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  1. Ugghhhhh I guess I should have started prazi earlier. I just came home to one of the two having it's mouth stuck open
  2. I'm glad they are making it though the dips.
  3. Niki, what is the ammonia level in the tank with the splitting tails? I'm so sorry this looks terrible
  4. Fish can breed as early as 7-8 months, most fish in the store are around that age. It is possible your fish could be female. Any way you could get a picture of the vent for us?
  5. I love dwarf puffers yours are so cute! Make sure to prazi them too. They are prone to tapeworms from eating live foods so it is recommended to routinely deworm them. I love their planted home too
  6. The last two I have are still good. I still have them at 90 and eating mms. They are super active and happy. Would it be ok for me to prazi them at this temp? I wouldn't mind getting a couple rounds done on them. The seller told me that he would send me a new order of 4 fish for free plus shipping cost even if these two survive and whenever i am ready for them. This is because I told him how much i had spent on medications to try and save them and that I had them in a QT tank with their own new waterchanger. I explained how there was no chance of cross contamination and that I was keeping my params perfect with 0 ammonia nitrite or nitrate and pH 7.6. i am worried that the same thing might happen again though. He said he would set some aside and save them for me so I am hoping if there is an illness he will see it and realize there is a problem in his tanks. The other issue is that he might not be seeing the illness because it happens over the stress of repeated shipping and poor water quality in transit. All 4 fish were in one bag when they arrived. Mine did arrive late and that wasn't his fault, but if they were bagged seperatley or at least in 2s it wouldn't have been so bad. I did arrange for faster shipping next time and I will ask him to bag them in fresh declotinated water and 2 per bag. I hope that will help but I will be prepared to treat right away this time. I think I might take the same approach I did with the ones from the store I have gotten black chus from in the past and just start them on mms on arrival.
  7. Your nitrates may be low from lack of waste since he isn't eating. A video of his behavior would be really helpful. It could be that he isn't as active because he feels crowded, but it could be other issues too. Just curious, but have you ever treated for flukes using the prazi pro?
  8. When I had my pea puffer I woul go to my LFS and they would let me pick off all the pond snails that came in on plants and take them for free! Pond snails usually=pest snails, perfect for feeding. Daniel breeds purple and magenta mystery snails, which are beautiful and worth a good amount of money in the snail world.
  9. Could you explain lethargic a little more? Bottom sitting? Listless floating? Gill movement (rapid or slow)? Could you provide a video? I use YouTube and then link it here. I hope your fish recovers from whatever is ailing it. You have gotten some good advice so far. I see you stopped using flakes, but what are you feeding instead now? I would recommend the omega one small sinking pellets if you don't want to order fish food online. They carry them at petsmart.
  10. The salt will not do well with the catfish, scaleless fish are much more sensitive to it. I know he is cute, maybe consider rehoming him or getting him his own tropical setup. I don't think they are a good mix because sometimes sucker type fish will suck the slime coat off your goldfish, and then most goldfish friendly treatments are not good for those other species. Can you provide pictures so we can confirm this is ich? *the mystery snail can tolerate salt as long as it is raised slowly, but you may choose to house him in another container for a bit if you don't want him to be uncomfortable.
  11. They seem completely un-bothered by the heat ok
  12. I have had ranchu with dorsal fins with my fry before. Breeders usually cull them, but my LFS will take them and my friend with a pond like to take "oddballs" sometimes too. I think it would be fun to breed one to an oranda to make ....I'm blanking on the name for it, but there is a shorter rounder bodied oranda now gaining popularity. I don't have a large enough setup to take on that project though.
  13. Ya I emailed him again on Thursday. He might get back to me but he doesn't seem to understand that this is an urgent matter
  14. Well I was never contacted again about lab access But the two left seem fine! How long do I need to keep them at 90F? It's been 5 days so far.
  15. sorry Niki that is soooooo terrible!!! What about raising the heat to 90 F in the tank? Doing that saved my last two, although they were not showing many symptoms.
  16. Thank you! I got my shrimp from a seller on craigslist. Great bargain--$2 each. I asked for 15 but got about twenty and one berried one. He really knew a lot about shrimp. I glad he made sure to give me males and females, because I wouldn't have known. I did notice last week the males swimming around a lot. I think one of the females released some hormones signaling she was ready to mate. I think that is where the second berried one came about. The seller had two shrimp tanks. One tank had hundreds of shrimp that where incredibly active. The other tank had much less shrimp, but that's what he wanted (less/no breeding). He did this by having a lower ph. Very interesting how he did this. At some point I'll want to get some cherry shrimp from another breeder to bring in unrelated shrimp into the tank. I think this would be good to keep the population healthy. That was a good deal! I also wanted to let you know that I purchased microbe lift koi clay, which is high in calcium, I made a clay ball and added it to my mystery snail and shrimp tank and they went CRAZY! They all picked at it and ate it until it was gone. I even have hard water here, but apparently that had minerals they had been craving. I was careful and checked and I didn't see any copper in the mineral clay. I have been giving it to my goldfish of course too.
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