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  1. Thank you, how do I do a fish scrape? Will this harm them too much? Should I scrape one of the fluffy spots?
  2. In the future dissolve the salt in another container first and pour it in, or put it in pantyhose or a media bag and let it dissolve in the tank. They should be fine.
  3. My cabinet has: Aquarium salt (Morton's canning and pickling found at Target in the US) Plain Epsom salt Lots of Prime Prazi Pro Powdered prazi Mms Medigold Metronidazole powder (seachem brand) Kanaplex (searches brand) Methylene blue Clive oil Stuff you hopefully won't ever need: Bi-furan Acriflavine Jungle fungus guard Tri sulfa Things you should have ready: Food scale if possible for weighing fish Smaller measuring scale to weigh meds if possible Microscope if possible QT tank, I like a 10 gal with hood and lights or a 20 gal, or sterilite tub QT heater QT designated air stone or sponge filter Extra air pump Euth kit: air stone, air line, tupperware large enough to fit a fish, clove oil. I have the designated Ruth kit supplies because I find the clove oil is really hard to get out of stuff and I don't want to get it in my QT at all.
  4. I have access to a scope, my friend who keeps saltwater fish owns one. What do I need to do? How does this work? I only have an iPhone 3 camera, can I use this to take pictures of the scope results?
  5. Thanks! I was a bit worried since I haven't used it before. Any thoughts on what I should feed them?
  6. Do you have a heater? Mine did this when I had a heater malfunction and the tank got too hot.
  7. Thanks everyone. I started the bifuran+kanaplex in the water. I am going to check on them the next couple hours to make sure they react ok to the meds. I am unsure about what I should feed them. Maybe Alex can weigh in? I'm going to do more research as well. I feel that maybe I should feed mms because the Tetra parasite guard had metro in it and they were on that until this last hour, I also feel that maybe medigold is the right choice because that is what the kokos link I put on the first post recommends, or make a gel with specific things I want in it... and so on.
  8. I feel I need to take action, they are getting bad fast, I may lose them. I am going to treat for a gram negative bacteria since that is what columnaris is. I am looking at using triple sulpha or kanaplex+furan 2. I also am not sure if I should feed a medicated food or if that would be too much going on? The kokos article says medigold is recommended and I do have that on hand. I will wait on the food, but I feel I need to start treatment now. I am going to go pick up some triple sulpha and see if I can get a hold of some furan 2 as well, I will check back here to see if there is a reply before I treat. *unable to source triple sulpha but I can get bifuran, and from the research I have been doing all morning it is safe to comebine with kanaplex to kill columnaris.
  9. Honestly, he was super helpful and great with customer service, I am going to notify him that mine have fallen I'll now too.
  10. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116831-911-qt-similar-to-greenteas/
  11. Also, the two showing spots have starting hovering around the surface and air gulping Here are pics, these fish are so small it is really hard to try and get pic of the spots on them. And this is going to sound weird but the two looking the worst, its like their wen is dried out looking, like they are dehydrated? They look way more wrinkly and tight than they did.
  12. I bought 4 black ranchu online and had them shipped. This is the same source as GreenTea (Niki's) fish that are having issues too.They arrived a day late due to the mail carriers (3 almost 4 days total shipping)and the water was very bad in the bad they arrived in, the ammonia was off the charts dark green. Knowing that, these fish have been exposed to a high level of stress. I currently have them all in a 10 gal QT with cycled sponge filter. I had a 40 breeder for QT as well but these fish are TINY. Also, I was going to start them on tetra parasite guard when they arrived and I only had one dosage for a 10 gallon tank, so it was the way to go. Levels have all been good 0ppm all and 7.6 pH. It is currently day 3 of tetra parasite guard and .05% salt, they had been clear until today. 2 of them have started getting white fluffy spots. I will have to refer back to Niki's thread to remember all the treatments she has tried so far. I am afraid of losing them all . http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116741-baffled-black-ranchu-issue/ She and I have been talking and gathering outside opinions from hobbyists and breeders and have a theory that it may be Columnaris. http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Columnaris.html We also thought it might be some kind of "super ich" but now that I see it in person it looks to "fluffy" for that. It looks like little fungus spots have popped up. They are mainly on the head and could easily be mistaken for new wen growth, except that I am finding it on the fins too. I know Columnaris can be treated with acriflavine, and that is an active ingredient in the tetra parasite guard, but maybe it was not a high enough dose? maybe this is resistant? Meds I have on hand: Salt epsom salt Prazi Kanaplex Metronidazole mms medigold Jungle Fungus clear Pimafix Methylene blue I have more metronidazole coming and Acriflavine arriving on Friday.
  13. Im just making my own post and linking this one in it. Will be up in a sec
  14. Mine just started the white fluffy spots today Should I make my own thread?
  15. Cool! I don't think they are a breeder though. Looks like they just have a variety in stock that they order and sell.
  16. I have 3 colored matte ranchu from a calico x kirin And this is a fantail for sure would love to see an updated pic
  17. I have been makingmy own backgrounds since high school, or using fun prints. In the past I have done an Invader Zim themed neon tetra tank, a spongebob theme (before they had the commercial ones!), and once I did a goldfish theme. I didn't know about kokos at the tome and I had one fancy in a 10 gal, and I wanted more fish because I thought he was lonely but didn't have the space, so I printed out pictures of goldfish I liked and glued them to plain blue paper it looked like I had a tank full of fish and honestly I think the little guy liked it hahaha. I have done christmas themes with wrapping paper and lights, cartoon goldfish paper, wrapping paper from Costplus WorldMarket, the chinese new year tank, and now the space tank
  18. You could do a mural! I don't, I'm just careful. I usually take them down and change up the current background or use the reverse side and make something different when I get bored of it Lamination is just so final.....lol Was joking that the enterprise entered some... sort of... time and space portal!and ended up in another universe! lol
  19. I have had fish recover from drospy at this point of pineconing, your not too late, have hope Do you have a heater in your QT? you still have metro powder in the water and epsom? I would order the mms or see if another member can ship yo some faster.
  20. Since I don't put any decorations in my tank I like to make fun backgrounds for them. This is the living room tank. I asked my roommates what they would prefer, and since we are all sort of nerdy lol, we decided on SPACE! So we have the Death Star, Enterprise, Planet Earth and the moon, and Battlestar Galactica. I used black poster board and I used chalk to make it look more "spacey" instead of a plain black background. The ships and planet I printed out in really nice glossy color at FedEx. I should have taken a picture of the whole thing before I put it on the tank. Once it is filled with water you can't see a lot of the colors in it. Aaaaaand it looks like I forgot to take a full tank shot LOL. Oh well! Here it is up close:
  21. Also want to add, a breeder I spoke to prefers to we the powdered prazi with fry because they feel that prazi pro makes it too hard for little fry to breathe in since you can't do as heavy aeration with the little babies. Other members here I think have had success with the liquid type too, but I followed the breeders advice and used the powder.
  22. Thanks! Well my fish are 2-3 years old so maybe your need more time. I also do extra water changes and feed a variety of high quality foods and lots of live frozen food. I have another post of an update on the fish in this tank.
  23. If you do goldfish I would only do 1 in a tank that shape because it has less surface area for gas exchange. Just my thought on it otherwise that would make a super cool guppy tank too. Awesome find!
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