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  1. Thanks shakaho. Your advise helped alot.
  2. Here it is. I love it. No fish yet just water and plants. Rose bushes across the back. Still have to clean up and build a filter. Gonna be real nice when all the plants grow in. Not the clearest due to planting the lilies. my crew minus one funny looking flower Me and the boys
  3. got the pond built. The size kinda changed on me. inside dementions are 64in x 40in x 24in. Cement block walls sunk into thee ground with a 12in paver top mortered in.need to back fill around the blocks, clean up, and fill with water. Should try to get pics in the next couple of days. Hard work, but is looking nice.
  4. We decided to go ahead with the pond, since we have all the stuff to build. It will be half in ground and half above. Out line it as 5ft by 6.5ft with cinder blocks as the top layer, so inner dementions will be less, with a 18in depth. Our soil out there is hard red clay so only the above ground erea needs added support. Plan to spot cement every block into place and a paver cap cemented over the liner. Will line with cloth that we already have a bolt of. Need to assemble a DIY flower pot filter at one end, hidden with rose bushes. Plan to stock with water lilies, flowering bog plants, and maybe lotus. Only add 3 feeder fish 2 red-white and a calico, after the plants grow in a good bit, so fish can hide. Try blend it in with rose garden at the front of house so lots of sun most of day. With a sitting erea next to it. Will add pic once we start in a couple of weeks. I go in for mouth surgery wed so need time to recover and hopefully feel better. Mouth is infected so i feel horrid. Got lots of help to do the job then, about 3 to 5 people volunteered to do it for me the first week of April. Mama planing a cook out after its done to show off. Think they tring to help me feel better cause im so tired. My sister is exicted to do the flowers and hopes to find a blue lily. Cross your fingers every thing goes as planned.
  5. Got it all fixed now. My brother in law did great job cutting out an additioal opening. With no pre stamped hole he had to eye ball it. nice and round, looks as good as the pre measured one. filters on oppisit ends. Now have 550gallon filtration per hour. Yin and Yang seem happy swimming around. Should make a big diff in keeping the water in great condition. Still only keeping the two fish, Thats why the tank was not bigger. May look into getting some plants if I can find nice ones, hard in my area. I so happy and glad I decided to keep them inside.
  6. I transfered some of the filter pads to save the cycle but will need to modify the hood to put in another filter. I had 2 11gal filters and a 30 gal filter on my 29 gal and what i found was i was way under filtered will try to fix the hood tomorrow to fit the 30 gal filter. so by tommorow it will be up to par. I have to tare down and clean the other tank. my mom wants to get a salt water fish for that one. Thanks for looking.
  7. I had planned to start a pond for my fish but decided on a new tank instead. got a 20 % discount becouse they had the wrong stand, but i like it. It gives me about 16+gal of extra water. This filter is much stronger than my oler setup. The light is much brighter as well. I am sure my two fish will be happier. just wanted to share. Please excuse the cloudy water I just got it set up. I hope the light is ok it is a t8 full spectrume i think, The tank is no longer infront of a window. Acouple of pics. http://i1251.photobu...zpse85469b7.jpg http://i1251.photobu...zps01130043.jpg tank Aqueon 45 Gallon Aquarium Ensemble with Stand stand Marineland® Euro Aquarium, LED Light and Stand filter Aqueon® Power Filter QuietFlow 55/75
  8. A 2.5 depth with a 3 by 5 would probably work better, or a 2 depth with a 4 byy 6 sides. 2 foot is not so deep to gig if i use the extra to build up the sides with. Looks like a better plan to me.
  9. The wall***** I got Yin and Yang at use to be realy good. The same lady was over the dept. for years. recently she moved to a diff dept and things have really gone down hill. The new guy does not know much and the fish have ich and a lot more dead fish. So Sad to see.
  10. We have red clay. Hard as a rock. I might be awhile digging the hole. Maybe I could use the dirt to build up the sides. A large rectangle but with rounded corners, If it goes inground will most likly be deeper with less length. Only going to keep the two fish and some plants. Wondering how much shade I will need, it reaches triple degrees in the summer so I dont want it to get overheated. Deeper would be better to keep out prediters, may still need to add a screen to the top to keep out cats. Now I need to find a spot that is safe to dig. Spring will come soon enough to start. What about sizes do you think deeper is better and is 2.5ft enough or should i aim for 3ft? Thanks for responding.
  11. This started out as my brothers project. He abandoned it so I thick it will make a good home for Yin and Yang. Pre filter Beckett 7078510 Bio Filter without Pump Pond kit Beckett 7090110 Medium Water Garden Kit I was thinking either 5*4*2.5 or 7*5*2. Could be smaller. Would like it to be above ground. Maybe in ground to save on cost though. I live in sc so it should not be a problem for winters. Probly with an DIY filter. I have a very largt flower pot I can modify into a filter. Should not need much for just the 2 fish. Maybe some pond plants to pretty it up. Need start gathering some rocks for the edges. Any one else ever use one of these kits. Rather have a bigger tank but it does not look to be in the cards and we already have the kit.
  12. Yin rest in the back behind the fake plants i the left corner. Yang in the front right, with the tip of his tail in the bubble wall.
  13. Only the edge. Both hands were full. Lucky some one was home so they came, unplugged it and pulled it out. No harm done.
  14. The only thing that helped reduce the time my tank water took to show nitrates was adding extro filter and plants. I still need to do a weekly water change of about 50 percent, and a monthly super clean though. Befor I was doing a waterchange and a clean each week. I added a small internal filter, kept my 2 hobs, and 3 large bamboo plants. I also decreased my feedings, from 3-5 down to 1-3 a day.
  15. Noticed that with the colder weather my fish were getting slugish. So I moved them from infront of the window, To a solid wall. I believe the window was letting them get colder. I just hope there color does not sufer from lack of sun light. After a day they have perked back up. Any one else move thier fish for winter?
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