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  1. If they do they have a long QT ahead. I still want to take a scraping from one and one from a fish in another of my tanks to compare to each other so I can see if things are present in the QT that aren't in the regular tanks. I am worried about the new ones carrying something that could get my preexisting fish. Is that a possibility?or am I being super paranoid?
  2. So cute! I love the tank! I think I unluckily purchased 4 females lol. I need to go back to my LFS. It's been weeks and no babies I picked the four brightest red ones, then I found out later that the females tend to be a darker color than the males.
  3. Well, I'm a little disappointed. My prof didn't he back to me. I think he only has office hours 2 days a week and I don't think anybody not in this hobby understands how urgent it is I get access to a scope. some good news, the last 2 are hanging in there Well, I'm a little disappointed. My prof didn't get back to me. I think he only has office hours 2 days a week and I don't think anybody not in this hobby understands how urgent it is I get access to a scope. some good news, the last 2 are hanging in there Double post?!
  4. Some betas are even fine with other fish like neon tetras. The best way to get a more "community friendly" betta is to choose one at an LFS that has bettas in their tanks vs cups. Our here does it because it shows people that you can have a pretty tank setup with multiple fish and a betta, just not two bettas lol, unless it's a big sorority tank
  5. I say ranchu for both they typically would be culled for things like a fused tail or bumps in the back. But they are great pet fish and still cute.
  6. Thank you. I feel bad for them. Hopefully I can save the last two.
  7. I have had a black ranchu in the past that was blind and had cataract looking eyes. I have heard that this is quite common in black ranchu on a different site. *if this is sudden though, or his eyes were clear when you got him, then I would be concerned. We are here to help
  8. I have just been treating with heat at 90 degrees and the fish have been on mms since I stopped the parasite guard because it contained metro and I figured why not at this point. The two left have shown no symptoms so far, but I still don't feel that they are in the clear because all the fish looked great for 3 days and then half fell ill and died. I did get a call from the seller, he feels badly that this happened and is working something out with me. He said none of the fish at his facility have show any signs of illness. Some of my fish friends are thinking maybe this is something more involving the shipping and inducing stress during a time of year with a high amount of parasites present. I'm still waiting for access to the lab
  9. Alright!!!! My old prof got back to me I can use one of the scopes! I won't be able to until tomorrow though as I don't get off work until after the lab has closed for today. But hopefully I can figure out a more solid answer on what's going on. I saved the dead fish in the freezer. I'm going to bring them, a scrape off a live fish, and a sample of the water to look at.
  10. Thanks, I have been considering using it because the recommended treatment for resistant Costia is formalin, an ingredient in quick cure. What makes me nervous about using quick cure is the malachite green in it. I appreciate your kindness
  11. I get my powdered prazi At goldfishconnection.com Sometimes you can find it at an LFS that carries pond supplies but then it is usually a large and pricey amount.
  12. It's truly a terifying illness whatever it is. I was shocked that I lost 2 of them. One was looking bad and I didn't expect it to make it. After this is over whether they make it or not, I need to make a plan on how to sterilize my QT equipment. I certainly don't want to experience this again by exposing another fish to it
  13. To me, temps in the 70s is already really good. When you turn up the heat, you actually favor faster division by the pathogens, unless you turn it up past 86, and then it will impact only the ich. It could be costia, but then the metronidazole should have done wonders for it. Also, with costia, you get these pinprick hemorrhages in the abdomen (as well as elsewhere), and there will be bottom sitting, not listless floating. I would not use salt at this time. What kind of scope does your friend have? It might be high enough resolution. The heat is going up to 90F which I know is high, I'm not super comfortable with it, but Niki and I talked more and feel this is something more parasitic like she originally thought. I have lots of aeration because I know higher temps means less oxygen in the water. I don't know about the metronidazole, I didn't know it treated costia? I only had it in the water for 3 days because of the one jungle tab I had and it was the 3rd day this started, maybe once the metro was weak in the tank? After the top gulping they have gone to bottom sitting and refusing to eat, this is before I turned up the heat so not an effect of it. I have no salt in the tank. I asked my friend and then he said he only borrows a scope...I think he was maaaayyybe bragging about his cool fish stuff and I caught him a in a little lie? lol, or he doesn't want me to use it for some reason; I don't know him super well yet. I am waiting for an old prof of mine to answer and see if I can use the schools scope. I could then positively ID if it is Costia for sure. I really hate jumping around on treatment like this, but whatever this is, is super fast acting and not responding to what I have done over the last 35 hours or so. More white blotches have appeared especially around the gill plate area. I think one of them is not going to make it through the night
  14. NIki look at my thread real quick, and don't keep that sponge filter.
  15. OK, I am only seeing this getting worse. One is now bottom sitting and refusing food. I have spoken to a couple friends at my LFS and online and we have decided that it could be Costia. This would also infect the gills and cause the breathing issues I'm seeing. I am raising the heat over the course of this evening and maintaining a high temperature to try and kill it by heat, as most strains are now salt resistant. I am looking into my options as I have a hard time getting any medications in Chico. I have to order everything online unless a friend nearby has some available. I know once we pick a course of meds we should usually stick to it, but I think I'm making the right choice. I am still trying to get microscope access.
  16. Filtration sound good Sounds like a cute dog in your future!
  17. Ok, me too. I am doing the water change and re-treatment for today. I couldn't find it anywhere online, but can I use salt with this treatment or would that be too much for the fish? Also, I have gotten advice from another fish keeper that I should turn up the heat on the tank during treatment. I currently have it at 75 F
  18. No problem I have one of the Target stores that carries food and it has the salt. It's only about $2 per box so whenever they have it I buy a bunch.
  19. I just messaged him in the last hour. I don't think he knows what it is because Niki had contacted him as well. I informed him that I am not happy with the purchase since the fish are sick and have cost me a lot of extra cash trying to cure them. I told him that I would like a refund if they pass. He did that for Niki.
  20. 2 out of the 4 aren't looking good You can see the spot getting bigger on the head behind the gill plate towards the end of the video.
  21. I looked up how to do a scrape some unfortunate news.. My friends scope is not powerful enough to look at organisms but I am trying to contact the biology department at my school to try and use a scope in one of the labs. This is turning out harder than I thought, but I have a lead and the stock room will give me some glass slides and slips.
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