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  1. I dont mind doing the wc. I use a gallon jug and use the water on some pitiful azealas out front. I am hoping it will perk them up. The reason i worry about them getting stressed is my moore likes to swim up to me and gets sucked in the jug. He might like it though. I just wanted to know if it removed anything other than nitrate. Thanks for the replies, I shall keep doing the once a week wc.

  2. Is there a reason other than amonnia, nitrite, nitrate reduction for the water changes?

    When i check my water the readings are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate @ 10 (barly see any color may be lower). I use testing strips. Tap water does not have a reaction at all. I am only doing 1 wc a week right now. The tank is 29 gallons, set up for a week, used media ans stuff from my old 10 gl. Was thw same water test then to. I have three small live lucky bamboo with the roots only in the water to help with nitrates. I have two filters the one from the 10 gal kit, and the one that came with the 29 gal kit. water is clear, no smell or alge. Only 2 fish maybe 3 - 4 inch body per fish. I was thinking of going to every other week as long as the water tested good. Reason being it would be less stress on the fish, Use less water, and a steadyer cycle i thought. I want to make sre not to hurt or endanger my fish though so maybe reduse the amount of water changed in sted of a complete skipping. I change 30 percent now. Maybe 10 percent would work. Just wondering what more experianced fish keepers thoughts were.

  3. I have three kinds of food for my gold fish; flakes, blood worms, and baby shrimp. I was wondering should i feed them a little of each every feeding or just pick one. i tried pellets but they would not touch them. Took awhile befor the orando would eat the shrimp. My moore seems to eat a lot better than the orando, she waits for him befor eating. No bulling or any thing. Tried a bit of vegies and tiny amount of egg yock boiled. The moore eats right away but the orando waits. should i be worried. The orando will eat the flakes right off and the blood worms.

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