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  1. A little over a week. Water looked and tested good, but there must be something I cant see. After about ten days my red cap gets tiny red spots on her fins. She is super finiky so I do once a week whether the test are good or not. If I get any nitrate reading she acts pouty and gets red spots. I use large bamboo to keep them down. Still need do weekly to keep her happy. Wonder what it could be in there that bothers her, any ideas.
  2. Stop cleaning so much. My tank was horrible work when i cleaned it every time. 2 or 3 times a week. now I have 3 small filters, only one pad gets changed every other week. The rest of the time the pads get rinsed lightly in a bucket with tank water once a week. I vacume the gravel super good once a week, while doing a 75 percent water change. I removed all live plants and replaced with 3 long bamboo that reach high enough the leaves are out of the water. I check the all filters are runing right, some times I need tto remove materia from the propellers. Wipe down the lid, sides, front glass, rinse all fake plants and bubble wand. Put evry thing back and refill with proper water (I have well water so I only match temp by hand and add backing soda to raise ph). Water is clear with in a couple of hours and stays that way. All my paramiters are good, I do a water change to clean the poop out. This ragim seems easyest and most rewarding.Infact my fish just spawned agin, twice now. I am slightly over stocked, feed on the heavy side with omega one sinking pellets , with othe store bought foods. I do check the water often, when others help feed i may rarly get a nitrate reading and do an extra 50 percent water change. Not sure if it will work for you but less care seemed to help my fish. good luck.
  3. I use a gravel vac and let it drain out the window then the bucket to refill. It takes awhile but I scrub every thing.
  4. My filter was doing the noise making. I pulled it apart and found a tiny amount string from my silk plands rapped aroung the metal shaft above the propeller. I removed that and now it works great with no noise. I could barly see the tiny amount of string and the filter never stopped working. So look really close next time you clean it.
  5. I just tell people I am tring to grow giant goldfish, so they need better care to grow. Most are like realy how do you do that. I tell them that gold fish can live up to 20 years and get close to a foot. even the teens think its cool to try and keep the tank up so the fish will get bigger. My little brother and sisters friends all like to look and compare how much the fish have grown when they visit. Telling people I am trying to grow them in a special way seems to make understandable to most people.
  6. My red cap is a spooky. she is very timid and loves to hide. I put in lots of plants, a bubble wall. I cut on the room light wait a little then turn on the tank light. If i play with the black moore a little and he starts swimming around she will come out to. then i feed them moving slowly, try warm him up slowly and give him time to calm down befor feeding. she is a lot better now and i have had them about seven months.
  7. Thanks for all the comments.In the pics the fish are out of the tank, sitting bove the ruler. They were only out of the water for a couple of seconds. We tried to be really fast. I have never used a net to move them so they are easy to pick up. But do not like leaving the water. I tried the ruler on the out side and Yin will not come near it. She disliked anything moveing close to her tank, the movement of the camra will offten make her hide. Thats why she is in the back on the video. I hope she gets better with age. She hides from every one other than family. Makes getting good pics hard lol.
  8. Please excuse the mess, they are still spawning. Today i used a ruler to try and size my fish. My little brothers girlfriend helped with working the camra for these pictures. They both look to be about 3in long. Yand flaped water all over us. lol Yin had a small fit, looked like a seziure. Them recovering from thier ordeal. Poor babies. The big pile of rocks is for Yin she loves to unstack them. Hope yall enjot my babies, they are getting so tame.
  9. jst got home from work and the eggs in the tank are gone and water has cleared up. Glad that is over, Have to reset up half the tank where they nocked it over. LOL
  10. We have eggs. put some in a jar for now. wow
  11. Thanks bunches. Least now I know which is a girl and boy lol.
  12. They just stared this behavior this morning. We had been jocking about how fat yin has gotten. how long does it take befor she will spawn? thanks for the reply Stakos.
  13. Yang my black moore has breedon stars this morning and is chasing poor yin and bumping her into every thing. Shouls i do a water change or wait a while to see what happens? not sure i want more fish.
  14. wonder if you could swim with them? Would it hurt them do you think?
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