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  1. hey guys - can you give me instructions to keeping my tank healthy as i go forward now that pika is gone?
  2. Thanks guys. All I can say is that we did the best we could! Thank you Koko for having this site and this incredible resource for goldfish all over the world. I have learned a lot and my Shanti is now very happy and healthy and seems to be enjoying her two new friends.
  3. alex - pika died last night. i am not sure what happened but i don't think he suffered TOO much in the end. there is probably some relief for him to move on and i too feel relieved not to have him suffering so much. i want to thank you again for all the care and time you have given us - i am deeply touched. my other fish are all swimmingly happy thanks to you. may his journey be peaceful and joyful.
  4. What is QT? Remind me what to do again.....I do have Furan -2 - sorry. No Prazi Pro.
  5. Hey Alex.... new development. Pika has been spitting out his food today + his tail is looking a little ragged again + he goes down to the bottom and does a complete upside down flip and then goes back up to the top. I did a 50% water change yesterday evening..... what do you think?
  6. I know....i am dreading the part where his eye is just barely hanging on.....and then if it falls off.....i'm going to have to pick it up - yipes!! BUT I am so happy to know that he will be okay. Tell me - is Shanti ok? When should I do the water change? How much, how often and should I add the 37.5t of salt each time? Thanks for all your support Alex - it must be a nice feeling to heal fish from afar - you did this girl - i could not have done it without you.....
  7. Hey Alex....have to admit i have had no time to do this but....those spots are looking smaller! Its hard to tell from the photo...i think the flash makes them bigger but they are really getting smaller - probably by half. His eye getting worse tho...progressing toward falling off......omgawd.... One thing - as you see in the video Shanti still has a lot of red in her tail and there is a black spot - toward the end of the video you can see it. She is in great spirits so I'm not too worried but wanted to check. Let me know if you still want me to progress with the Furan 2? Thanks SO much! http://s1055.photobucket.com/albums/s513/milampalmo/?action=view&current=IMG_1465.jpg http://s1055.photobucket.com/albums/s513/milampalmo/?action=view&current=IMG_1466.mp4 OH - I did do the tests: PH - 7 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0
  8. Ok - what water do I use? Should i transfer some of the water from the big tank into the tub and use that so he's not too shocked? Any gravel? Plants? How long will he be in there? Thanks Alex!
  9. OK.... so - with two larger fish and two smaller fish, with pellets that are not all the same size and one that has trouble getting food....how much do you think I should be feeding twice a day? I will check the perameters tonight when I get home. Yes, I have a tub and an old but good filter.
  10. Hi Alex ~ Sorry for the delay - life! Ok - the medicine is API Furan - 2. He seems to be doing pretty well which is good. On another note...I have noticed that Shanti - my other big one is starting to kind of sit vertical - tail down and head up sometimes..... what is that??? Its like she is just hanging out ready looking for more food to come anytime soon....they are so happy with this new food - but now I am worrying that I might be feeding too much.......haven't been counting pellets because some are bigger and some smaller and some fish get more and some less....... and then I try to feed Pika and he misses a lot......
  11. I think he's not getting it because he goes down to the bottom to look and gets all turned around because of his eye making him all off balanced. But I should try to watch for a half hour and see if he can actually get any. I got the one you asked me to order online - don't have it infront of me right now as I am at work.
  12. One question...do i need to be feeding him by hand for the rest of his life??
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