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  1. With ranchu there are different standards for the 2 different types. There are SVR side view ranchu (this is what I breed) and there are TVR top view ranchu. I would also suggest sticking to breeding one specific color. Don't just grab a bunch of pretty fish, have a goal in mind of the shape and color you are aiming for. There are even different shapes of wen to consider.
  2. I would only take it for $100, a tank bigger than 40 gals usually NEEDS a center brace to keep the glass from bowing out. It also needs it if it was built to have one. You might be able to fix it, but I don't know how to go about that. Also I would only take $100 because it is going to cost you money and time to make it usable.
  3. Tail is looking worse I haven't tried anything yet. I'm not rue whether to do a dip or treat the tank and whether to use bifuran or paraguard?
  4. Ok, I just don't like the bifuran because of the cancer warning, but I might use it. Is it effective as a dip? Or do I need to dose the whole tank? My QT is still occupied I would move the other fish to my 75 gal temporarily but wouldn't want to because I am afraid of giving them an issue too.
  5. I just used acriflavine though for a week. I should use it again? Sorry just clarifying
  6. I have pretty much anything after dealing with the other fish? What would you recommend? PS - forgot to mention this fish has already been in my tetra parasite guard cocktail because he was with the black ranchu that had the weird raised scales (which is 100% better) Parasite Guard cocktail: metro, acriflavine, prazi mix. Soooo Should I go for gram neg bacteria? I have kana, and bifuran(I dont love using this stuff)
  7. Params tap and tank 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrtate 7.6 pH I am posting because clean water and salt has not worked. He is in a cycled 29 gallon tank with the other small black ranchu I got months ago. This is not the pair left from the recent black ranchu drama, this is the pair I bought in Sacramento and QTed a little over a month and a half now. I have been changing the water every 2nd day and I have the salt now up to.4% 4tsp/gal, because there has been no change with the lower amounts. The fish acts completely normal, eating, swimming, being active. He has gone through 5 rounds of prazi as well. Should I use antibiotics? Melafix? Do a dip of some kind? I haven't dealt with fin issues before. If I missed anything let me know and I'll get the info on here ASAP.
  8. What color is the cloud in the eye? My moore has some black coloring on her eye that almost looks like black film or dusting but its normal for her.
  9. Is it planaria or detritus (spelling?) worms?
  10. I never had that problem, but I grew up visiting my grandmas where they have a pond and I would fish for bluegill and bass all day! And when you catch one you have to hold it to get the hook out, and bluegill have a sharp spiky dorsal fin that will get you if your not careful, so you know... I'm not trying to brag, but I'm pretty good at holding fish and it doesn't gross me out LOL
  11. I actually have this same issue with my 75 gal which scares me because it is a huge amount of water. The tank is totally level and the stand too but I have a small gap I can fit paper under in the middle. I have been looking into putting foam under the tank but I am not sure what to get. I was thinking of getting some of the squishy foam for standing on at work?
  12. Niki, I am so sorry, but from what I saw with mine once they started doing the floaty thing , they then went to bottom sitting and died You may want to euth the ones showing these symptoms to end their suffering. I'm so sorry.
  13. I have been trying to figure out what this issue is/was for some time. My story: I initially treated my tank with tetra parasite guard (prazi, metro, acriflavine, Dflubenzuron) when they arrived. The water conditions the fish arrived in were HORRIBLE, ammonia was off the charts, the fish were affected so badly they had trouble finding food in the tank; they seemed to have lost their sense of smell. I think mine came down with columnaris after the stress of shipping and water conditions and possibly stress from parasites. Mine now are suffering from a bad level of flukes, enough to make one of the jaws on my fish collapse. I think I had columnaris as well because suddenly 2 out of the 4 fish started getting white patches, not like slime coat, but not like fungus, around the gills and on spots on the tail. I quickly treated with bifuran and kanaplex at room temperature; mine were not yet exposed to high heat, the tank had been room temp at 72. The 2 showing symptoms died overnight also making me think now that it most likely was columnaris due to the fast time they died in. The two left never got the white patches, I think I treated quick enough to save them before the symptoms showed. After the 2 died I left the bifuran and kana in the water for 2 days. Later I was then freaking out and thought that maybe they had parasites, and I wanted to prevent the last 2 from dying so I turned up the heat to 90 and they are eating mms. Looking back I think my initial diagnosis of cause of death by columnaris was correct. I think mine arrived stressed and with parasites leading to the columnaris in the tank. I know our situations may be different, I didn't get the extreme ich like Niki, maybe due to treating with parasite guard right away. Niki's fish are in so much worse shape than mine were though I agree that multiple things are going on here. I see columnaris, ich, and dropsy - due to these other ailments. I am not as experienced as you (Helen) and Alex, but I think adding kanaplex to the water, feeding mms and some sort of antiparasitic in the water that can be combined with kanaplex would be the best course of action. I would keep the heat up to shorten the lives of those parasites once the anti-parasitic arrives and is in the water. I also think salt dips are useful in this case, but certainly risky due to the condition of the gills and raised scales, but it may be the only way to reduce the amount of parasites present on the fish.
  14. Helen, I'm not sure if it would help but have you checked my thread? We both bought fish from the same seller. I thought it was columnaris with mine too and then though it was a parasite. Is it possible that we both have both going on? Also I read columnaris is very contagious so if it was present in the sellers tanks could it have infected ours? Mine are doing ok now, but I thought it might be helpful. I'm so sorry niki
  15. Thanks Mikey, sadly his mouth is deformed now. It's shut but cannot close properly, the top right part kind of collapsed in, I'm not sure if I'm describing it well, but it is caused by flukes, I had it in my very first spawn from not treating with prazi soon enough. He has a sort of sideways grump mouth, he is eating well though and they seem to be handling the prazi and heat just fine.
  16. Black is very unstable in general, but how stable it is lies mostly in the genetics. I have fed my black ranchu Soilent green and saki hikari color enhancing and he is still pure black, even on the under side of the belly.
  17. I'm sending good thoughts your way! I hope they continue to recover!
  18. Maybe I'll name him grumpy or grumpette lol. I just hope they make it. Poor things have been through a lot.
  19. Yaaa... It's shut now, but ts definitely a deformed fluke mouth, one side is all weird making that grumpy face he would still be fine as a breeder assuming they survive the QT, but now he has "character". I have prazi pro in now.
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