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  1. I've noticed that I can't find any threads about people with ponds. Some of you guys must have one! Feel free to post pics and your ponds size, Thanks
  2. It's cool when they're that small!
  3. So higher temps tend to stop breeding activity?
  4. Thanks, also do you find that goldfish breed better in a pond or aquarium?
  5. Cool, I just wanted to see if it's a plausible option.
  6. So breeding depends on age for the most part but not size.
  7. Instead of buying a new aquarium, would it be plausible or safe to keep goldfish in a large storage container. It would contain a filter and frequent water changes would be done. It would also contain floating plants. Just wanted to get your advice or experiences. Cheers.
  8. Hello, I was wondering when you know when a goldfish is ready to breed. Does it depend more on age or size, I thought size because a really stunted goldfish won't breed, Right? Anywho, thanks for the help.
  9. I've always liked tomato and malayan leaf frogs. Awhile ago, someone on kingsnake was selling mozambique rain frogs which were cool because they always have angry faces on!
  10. What's your stocklist in your 55?
  11. It would be cool to have a huge ranch!u or lionhead that would swim into your hand!
  12. To teach his own on the pearlscales, but that's very interesting on the colour of your goldfish.
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