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  1. Well done! You not only have green fingers, you also have gold fingers. Cheers!
  2. For me I prefer to use both in my tank. UG and canister filter. The subtract I use for my UG are small flat stones. The main thing I like UG over canister type is that I can set varied depth of gravel so that I can reduce flow at certain spot for more anaerobic activity. I siphon out the dirt from the gravel at least once a week. So far it has worked well for me.
  3. Hi RCShaw, Where do you get that flakes are easier to digest than pellets? That is not true. Digestibility is a function of the ingredients, and not so much the form. Moreover, the medicine also comes packed in the pellet form. There is no way to extract it. Goldfish can munch on the flakes before going into its digestive system. If can find medicine in liquid form then it's feasible to feed through soaking. Agree no way can extract from pellet but the advantage of liquid is we can control dosage and choose the form that goldfish prefers.
  4. Just a suggestion. Alternate to feeding pellet, you may want to consider soaking medicine in 'crisp' similar to flakes; produced by Tetra. It is probably much easier to digest than pellets type. The frail tail are signs of some sort of infection, so treating with Melafix or some equivalent will help ease her condition while making full recovery through medication. I have also tried garlic however my goldfish condition wasn't as severe as yours so this option may not be effective enough for Winnie but worth a try if it stimulates her appetite. Garlic has natural anti bacteria and parasites properties.
  5. Below is the link to my baby Oranda. Very cute and lively. Loves to swim around the tank.
  6. Hang in on there. Perhaps after fast there is some improvement it could be the food that you fed may have caused indigestion. The positive sign is that she can still eat. If you decide to start feeding, perhaps you should try other alternatives or other pellet type such as wheat germ to improve digestion.
  7. Yes agree with you there is no known limit. But I often wonder whether the water hardness would have any comfort effect on the goldfish.
  8. You can try to mix your WC with RO water. Perhaps using water conditioner that binds harmful metal may help if your water is too hard.
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