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  1. I LOVE them They are 4 very tiny fish. I asked the seller where they are sourced. They are imported from China. If all goes well and I have both genders, I plan on these guys to be my breeding stock. It will be a year or two but I can wait. Here they are in QT, the water in the tank is yellowish from the meds. Also, these are the first fish I have ever ordered online or had shipped to me. It was pretty scary because after the day the package was sent out it wasn't scanned for tracking and then it didn't show up on the estimated delivery day! But, they came today and appear to be just fine. I am keeping a close eye on them though because they have gone through a lot of stress. Here they are
  2. So, assuming mine arrive in a similar condition should I treat with tetra parasite guard and feed mms? Also, my poor little guys are going to be stressed out if they arrive They were shipped using two day priority mail across Cali so it should have been fine, and the scheduled delivery was for today, but they didn't arrive today. The USPS tracking stopped scanning them in L.A., but I have had packages arrive that were not scanned the whole time through the tracking. Hopefully they show tomorrow, otherwise I may have dead fish
  3. I finally sold my 55 gal for $20, I listed it for that because I knew DPG at petco was about to happen. People thought it was crazy low and that there must have been something wrong with it! There were other 55s for sale around $250 lol.
  4. The fish would spit the sand everywhere lol. I think whichever substrate the owner can properly take care of is the best one for the fish
  5. Usually the first 5 ingredients make up 90% of the food, so I would opt for something with those ingredients being closer to things fish might actually find and eat in the wild
  6. I use a sponge filter in my hospital tank. They are run by an air pump and cost around $10 or less. That way if I have a fish die I can toss the sponge and just replace that part if needed. They also provide nice aireation and barely have a current so sick fish are not being pushed about on a filter output current. If you want to do a filter in a QT inthe future, this is what I recomend.
  7. Will tetra parasite guard kill a tank cycle?
  8. What's everything? Was it in a Quaratine tank? Main tank? Was it diagnosed with ich here on kokos? Sorry your fish didn't make it
  9. Whatever you do, bag them like when you bought them for transportation. That way you reduce the risk of injury for your fish compared to transporting them in an icechest just full of water (something I did that I would never do again)
  10. I'm watching this thread as well, spoiler alert! Niki and I bought ranchu from the same place and mine arrive tomorrow, I suspect I may run into the same issue. *I already have my QT tank and set ready to go.
  11. Thanks! I just wanted to clarify though, I only picked up the paperwork to apply for a business license, I am not sure if I even qualify at this point. But we will see
  12. 09- unconfirmed- $15 Cute orange and white oranda with pretty tail. Just finishing up it's color change. 10- unconfirmed- $15 Wild colored oranda, may turn orange. 11-unconfirmed- $15 Wild colored oranda, may turn orange. 12- unconfirmed- $10 A smaller rounder body type oranda, may turn orange. 13- male- $17 The "big boy" he has some potential to be huge. Thank you for looking, this is all I have available at this time.
  13. 07- unconfirmed- $30 Ranchu nymph, a truly single tailed ranchu. It is a speedy and cute fish and I think it will keep the wild type coloring. 08- female- $50 This is a blue matte kirin, and one of my favorites. She has a lovely yellow patch that shows through her coloring. Her only defect is a partially fused tail in the shape of an upside down Y, but she is a beautiful fish with very rare coloring.
  14. 05- male - $30 Very nice shape and back, tail is a little on the large side but is very showy and pretty. Sakura coloring. 06- unconfirmed (male?)- $35 Really cute and friendly wild or green type coloring. Nice round back.
  15. 03-male- $25 Very large matte orange with some metallic scales. This one has a partially fused tail so it is a fast swimmer. I had to hold him to get clear pics. 04-male- $35 Very nice form on this fish. Nice tail and back. This guy is a bit smaller and is growing fast. ...
  16. Hello kokonuts, I have been wanting to start this up for some time now and I am excited to announce my fish business is beginning! I have made a Facebook page as well and would appreciate any "likes". I am calling it CaliRanchu, I picked up the paperwork for my small business license Friday. I am going to be focusing on breeding and selling black ranchu in the future, but for now I have some for sale from my first few spawns between a calico female, a red male, and a kirin male. I also have a few oranda. I will have prices for each individual fish based off coloring, breed standards, etc, with pictures of the actual fish as well. I will offer shipping to the 48 continental US states (sorry other guys ) You can select between priority (1-3 day) or priority express (1 day), both of these are through USPS. I will only offer DOA refunds of fish using priority express, however I cannot replace the cost of shipping. The shipping may be a little more if I need to add heat or cool packs due to weather in your area. If there is a DOA I will need a picture of the deceased fish in the bag unopened. I will set up a date with you that works best for shipping, but I want to ship fish on Mondays and Tuesdays in order to prevent fish from getting stuck in the mail over the weekend. Please PM me if you are interested in a particular fish by using the numbers in front of the description (ex. 01) . These are all fish I raised from fry and range in age from 8 months to 14 months. I will accept payments through paypal. I am very excited and hope you all like my "baby" fish. 01-male- $60 This is a rare colored matte ranchu. I had a few rare matte colored fish in this spawn. This one has a chocolate brown coloring. I took pictures under two different lights so you can see how different it can look under the different lighting. This fish is super active and like to beg for food whenever you walk by. 02- uncomfirmed (female?)- $50 Another of the colored mattes. This one has a pretty glowy orange and white body with solid black eyes and a black stripe down its side. more in a few min....
  17. Usually eating some sand is beneficial much like fiber, but the barebottom looks nice too. I switched back to barebottom because I was having issues with sand and my HOB filters, but I used the sand in my snail only planted tank and it looks great, that tank is powered by sponge filters.
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