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  1. I had my 29 gallon on a very solid dresser for about a year with no problem. I wouldn't put a 60 gallon on it but I don't know what kind of dresser you have.
  2. I bought a bunch of the aquarium gems ($1.99 for white/cobalt/light blue/green).They have some special kinds/colors that kids like (Spiderman, etc) on sale. I have all barebottom tanks, so there's never anything left behind because of filters get everything and I didn't want to ruin that by going back to gravel or another substrate (also, choking hazards)l. I can faintly hear the telescopes moving the gems around looking for food, they're light weight, nothing gets stuck underneath them and it gives them a means to forage. I went on the Petsmart site and bought a bunch more for the Comet/Common tanks. If you purchase online, they're are a bunch of googleable coupons you can find so that you don't have to pay shipping.
  3. I have two of these and a whole lot of D batteries. That's weird, these used to be like $8 earlier this year, the price now lists $15. Not sure when they went up. They have some cheaper on Ebay. http://www.amazon.co...arina\+air+pump
  4. I have a Halloween BM, myself. He's 85% Orange right now. The last few days it's slowed down after the color changes being noticeably different every 12 hrs. like taking off the last 15 lbs being the hardest. <--Didn't fish.
  5. Thanks. Luckily, as much as these guys eat, they don't need the flakes for nutrition. --I agree with the substrate comment. All of my tanks are barebottom and only one had gravel to begin with way back at the beginning of the year. My commons/comets have finally out grown all their tank decorations and the one who isn't too big just isn't interested. The day before yesterday I put a 3 inch high tupperware thing with a thin, single layer of gravel and alot of it is on the tank bottom right now. I'm sorry to hear about the two fish.
  6. I feed mine Tetrafin flakes, Omega One medium pellets (small ones when some of them were small), deshelled peas, blood worms/brineshrimp/other frozen food, and floating pond sticks. The telescopes eat the same thing with the exception of the floating pond sticks, I've never given them any of that. I always put the flakes in a container, add tank water and shake a couple of seconds before pouring in (so they don't float) with the telescopes but everything else overlaps in food types, frequency of feeding, etc.
  7. Aww beautiful cats. Looks like you take great care of them.
  8. Pretty tank setup and fish.
  9. My condolences. What a cute little guy, I'm sure you brought each other a lot of happiness.
  10. I think you found a setup? If so for anyone else needing a quick fix, Tetra Whisper 40 is $17.30 on Amazon. I have a few of these (and 2 on my 40g) the water clean/clear and the fish are healthy, I haven't had any problems. The Aqueons are reasonably-prised, too, and I have one of these. If Meijer is in your area, they carry 29 gallons for $36 and a mesh over the top would be sufficient. Petsmarts 20 Longs would provide more room to swim and they run $32.
  11. Looks very nice, with all the plants.
  12. Interesting look to the tank, gives it a look of goldfish experimentation. Looks much better than the black rimmed ones.
  13. I haven't tried these for my goldfish yet but it appears they have more protein than is found in the brand I usually buy. I'll have to check the box.
  14. The sand looks really nice. I take the same minimalist approach to my 20 gallon, lots of room to swim.
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