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  1. Here is mine, covered in algae lol. I dont see a lot of poo either. Unless its fresh lol ew but then it gets sucked up the filter. I too just move everything around during a water change to get whatever is under or behind my rocks and bubble wand. Now the algae i just have been too lazy to deal with the other day when i did my water change, just like my background still looks bad. I am surprised at how fast the bottom is getting covered.
  2. my baskets have never popped up and i dont clean them a lot. i usually look at them during water changes and if they looks full of gunk then i will rinse everything out, in tank water of course
  3. the aquaclear 70 and 110 are the biggest ones. the 70 does 300 GPH and the 110 500 GPH so they are definitely big enough for your tank. I use a 70. the 110 is really long and can hold a lot of media.
  4. Poor Amy, what a pretty fish. I'm sorry your fish is so ill.
  5. AquaClear 20 for me too, i have run those on all my 5 gallon betta tanks. they work great. oh and i would never turn off a filter. it doesnt take long for the good bacteria in the media to die off without the water circulating through it. There has been people here who have had cycle issues when the power has gone out for a bit.
  6. Awww awesome pond. I bet those fish will turn into huge monstet goldies soon
  7. I would get some repashy unless you already have some
  8. Well I guess you could say that your supporting your local business which is great. (seeing you bought your fish their and will on tank) Maybe you can compare prices on line and if it's a huge difference in price maybe they will lower their aquarium price. I always say, It's worth a try. I'd like to see photo's of your crab tank. That's a huge home for them. My daughter once had a 10g home for a couple. My fiance also started with a 10 gallon tank and only had 2 crabs and then he got two more. and he wanted a bigger tank and found the 55 on Kijiji so now we have 10 crabs in the 55 lol im sure we could add more.
  9. Hi there. I feel spoiled, as I have a few of these stores within driving distance (I live in Toronto). I looked them up and found two that may be near by (you mentioned that you live near Ottawa?) Big Al's Ottawa East 1900 Innes Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3K5 (613) 244-3474 Big Al's Ottawa West 145 Roland Michener Dr. Kanata, Ontario K2T 1G7 (613) 592-2822 Also, I am posting the link: http://www.bigalscan...orelocator.html Don't know what's near you, but I found them pretty good with regards to prices and stock here in Toronto. Either way, just wanted to give you an option if it helps. Hyde. Ya im in the ottawa valley but born and raised in ottawa so its a 2 hour drive and we dont drive lol BUT my fiance's dad is always willing. so we could check out Big Al's to see if its a huge difference in price then we can get him to drive us and pay for his gas.
  10. i have heard stories where people have found a lot of snails in their canister filters, so i would most definately clean it out. Salt does kill snails but im not sure at what percentage of salt you would need to use. im surprised your fish haven't eaten them. i always hear that goldfish will eat small snails.
  11. its the only fish store in town. we have a pet value but they dont sell tanks. mainly dog/cat food, they have a small animal section but thats about it. so unless i want to take the 2 hour trip to Ottawa. im sticking to the local store lol. The same place i got my fish from. We have to move things around to fit the tank aswell. so it is good im not getting it too soon. My fiance has a 55 gallon hermit crab tank that will be moving to the main floor
  12. I went to my LFS and took pics of the tank i want to get for my two goldies. It is a 46 gallon bow front tank. I think this will be a good size for them. Im not sure exactly when i will be getting it. My fiance wants to get it for me and he said summer lol im thinking late summer because my birthday is in September. Anyways i think it is a good deal. as the pic shows you get the tank, stand, glass top and light for 329.99. I think they sell the tank alone but since its a bowfront i would need the stand. Now im just going back and forth about which second filter i should get. I already have one AquaClear 70 so im thinking another 70 or the 110. I like how big the 110 is, I could cram a lot of media in that here are the pics. i should have used my flash because you cant really see the stand.
  13. i thought of that also, that they could jsut be practicing. either way im not worried because its not constant and she is not being harrassed
  14. i have no idea how old they are but ive only had them for a few weeks now. My LFS didnt have them for long. My fantail was actually still in his shipping bag from Singapore. My LFS gets all their fish in on fridays on i got him on a friday
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