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  1. My old ranchu Kidney Bean used to rub up against my hand, all my orandas happily would hand feed, my butterfly Daria also hand feeds and gives my hand 'kisses' and my commet Quinn will always follow me around the tank
  2. It was shubunkins that got me into goldfish, even though I own mostly fancies now I still have a slight preference over the single tails and own a common and a sarassa comet. My shubunkin unfortunately passed away last week and I'm still deciding if I should get another one.
  3. My common Klaus is roughly about 4 inches, I have had her since the middle of last year, she was probably half the size then.
  4. My oranda Rocky has a square bum too and it's been that way for the year I've owned him/her.
  5. My Cupid got to about 8 inches. My biggest current fancy would be my oranda, Rocky, who is about 5 inches mouth to tail tip. Most of it is tail though..
  6. Oh ok I read it on Wikipedia, apparently dorsal fin less is preferred, and I've seen several artworks depicting them without, though I've only seen pictures of them with dorsal fins lol
  7. Kidney Bean just over a year ago A few days ago with my hand as a reference Daria almost a year ago Also a few days ago placed in the same tub for reference
  8. I've had her(?) for over a week now but never got around to sharing her. She was a birthday/Christmas present from my boyfriend (it was never established which one lol). I chose her and got pretty excited to see a pom pom since I hardly ever see them. Though I now understand after research that pom poms aren't supposed to have dorsal fins? Anyway, I named her Brittany because with my more recent goldfish I seem to have a Daria theme going on, that being my favourite show. Those unfamiliar with the show, the character Brittany is a cheerleader, so I thought that name would suit a pom pom
  9. I love it when moors get huge like that, the ones I've had so far stayed small
  10. Not so much horror story as it is being clueless about an animals potential size. I'll have to admit I've bought similar sized fish labeled as large too
  11. I was thinking ribbon tail? I had a fantail with one in the past. Beautiful fish by the way, my current dream fish is a calico telescope.
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