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  1. Awww.... I love u smirfishy....I jst wanted someone to say tht. I am already thinking about it
  2. Thanx Koko, Yes it does have a filter. Do you think I am doing the right thing? There are a some fishes in there ranging from 3 inches big to 25 inches....
  3. Here is where he is going to be if I decided to ....
  4. Thank you Spyromon.... I am still thinking about it though.... I am still hunting for places where I can take him with me but for now I know that I have to know everything about the pond before I put him in.
  5. Hi Guys, Its me again. I am moving out from my old apartment in a bit because my roommate jst got married and she trying to start a family. I am trying to get a new apartment close to my university but most of them don't allow any aquarium that is bigger than 10 gallon. There is a friend of mine who has a pond and they are willing to take Sultan in. They don't have that many fishes in their pond. Trust me I cried a lot when taking this decision because I love Sultan but I think it is only good for him if he gets a bigger place to live in. My concern is now that although Sultan is a rough and tough fish, I am afraid he might have some troubles adjusting to a new place. What do u guys think?
  6. Thank you guys... Can u guys tell me how to set up an new tank for him? And should I add a new fish in the new tank along with him?
  7. Thank you guys... 40 breeder..(I will bear tht in mind)...
  8. Hi Guys, Thank you so muc for the warm welcome. You guys rock!!! I feel so good after all these replies from you guys. I think I am going to upgrade my tank very soon and will get a friend for Sultan too. Here is the picture of my little baby...
  9. Hi Guys, So I am new here. I am hoping to get some really good advices from you experts. I have a common goldish and his name is Sultan. He is about 1.5 year old and he is about 6 inches big. He lives in a 20g tank with a filter for 70g tank. He used to have a friend but his goldy firend died. I was wondering if it is okay for me to get another goldfish for his company. I love my fish very much and I dont want him to feel lonely (not sure if that is possible). what if I get him friends from a different species? Would that make up for his lost friend? Thanx alot!!!
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