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  1. Yin must be smart then. Me and my younger brother feed them so they come to the front when they see us. other family she goes to the bottom. A stranger comes up to the tank and yin is behind the plants peeping out till they move away. LOL Now Yang does a lil sutty dance to the surface when any person comes up, just incase food should appear.
  2. Yin might make it she hides when any one she does not know comes up. Yang would swim up to a cat and be like wanna dance with me, now feed me. LOL
  3. Thankyou. Some eareas it is thin enough to see through. kinda had my camra at an angle so looks thicker than it is. left some uneven bumps for a natural effect maybe .25 in ay deppest parts.
  4. Ok i boiled and scrubed them. Think I am done aqua scaping for now. Will continue to test regularly to see if ther is any changes in water quality. Go ahead and laugh but I take a lot of fun fixing there little piece of river bottom, least that is the look I am going for. I redo it twice a week with each water change.
  5. With a tiny 2 gallon tank could you just but the water to add in. Then you would not have to use tap water so no amonia or nitrates??
  6. Ah that makes sense. Could they still safely be used as decorations.
  7. We have very soft water out of the tap. I add baking soda to raise the ph. Have read that shells can raise the hardness and ph. Thought a layer of clam shells would look nice. Would they also help to raise the hardness and ph. Of corse I would boil and clean them first. The shells are ones that stuff clams are served in so they are food safe. Would put them in a layer on the bottom. Has any one here tryed this?
  8. Could the color enhancing food cause them to change. Ive read that some brands can make a white fish turn orange with sole products. Have no idea if it is true though. Any body know?
  9. My fish love the plant roots. They will both get in the little basket. surprised it has any roots left. My fish seem to have grown since i put it in. maybe i should feed them more. Feel like i am over feeding now. but they eat every thing in no time. never any food on the bottom. They get fed at least three times a day. Still no algae in site, i think they eat any that develops, seen them nibbling on the fake plants.
  10. I ill be sure to watch for root deterioration. Hope they do well.
  11. I have been rooting some lucky bamboo in the top of my aquarium. Stems in the water and leaves sticking out the top. Have decided to add pathos to this. My Moms house plants are very sickly right now. Our heat went out during the winter and we were forced to use kerosene heaters for about a month. I think the heaters hurt the plants. The bamboo cuttings i took look good. crossing my figures that the pathos will do as well. have a little basket, reusable coffee filter so it is food safe, below the filter spout holding the roots. Has any one else tried this, did it help your tank? Will it be OK to just leave them there once there roots start filling in?
  12. Found this with google. Thats the hikari site. Hope it helps. Did not see where to buy it though. http://www.hikari.info/gold/g_10_03.html > Top > Goldfish INDEX > Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing Diet An Extreme Color Enhancing Characteristic, Premium Diet for Goldfish A revolutionary, an extreme color enhancing diet for all varieties of Premium Grade Goldfish to develop to their best potential! The inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms offers more complete assimilation, reduced waste, improved resistance to disease, and increased growth rates. The Hikari Germ process Experiments at Hikari Aquatic Laboratory A long Time ago... - The long hisitory of goldfish Pellets types Diets Pellet Size Guide Diets Pellet Function Guide sample Our unique combination of carefully selected color enhancing ingredients including Spirulina, Marigold, Astaxanthin and Phaffia Dried Yeast offers extreme color enhancing capacity not previously available. More rapid color with deeper hues can be expected when compared to other color enhancing foods, even Saki Hikari Goldfish Color Enhancing Diet. The Hikari-Germ promotes more rapid digestion thereby reducing output while working to decompose waste thereby improving overall water quality, filter effectiveness and helps reduce regularly scheduled maintenance. Higher levels of vitamin E and C offer active stress reduction and thereby improved immunity to stress induced disease. Our Lab tests verified feeding using as little as 25% Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing Diet still offers superior color development. Note, exclusive feeding may cause acceptance issues and/or reduced growth due to the focus on color enhancement. Feed 2 to 4 times daily, the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding. Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing Diet will provide maximum results when your water temperature is consistently above 18?. Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid water quality issues. We recommend Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing Diet as a daily diet for We recommended for Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Extreme Color Enhancing Diet as a daily diet for All types of premium grade or fancy goldfish, especially Ranchu. Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Crude Ash Phosphorus min. 46% min. 7.0% max. 2.0% max. 10% max. 19% min. 1.5% sample 3.5oz (100g) Item No.42072 17.6oz (500g) Item No.42074
  13. Thought I would share a couple of videos of my fish. Sorry for the not so good video. I am still learning to use my digital camra. 3weeks ago in old 10 gal 5min ago in 29 gal Hope every one likes them. My little red cap has some fins on her. Think maybe a extra piece between her back fins. They are rather slim beside the ones i see here, hope they fill out.
