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Community Answers

  1. Pictures or a video would really help. You can download pictures to Photobucket or a video to Youtube and link them here
  2. How long has he been on the Metro? The Kana? You can take the Metro to 14 days, but I wouldn't take the Kana past 7-10 days. I'm not really sue what we're treating for anymore now that you know there is a problem with your source water
  3. I think each batch should keep for 7 days in the refrigerator.
  4. Yeah, there is definitely something wrong with the water. If nothing shows up in the report, I would guess that it's a virulent pathogen. If that is the case, you could try hitting the tank with a broad spectrum medication like Paraguard or Polyguard and if that fails... disinfect and dry the tank for about a month and start over again. I'm sorry you are experiencing this
  5. What are the symptoms. Just hanging at the top? If antibiotics are necessary, I would feed the Metroplex and add the Kanaplex to the water. Don't add the Kanaplex to the water and feed Kanaplex...it's too much for the kidneys. Metroplex is more effective in food.
  6. Sorry to hear this. I'll be interested to see what the report says.
  7. Okay, are you treating for loss of appetite? Are you adding these to the water or feeding them?
  8. Yeah, there is definitely something up in the main tank.
  9. Oh, no...I'm so sorry to hear that. The problem with dropsy is that you have to treat it the moment symptoms present or it is usually fatal. In fact, once the scales are protruding, it is often too late whether you medicate or not. However, now that you have the meds on hand. you are prepared for it should it happen again with another fish. Can you be more specific about the symptoms that the telescope is displaying. What's in the QT water?
  10. These are sinking: http://www.petsmart.com/food-care/pellets-crisp/omega-trade-one-goldfish-pellet-fish-food-zid36-17398/cat-36-catid-300041;pgid=S0tgS3W_yshSRpUjXRSAPPJ60000yOvPetpt;sid=klbR0vKVlAvQ0qVJOxmX1sKf1yqGwBGezvCuTNXw?var_id=36-17398&_t=pfm%3Dsearch It says "sinking" in the little orange bubble on the side. If you use Repashy, make a special medicated batch from scratch: Mix 1 scoop of Metroplex and 1 scoop of Kanaplex in 3 Tablespoons of water. Blend 1 Tablespoon of Repashy into the 3 Tablespoons of medicated water. Then, cool and refrigerate. You can add a scoop of Focus to the water as well, but I'm not sure it's necessary in the gel food.
  11. You can continue with the Epsom Salt in the water. The Focus will allow you to add the Metroplex and Kanaplex to a food, so you won't be adding these antibiotics to the water. I would use a sinking pellet. Add a little water to a small container like a plastic snack container or a small paper cup. Add 1 scoop of Kanaplex, 1 scoop of Metroplex and 1 scoop of Focus and stir well to get the medicines mixed into the water. Then, add 1 Tablespoon of food pellets and stir them into the water. You should use just enough water to cover the pellets. Allow the pellets to sit in the solution for about 15 minutes to soak up the meds. Feed the fish this food, and nothing else, once daily for a week. Only feed enough food that he eats it all within a minute or two. Put the remaining food in the refrigerator in a sealed container.
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