziPro treatments are over.
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