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  1. I went and got two 40 breeders for 95 bucks. I love Petco's dollar per gallon sale..
  2. What I used to start my tank with beneficial bacteria was "bio zyme" found at pet stores. You basically put a bit of it in the tank every day for a week and it will start the cycle. Worked out great for me. Or you could pee in it. It does work..
  3. Me too^ One time I was gone for 12 hours and enough water evaporated and went below the mid intake on my filter so it started sucking in air. I must have not noticed the low water. (usually sits about 2 inches above the mid intake)
  4. I will get the video tomorrow! Its night time now for them.
  5. http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream Its flickr link, so its safe. I have no option to just upload a picture from my computer so thats what I had to do. My fish arnt very photogenic. Haha. Thats the best I could get. I went to my brothers for dinner and got conned into building baby stuff for the twins that are on the way. Thats what took me so long.
  6. I have some aqaurium salt. If I were to salt them, would I need to set something up to quarintine? Or could I just salt everyone? (im not salting anything untill told to do so by you guys)
  7. Completly understandable. I will try later. Im out of my house right now for the next hour or so. And I will try to get a good picture of it.
  8. Tap water params: Ammonia: 0 PPM Nitrite: 0 PPM After Water Change test: Nitrates: Close to 0 PPM Nitrites: They have fallen to .25PPM The video is going to be uploaded soon. I have taken it, I just have to get it off my ipod. EDIT: The Ipod is deciding not to let me take the video off of it. I have things to do right now, so I can upload it later. There really isnt anything that you can see in the video any how. Also, Ferdinand has managed to rip off one of the spots. The only thing that is left is like a white halo where the spot used to be. So he has noticed that they are on him. Dexter on the the other hand has not. I'm going to keep checking in on my phone. So replies are welcomed. Thank you so much for the people who have already replied. Hopefully the above water params are good news.
  9. And thats why I think the test kit is wrong. I highly doubt that they are that high. I'll go ahead and do a big water change then I'll get a video up.
  10. Copy and pasting the above list has messed with the reply box, and has deleted everything I typed. I am just going to answer the questions in my own format. Ammonia: 0-.25 PPM. It was an in between color. I am guessing about .10 PPM Nitrite: 2.0 PPM Nitrate: 5.0 PPM PH Level Tank: 7.6 PH Level Tap: 7.6 Brand of test kit used: API Freshwater Master Test Kit (drops) Water Temperature: 71 (f) Tank size, how long has it been running? 85 Gallon, 7 months Name and size of filters: Penguin 200 (2) How often do you change the water, and how much? Bi-weekly, 50 percent How many days ago was the last water change and how much? 3 days, 80 percent How many fish in the tank and size: 3, 1 youth lion head, 1 youth red cap, one veil tali (adult, full grown) What kind of additives or conditioners? Only API water conditioner What do you feed, and how often? Tetra Fin sinking granules, once a day. Any new fish? No. Any medication? No. List entire medication history: None, I have never had a disease in this tank before. Unusual findings: EXPLAINED BELOW Unusual Behavior: None, they seem unaffected. Alright so I'm pretty sure that its ich. It has only affected two of my three fish. There are two white ich spots on the Lion head ( Ferdinand)'s wen. And one ich spot on the Red Cap (Dexter)'s wen. It has not spread to the rest of their body and this is the first day I have seen the ich spots. The reason I call them "Ich spots" Is because I worked at PETCO and I had to treat tanks that had ich with water treatment crap. I understand what ich looks like, but I can post pictures if needed. The reason I came to you guys/gals, is because I would like to know the RIGHT way to treat the ich. And if my tank parameters have caused it. What worries me about my tank parameters is the Nitrate. It seems high to me. Its low on the scale of the API test kit but I would like your opinion. Also, Not to be rude, but I would like the answers to stray away from my filters. I understand you guys like to have massive amounts of filtration on tanks, but I do not see it necessary to have 5 filters on my tank. My water has always been clear, and doesnt smell. And I have never lost a fish. I feel like the filtration is fine. Thank you.
  11. I had recently (over 2 weeks) removed the gravel, but there are still remnants from the grave, and I want to get it all out. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the rest out? Some are too big for the gravel suction to suck out, and too small for me to grab with my hands with out then floating away. Also, Ive noticed my tank has gotten cloudy because of my airstones, its not chemical, its tiny little bubbles that are making the water cloudy. Im pretty sure I have enough surface agitation to suffice with out it. I notice that when I turn it off, the water will clear. Do I really need an air stone? I have two hang on filters that are about 3 inches over the water, and disturb the surface pretty well. Thanks
  12. Has anyone heard of animal superstitions? The link is about Skinner's pigeon experiment, but this has been documented in pigs, too (I think by Temple Grandin). http://io9.com/5746904/how-pigeons-get-to-be-superstitious Someone should document superstition behaviors in goldfish. Maybe it will replace the popular imagination's "3 second memory" lie that leads to abysmal care for so many goldfish! I learned all about skinner while doing my Pyschology major. Cool stuff.
  13. ..........mkay. And its going to be bare bottom for a while. Im going to be growing a moss carpet for it.
  14. Wasn't she at 3 pounds exactly one week ago? What are you feeding her? Lol! I weighed her again with out pulling up on the net. Iwt was hiding about a pound.
  15. Ill get you guys a pic. Shes not long, shes fat. And heavy. I weighed her and she came in at 4.
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