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  1. My old ranchu Kidney Bean used to rub up against my hand, all my orandas happily would hand feed, my butterfly Daria also hand feeds and gives my hand 'kisses' and my commet Quinn will always follow me around the tank
  2. It was shubunkins that got me into goldfish, even though I own mostly fancies now I still have a slight preference over the single tails and own a common and a sarassa comet. My shubunkin unfortunately passed away last week and I'm still deciding if I should get another one.
  3. My common Klaus is roughly about 4 inches, I have had her since the middle of last year, she was probably half the size then.
  4. My oranda Rocky has a square bum too and it's been that way for the year I've owned him/her.
  5. My Cupid got to about 8 inches. My biggest current fancy would be my oranda, Rocky, who is about 5 inches mouth to tail tip. Most of it is tail though..
  6. Oh ok I read it on Wikipedia, apparently dorsal fin less is preferred, and I've seen several artworks depicting them without, though I've only seen pictures of them with dorsal fins lol
  7. Kidney Bean just over a year ago A few days ago with my hand as a reference Daria almost a year ago Also a few days ago placed in the same tub for reference
  8. I've had her(?) for over a week now but never got around to sharing her. She was a birthday/Christmas present from my boyfriend (it was never established which one lol). I chose her and got pretty excited to see a pom pom since I hardly ever see them. Though I now understand after research that pom poms aren't supposed to have dorsal fins? Anyway, I named her Brittany because with my more recent goldfish I seem to have a Daria theme going on, that being my favourite show. Those unfamiliar with the show, the character Brittany is a cheerleader, so I thought that name would suit a pom pom
  9. I love it when moors get huge like that, the ones I've had so far stayed small
  10. Not so much horror story as it is being clueless about an animals potential size. I'll have to admit I've bought similar sized fish labeled as large too
  11. I was thinking ribbon tail? I had a fantail with one in the past. Beautiful fish by the way, my current dream fish is a calico telescope.
  12. Sometimes when I feed them, my largest fish Cupid will gulp at the surface in anticipation and through the force she somehow shoots a jet of water. One time it got me in the face XD
  13. I told my boyfriend you could train them and he thought I was joking. I showed him how they eat out of my hand and and let me hold them with out thrashing and he believes now. XD Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2 I had my whole class turn against me, my teacher claimed that no fish is domesticated because they can't be trained and they're untamed, I told her she was wrong and everyone backed the teacher up (these are people who work with animals by the way)
  14. It's always been butterfly telescopes and shubunkins for me. But I've recently been loving commons and red and white comets lately as well.
  15. Cupid Sorry about the quality, taken from my phone..
  16. Sometimes when hand feeding, my ranchu/eggfish Kidney Bean likes to brush up against my hand and weave between my fingers, it's pretty cute
  17. I get it mainly from my family and my class. My younger sister doesn't understand how anyone could ever bond with a fish, she has a pair of lovebirds that she loves to death but the idea of loving a different species that you can't pull out of its environment to play with is alien to her. In regards to my class mates, I was really excited at the beginning of the year when my custom 700 liter tank came in. He asked me what I'm putting in it and I told him it's an upgrade for my goldfish. He just screwed up his face and said I should get something better. I just laughed it off and asked what's better than a goldfish? (or catfish). Keep in mind I'm doing an animal care diploma that had a class on care of freshwater fish which was cut because people complained that they didn't want to do it. People talk about their pets a lot and when I mention mine they laugh as if I'm joking. Though I feel the ridicule comes with goldfish, I have 10 of them and people think I'm wasting my big tank (and future pond). I got an Asian striped catfish the other day and posted a cute little picture of his face on Facebook, instantly I get heaps of likes and the next day in class people are asking about him and telling me how awesome he is.
  18. Yay Just wait until they start trying to swallow your fingers XD
  19. I don't really have any goldfish stuff. But I do have a woodcraft carp I found at a market My boyfriend was bidding for me on eBay not too long ago for a supposedly cursed wooden goldfish statue. I didn't know it was cursed until we read the description after we lost the bid, all I cared about was how nice it looked, I think it was a telescope
  20. My boyfriend is very supportive, in fact him and his housemates all want me to move in with them and to bring my 160 gallon tank along to liven up the living room, unfortunately I'm not too interested in being the only girl in a house full of men >.< He also bought me my now largest goldfish. My family on the other hand think I'm weird for liking fish. Telling me I'm driving them insane whenever I mention them, telling me off for 'waisting' too much money on my custom tank and top end filter when they can survive perfectly fine in bowls. My sister just a few weeks ago was telling me that she loves all animals and can understand when a person bonds with a puppy, but she doesn't understand why I've bonded with my $4 goldfish because according to her 'they don't have personalities'..
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