  14. My local wm is a little better. The same lady has worked in the fish dept for abot ten years now. They treat the tanks and fish. They are kept clean and the water clear. Mostly it is when new shippments come in that they have yuck or dead fish. Though they will tell you they dont know much about the diff products they sell. We have another a little further away and it is gross dirty dark water the last time i was there. I think a lot depends on who runs the deptment.
  15. This morning I went to WM and got a gravel vac, a bucket, and fish pellets. Was able to vac the bottom; it was a lot easier. I will not worry about them eating any more though. I feed three times a day and got just some poo up with the water. Was not much at all. Got a diff brand of pellets. they did eat these tetramini, floats but after a min they sank. the bucket holds @ 4 gallons so probably took 3 out. Only a little got on the carpet. Was a lot smaller amount than i generaly take out, might make it an extra change and still do a big one on thursdays. Fish were scared and did not stop coner hiding until i put in a pich of flacks. My moore did not get sucked in though, which he does with the jug. Hope they get use to it and are not to upset. Think i will try the pellets at morning, the flacks at night, and either blood worms or shrimp for lunch. Does that sound like a good plan?
  16. I have the opposit problem. My moore sees me near the tank and comes swimming up to be fed. The red cap waits i have to run my finger up the glass to get her attention to the food. Dont know it might be a good thing the moore is such a pig. Dont have to worry about him starving thats for shure. his little head just jerks every which way to find food. Hope i found a compaitable pair any way. Try running your finger in front of him to the food that what i have to do, for the red cap, sense i put mine in a bigger tank.
  17. I need pick up a siphon to clean the gravel. And a bucket. thanks for the idea of the stcking. will try that, dont know why he wants to get in there then want come out. LOL He is very playful.
  18. I dont mind doing the wc. I use a gallon jug and use the water on some pitiful azealas out front. I am hoping it will perk them up. The reason i worry about them getting stressed is my moore likes to swim up to me and gets sucked in the jug. He might like it though. I just wanted to know if it removed anything other than nitrate. Thanks for the replies, I shall keep doing the once a week wc.
  19. Is there a reason other than amonnia, nitrite, nitrate reduction for the water changes? When i check my water the readings are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate @ 10 (barly see any color may be lower). I use testing strips. Tap water does not have a reaction at all. I am only doing 1 wc a week right now. The tank is 29 gallons, set up for a week, used media ans stuff from my old 10 gl. Was thw same water test then to. I have three small live lucky bamboo with the roots only in the water to help with nitrates. I have two filters the one from the 10 gal kit, and the one that came with the 29 gal kit. water is clear, no smell or alge. Only 2 fish maybe 3 - 4 inch body per fish. I was thinking of going to every other week as long as the water tested good. Reason being it would be less stress on the fish, Use less water, and a steadyer cycle i thought. I want to make sre not to hurt or endanger my fish though so maybe reduse the amount of water changed in sted of a complete skipping. I change 30 percent now. Maybe 10 percent would work. Just wondering what more experianced fish keepers thoughts were.
  20. I will try the pellets again. maybe when they get bigger they will eat them. Think Yin is just a fussy shy lil girl. I thank shes a she, have no idea about Yang he might be a she.
  21. I have three kinds of food for my gold fish; flakes, blood worms, and baby shrimp. I was wondering should i feed them a little of each every feeding or just pick one. i tried pellets but they would not touch them. Took awhile befor the orando would eat the shrimp. My moore seems to eat a lot better than the orando, she waits for him befor eating. No bulling or any thing. Tried a bit of vegies and tiny amount of egg yock boiled. The moore eats right away but the orando waits. should i be worried. The orando will eat the flakes right off and the blood worms.
  22. My family likes my fish. Though they hink i will over work them, with water changes.
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